Question Unexplained drop in FPS (possible power issues)


Jan 12, 2017

I don't post very often but I have been struggling with this GTX 1070 that I have had for a long time. I've never really been able to successfully overlock it (using msi afterburner) and recently I've actually noticed some FPS drops in games and I'm wondering if it is related at all to the card's voltage or my power supply being insufficient in general. Whenever I play games, my card is always hitting its voltage limit according to both afterburner and HWmonitor. Also, The maximum voltage I can get out of it is 1.063, which seems a bit low but I could be mistaken. As far as afterburner goes, I'm currently not even overclocking technically. I simply made a custom fan curve, increased the temp limit to 92, and increased the power limit as far as it could go (which was only 105 percent...…). Once I noticed this weird occasional (usually after long periods of gaming) FPS drop, I tried (for sh*ts and giggles) increasing the core voltage by 10 percent (to be careful). It didn't seem to help so I went back to 0. What's weird is that when I notice this FPS drop, my clocks are generally stable. If it were a power issue, wouldn't there be massive downclocking? I thought maybe it was my power supply because 500W is a little low for my setup (was a pre-made PC), but I am not sure if that matters at all.

I guess this occasional FPS drop isn't my only question/problem. I'm also wondering about my situation in general because I've tried overclocking in the past and got very little out of it despite achieving higher clock speeds. Just wondering if my voltage, power supply, etc. has anything to do with it and/or this other FPS problem that sometimes pops up.

I'm sure I left out some information but I don't do this often so please just ask and I will try to give it to you. Computer specs below.

Motherboard: MSI Z170A PC Mate
CPU: i5-6600K (not currently overclocked)
GPU: MSI GTX 1070 Aero
RAM: 16 GB 3000 MHz GDDR4 (G-Skill)
Power Supply: 500 W (EVGA)

Thank you


Feb 2, 2018
Your PSU is sufficient enough, you could probably stick a 1080ti in there and I still wouldnt worry about not having enough wattage to support that system.(=
Pascal GPUs (10xx series) dont seem to care about voltage at all when it comes to OCing.
I can oc my 1070ti to 2GHz (no voltage increase) wich seems to be around average. Just max out that powerlimit and see where it goes.
Pascal Cards have GPU boost 3.0 which clocks the GPU according to its available power and the temperature ( thats why maxing out the powerlimit helps )
Manually ocing your card is easy, safe and will get you further than GPU boost 3.0.
try to get your GPU memory to the max aswell it can only improve your fps. but at some point you will start to see artifacs(and crashes) in game so dont oc both at the same time cuz you need to know whats stable first. Only combine boths ocs when you found stable clocks for both your GPU and MEM