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MSI Afterburner

Forum discussion tagged with MSI Afterburner.
  1. N

    Question why am i getting low fps when MSI afterburner is not running?

    i7 6700; GTX 1060 6Gb; 2x4:8Gb RAM(2400mhz, downclocked to 2133mhz for 6700; H110 MOBO NVIDIA DRIVER 442.74 Lately i have been having performance issues with games; CSGO and Dota 2 are the only ones I tested 1920x1080p Max settings, Dota 2 1920x1080 max settings = min 60, avg 90,max 125 FPS...
  2. D

    Question Over clocking 2070 core keeps going w/out shutoff/particles but then freeze when gaming need advice

    So i got a new build heres specs: i7 9700k msi rtx 2070 gaming X twin msi meg ace z390 2x8 corsair vengeance 3200 650 watt gold thermaltake full modular psu Heres the problem, im overclocking with afterburner, still kinda new to it, and after burner will allow my core clock to overclock +160...
  3. A

    Question [NOOB Question] Why is GPU undervolting more complicated than CPU?

    I already asked this question on r/undervolt subreddit and LTT Forum. But I haven't got any proper answer. I know what undervolting is and the other basic stuff. I undervolted my CPU with Intel XTU. It was straightforward (just setting the voltage offset). I wanted to do the same with my GPU...
  4. F

    Question FPS drops, Thermal Throttling?

    Hi I've been recently experiencing FPS drops on my laptop in all games and benchmarking tools. the FPS count would drop to about a third of the normal amount for about 10 seconds, then jump back to normal. At first I thought it was a thermals issue, so I disassembled the laptop, cleaned it, and...
  5. R

    Question Help Me With My First Custom PC Build (I3 9100F & GTX 1650 Super) !

    Hi Everyone, I just build a PC for gaming purpose with the following specs: Intel Core i3-9100F CUBE GAMING ELTRON Enermax MaxPro II 500W 80+ White Windows 10 Home TP-Link 150 Mbps Wireless N PCI Express Adapter - TL-WN781ND GEIL DDR4 EVO POTENZA PC21330 2666MHz Dual Channel 16GB (2x8GB)...
  6. A

    Question MSI Afterburner Base and Boost clock Arrows

    In MSI afterburner I has seen some people have a White and Red arrow mentioned as Base and Boost clock how to enable those arrows? Is it available only for Nvidia cards or is it also available for AMD cards. Most of the videos I had seen are people with NVidia cards have those arrows and people...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] MSI Afterburner complications

    I've been using MSI Afterburner since I can remember, without any hiccups or complications. This morning, I turned on my rig, and noticed immediately that MSI Afterburner had stopped monitoring nearly everything. Upon opening settings, and going to the monitoring tab, the only things MSI...
  8. A

    Question GPU VRAM in MSI afterburner

    The RX580 and the GTX 1060 uses GDDR5 but in MSI Afterburner it says the GTX 1060 as 8000MHz and the RX580 as 2000MHz does this mean the GTX 1060 has a 4X faster VRAM?
  9. A

    [SOLVED] MSI Afterburner Voltage Monitoring displays 0mV

    MSI Afterburner Voltage Monitoring displays 0mV Tried restarting(Both PC and the program) and reinstalling. Enable Voltage monitor in settings(I am able to unlock voltage control and move the slider). Tried switching the physical BIOS switch on the card between both Silent and OC modes and then...
  10. K

    Question My Laptop keeps crashing

    Hello, I have an Asus UX331UN with the mx150 GPU. Recently my laptop has been crashing a lot with the error of "video dxgkrnl fatal error". I have tried everything from resetting windows to using DDU to wipe out any drivers. Interestingly, it only crashes by a couple of things, when opening...
  11. J

    Question Worse Results after Overclocking GPU?

    hello, i have overclocked my AMD Radeon RX 590 GPU with MSI Afterburner. I have done the tests with Heaven Benchmark. The results were very interesting! When i was using the default Afterburner settings (or rather when not changing anything with Afterburner) i got much better results within...
  12. I

    Question MSI Afterburner restarting and ignoring settings when starting a game

    So I set a custom curve in MSI Afterburner and as long as I stay outside of any game it applied the fanspeeds as I set them. Even works during stresstests. But as soon as I start any game (I presume using the fullscreen setting, since some games which I play in borderless windowed or windows...
  13. N

    [SOLVED] Suggested Fan Curve for my Asus Strix RTX 2070 Super

    Hi everyone, Recently got this card and I've been playing battlefield 1 again due to lockdown boredom and I've been reaching gpu temps of up to 79/80c at max settings and even reached 81c playing Resident Evil 3 Remake today. Was wondering if anyone can suggest a custom fan curve that they use...
  14. E

    Question GPU Clock Won't Go Up After Changing The Offest

    I wanna overclock my gt740m in my old laptop I don't really care about and I have overclocked the memory clock for the card successfully. But the gpu clock won't increase even though I cranked up the offset. So I feel like I'm leaving performance on the table here. I've tried nvidia...
  15. N

    Question fan info in hwinfo64

    Hi all I am running afterburner it gets fan speed from hwino64 but if I look at hwinfo64 osd rts I do not see fan info I like to just use hwinfo ods and not use afterburner my system is CPU: Intel i7-6700K Motherboard: Asus Z170-K thanks, Beau
  16. benjamin_a_hu92


    Hi guys! My question is simple. I have an GIGABYTE RTX 2070 SUPER gpu. I want to customize fan settings for optimal usage/cooling. And i have some problem with the AORUS ENGINE which is from GIGABYTE, so this should be the best for a GIGABYTE gpu. But I think the MSI AFTERBURNER is a better...
  17. D

    [SOLVED] Cannot overclock my GPU it goes back to base clock (RX580)

    I have a Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580 8G GPU and for some reason it wouldn't go over 1250 mhz even though it supposed to go up to 1411 mhz boost clock. I tried to overclock it but every time I set a clock speed and apply it, it instantly reverts back to 1250 mhz. I tried it in Adrenalin and MSI...
  18. R

    Question GPU temperatures seems higher than before

    hi , Yesterday I was stressing my system on AIDA 64 as I bought a new power supply and already have done 3 stress tests on GPU only , I decided to do one final test to the whole system , but on that test the GPU is with higher temps that on the tests that I did to stress test the gpu only , I...
  19. N

    Question GPU fans revs loudly under load, custom fan curve not helping

    Hey, I'm having some issues with my GPU revving while under load (around 70°C and above). While gaming the GPU fans spins up loudly for a few seconds before spinning down again. From MSI Afterburner it seems that the fan speed and fan tachometer doesn't really match when these spikes happen -...
  20. SparkyTech934

    [SOLVED] MSI Afterburner and Unlocking Voltage Control

    Hi all, So I've been into PC building and gaming for quite some time now (since about 2014), so I feel pretty confident with my computer hardware skills. One avenue that I have more recently been exploring is GPU overclocking. I've definitely gotten the hang of general overclocking and...