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  1. E

    Question Need some help with msi afterburner.

    Hi, does msi afterburner uses gpu junction/hotspot temp in fan control curve? if not then how can i use junction temperature for fan curve in msi afterburner? also is there any way to show the monitoring stats in list view(like hwinfo) instead graph view in msi afterburner? i want to convert...
  2. MeesterYellow

    Question Gigabyte Control Center and MSI Afterburner

    Can you run the fan controls of Afterburner if both it and Gigabyte Control Center are running? Not sure which one takes priority over the two softwares Specs: Intel Core i7-13700F 2.1 GHz 16-Core Processor Cooler AIO 240mm Gigabyte B760M GAMING X AX Micro ATX LGA1700 Motherboard TEAMGROUP...
  3. J

    Question MSI Afterburner - RX 6600 Core Clock Info

    Hey guys, what's up? Today I upgraded my graphics card, going from the 6-year-old GTX 1050 Ti to a Gigabyte Eagle RX 6600. It's my first time owning an AMD graphics card, and while using MSI Afterburner I noticed that in its default settings the program displays the Core Clock at 2684 MHz. Does...
  4. S

    Question MSI Afterburner wont save core voltage slider

    Found a old pc witch i am using as a gaming pc of sorts at my cabin, but i am having problems oc-ing the gpu. Its a old gtx 745 low profile card. I can oc the core clock and memory but not the core voltage. It does not have external power so it does not have the normal power limit slider so core...
  5. E

    Question Overvolt and Power Percentage Increase Causing Shut Downs? or Faulty Component?

    I upgraded to an EVGA RTX 3070 XC3. Temps are amazing - 60c max. However, I have experienced random shut downs while gaming (3D Mark not enough to cause shut downs but happened in 2 games so far). The PC shuts off abruptly, PSU needs turned off and on to reboot. (some lights still active, such...
  6. K

    Question How to use CPU-Z with MSI Afterburner ?

    Hi, after spending 2 days trying to figure out why I couldn't get CPU temps with msi afterburner, it turned out its because of shared memory support (which I have to manually activate every 12 hours). Unless someone has a script to automatically activate it again every 12 hours I'm going to use...
  7. Jlg823

    Question GPU Fan RPM Unstable

    So I noticed the other day I could hear the fan kinda going up and down over and over again and when I checked MSI Afterburner, the fan RPM at idle looks like this: Imgur The fan curve I had set during this was for it to stay at 20% fan speed until over 50c, which would be when gaming. I then...
  8. Thurgos

    Question MSI afterburner randomly setting power limit to ~55% on my 2070S

    It was the windows update before last that caused this. As the title says, MSI afterburner keeps resetting my power limit, even when locked. I noticed this a few days ago when some games were crashing due to insufficient memory, checked afterburner, and set the limit to 100. Kept resetting. I...
  9. O

    Question Gpu fans stuck at 50

    Hi, so I've had a problem with my system recently. I was playing some games yesterday and everything was going smoothly. I noticed that there were new Nvidia drivers so I decided to download them. After downloading I started noticing weird problems. First of all my GPU fan curve that I had set...
  10. VenB

    [SOLVED] System instability when GPU Memory is overclocked

    Overclocking anything causes system instability, I know that but, does too much overclocking causes sudden shutdowns even in bios? Just right now, I set my radeon r7 240's maximum gpu core clock to 780mhz and memory to 800mhz which is the rated speeds. I set the memory 900mhz, while gaming...
  11. Pand Sleep

    Question My GPU is always running on PCIe 1.1 and won't go back to PCIe 2.0 when full load

    Hi everyone, my GPU is GTX 460, CPU is Xeon E3-1220 V3, and motherboard is Gigabyte H81M-DS2V (rev 1.0) with latest BIOS version F6. My problem is that my GPU always runs on PCIe 1.1 even at full load (gaming) and won't go back to running on PCIe 2.0 unless I restart my PC. This problem makes...
  12. G

    Question MSI Afterburner Interface Confusion

    So I recently have been wanting to overclock my GPU since some online games(or games in general) I have been playing are not getting the frames I've been wanting to get them to. And I looked into doing this with MSI Afterburner since it seemed it was not only popular but also really good for...
  13. Flare8357

    Question MSI Afterburner memory clock stuck

    Been looking up for still no luck. Tried changing extended MSI / third party Reinstalled MSI Afterburner Reinstalled drivers All nothing. Also, the CPU "Package" to check the overall temperature for my CPU on HWiNFO and HWMonitor doesn't exist. Edit: I tried adding a GIF[gyazo] as a sample...
  14. Sidthegamer

    [SOLVED] Will 2025 mhz work for 3060 Ti ?

    I have an asus rtx 3060 ti rog strix gaming OC edition. Will it be ok to overclock its core clock to 2025 mhz and overclock its memory clock to 7557 mhz. I have it paired with an amd r5 5600x. It's clock out of the box was 1920 mhz and its memory clock was 7000 mhz
  15. K

    Question MSI RX 6600 XT

    My specs are: MOBO: MSI B450 Tomahawk CPU: ryzen 7 2700X RAM: 2x16GB Corsair 3200 Mhz Storage: 512GB SSD, 4TB Seagate PSU: 850GQ EVGA GPU: MSI RX 6600 XT So I recently migrated from a GTX970 and have not owned a AMD card since nearly 20 years ago and the last one I owned was 128mb. I have been...
  16. E

    Question 2nd Display Flickering after using MSI afterburner and turning Direct play on.

    GPU: Radeon HD 6750 All I did was configure my GPU fans in MSI afterburner and then turn on Directplay.. Now every time I open a new tab my 2nd monitors gets really glitchy. I have already deleted MSI afterburner and turned off Directplay but it didn't solve the problem..
  17. Brandon__Dev

    Question Quadro 4000 stuck on idle clock speeds ?

    My Quadro 4000 is stuck at idle speeds, or at least I think so. MSI Afterburner shows 50 MHz on core and 135 MHz on memory. I've overclocked this card. Sometimes it randomly goes back to its max clock speeds. My Specs: Intel Core i5-10400 16 GB RAM 3200 MHz NVIDIA Quadro 4000
  18. TopHatterCT

    [SOLVED] Some newbie questions on graphics cards

    Hello all. Newbie here in the custom pc space. So I bought an entry-level card, the GT 1030 for some e-sports titles and light AAA games. I'd like to ask about my concern, which is I got impressed by the GT 1030 performing better than I expected that I kind of got greedy for more and overclocked...
  19. animemangamer

    [SOLVED] Which software utility or method should I use to overclock AMD Ryzen?

    I recently switched to AMD from Intel with a 5900X on a Asus Crosshair Hero motherboard. I see most people recommend going to the BIOS to do it manually or automatically? But I'm not sure because I never really mess with anything in the BIOS. In the past, I usually just use a software to...
  20. bhabanisankardas007

    Question MSI Afterburner not working

    Hello, After fresh installation of Windows 11 Pro, MSI Afterbuner not working properly. Neither Riva tuner nor MSI opening properly. It is giving an error "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuraion is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the...
  21. fn25

    Question Idle Temperatures High After Undervolting

    Recently undervolted my gpu (Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 Ti VISION OC 8GB) which brought my temperature under load (during gaming) down by around 10 degrees, which is perfect. But at idle, both my cpu (i9-10850k) and gpu have gone up about 10 degrees. At idle, I used to get 20-30 cpu and 30-40...
  22. Z

    [SOLVED] MSI Afterburner fan curve not working? Also GPU heat problems

    My 1660 Super gets to 80+ Celcius, which i dont really understand why, I have 2 fans pulling air from directly under the GPU and the GPU is pulling the air straight from the fan, so youd think itd be chilly but its not. I have my fan curve set to straight 70 fan speed, but when my GPU hits 80...
  23. Smwynn117

    Question New build game stutter and Afterburner issues

    I just did a upgrade overhaul on my gaming PC and am having multiple odd issues. With having replaced over half the PC, I did a clean install of Windows to avoid conflicing drivers and firmware. Playing at 1080p I am getting very high fps in most titles, but some are having bad stuttering and...
  24. ToniMalrs

    Question MSI Afterburner shows insane voltage spikes, is this normal?

    My specs: Ryzen 7 2700x RTX 2070 Super OC 16GB Crucial Ballistix Sport 250GB SSD 1TB SSHD ROG Strix B450-F Gaming 550W Evga I don't know much about CPU's or how to configure them, but whenever the CPU is under load the voltage will spike from the lowest it can be to the highest it can be. This...
  25. G

    [SOLVED] "GPU Temp 2" Sustained 110 C During Gameplay.

    Hey yall, I was playing some Astroneer, when I noticed my "GPU Temperature 2" was around 110 degrees C. I use MSI afterburner, but the "Auto" fan speed was disabled so the fans were locked at the lowest speed. Turned off the game and re-enabled the fan, temps quickly went back down to idle...
  26. TheKerangMan

    [SOLVED] PC Startup in Custom Fan Mode

    My RTX 2060 is kinda factory hot.average 80C when gaming(full load) and fan just ran at 50's %! So i undervolt it and set up fan to run at 70% and saved it to a profile using MSI Afterburner.. Everything runs accordingly..back to default if i shut down and restart the PC.. Until yesterday i...
  27. C

    Question GPU crashing under load ingame but not in benchmark tests

    Hi there, A few months ago I upgraded to a GTX 1080 ti (considered used but acceptable by the seller) for work and personal purposes. I have since had a couple issues with it, not least recently, which I'll detail here: Under load during games (my usual testing game is the Long Dark) the...
  28. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] Different Voltage Curve Editor in MSI Afterburner PLS. HELP!

    I wanna undervolt my GPU but the only thing that is hindering me from doing it is because of the different looking fan curve editor in my MSI Afterburner software. My Voltage Curve editor looks like this: While the numerous videos I have watched from Youtube concerning...
  29. Blakhammar

    Question Low GPU Clock Speed.

    I have a zotac geforce gtx 1060 6gb amp edition. cpu: i5-8400 ram: 16gb I am using msi afterburner and realized my gpu clock speed is 139mhz and my memory clock speed was 310. I flashed my gpu bios because i heard that fixes the issue at hand when you first get your gpu. That fixed the memory...
  30. M

    [SOLVED] First time overclocking led to severe fps drops

    Yesterday I decided to try using msi afterburner and overclocking my laptop for the first time. I had no background information going into it so I was just following youtube tutorials on it. And a heads up, I am not very knowledgeable about things like this in general regarding laptops. The...
  31. Thomasww615

    [SOLVED] GPU acting strange after driver update.

    Hi all, So recently I upgraded my graphics driver from 461.40 to 461.72 through Geforce experience and afterwards noticed that if i adjusted anything in MSI afterburner even just the fan speed it would go to a black screen and only come back once I had unplugged and reconnected my HDMI cable. I...
  32. C

    Question msi afterburner not reading up some stuff cpu related

    View: so as you can see in the picture im trying to get the reading /monitoring of these items, at least the cpu cooler speed and the voltage with no success. any reason why is not working? thanks.
  33. R

    Question MSI Afterburner changes clocks at random

    Hello everyone, I got a problem with Afterburner where it seems to change GPU clocking all willy-nilly as if the PC was idling. So I was playing a round of Deep Rock Galactic and wanted to benchmark my performance before I replace some parts of my PC and when I was standing still in game for a...
  34. A

    [SOLVED] 3090, Higher temps and less fan speed or lower temps and more fan speed

    So I've been wondering for a while and looked up different stuff but I'd really appreciate hearing from you fellow folks. I set a custom fan curve in msi afterburner to basically match the fan speed of my gpu to the temp its at, so its basically like when its at 60c the fans are at 60%. And if I...
  35. simonhero1

    [SOLVED] GPU screen flashing after unstable overclock

    Overclocked my GPU with MS Afterburner, stress tested it with MSI Kombustor In MS Kombustor it was fine, but as soon as I turned on CSGO i got to a creepy screen. It was brown mixed with green, it was flashing crazely, there was a vigette effect around it. I was creeped but continiued to watch...
  36. A

    [SOLVED] Msi 3090 suprim x fan curve issues

    So I use msi afterburner to monitor temps and adjust fan curves but for some reason the 3090 doesn’t change at all. It seems like the card won’t ever go past 30% fan speed even if I check off the manual fan speed option and set a custom curve. I’m not sure if there are specific settings that I’m...
  37. D

    [SOLVED] Could my windows bsods really be my gpu?

    Fyi, this is a long story. Ever since I had my system I had bsods with the stop code SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. I do have to mention that I did drop it once in the process of building a the pc. It was dropped from a typical linnmon with adils legs table, flat on the backplate. It went...
  38. D

    [SOLVED] GTX 980TI poor performance after OC

    Hello, I have Gigabyte GTX 980Ti G1 After playing with msi afterburner (stock BIOS). I had stable OC With: +87mV +130% power limit +110 Mhz core +400 Mhz memory Then I tried with +450 Mhz memory and the PC froze. I rebooted, reverted to the last stable OC profile, but since then the GPU...
  39. H

    Question After setting the power limit to 125%, the graphics card only shows an image if it is operated without an additional pci cable ?

    Hi guys. I recently had the problem that my Gainward GTX980 no longer gives an image. I have run benchmarks or stress tests under the pretext of testing the performance of my power supply unit in the last few days (I wanted to check whether my power supply unit has enough power for my system). I...
  40. LittleKat

    [SOLVED] MSI Afterburner's OSD not showing CPU Core Clock? 5600X - MSI X570 Tomahawk.

    Hi guys, looking for some suggestions on how to fix MSI Afterburner's OSD not showing CPU core clock speed. Every other option showing up just fine such as GPU Temp, GPU Clock, FPS, Mobo temps.... I even have CPU temp but not the CPU clock speed LOL. Any suggestions would greatly appreciated...