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  1. Question MSI Afterburner Showing Different Graphics Card

    I've always known I had a NVIDIA GTX 750ti graphics card. But I got a little concerned when I recently tried overclocking. As the image below shows, my graphics card is apparently GTX 860m and not GTX 750ti. I already tried Googling this first before posting here. What I did found out...
  2. __Dodger__

    Question Broken AVI File

    Hi not sure if this is the right place for this but I'm in a pickle and need some help. I've got a large video file (153GB). I was screen recording with MSI afterburner and the program i was recording crashed meaning the recording stopped unexpectedly. The video file can now no longer open...
  3. S

    Question GPU fan speed at 100% at 40c?

    I recently bought a new GPU which is the Gigabyte RTX 2080 Gaming OC White 8gb version. I was playing MGSV today when all of a sudden my computer started sounding like a jet engine. I immediately knew right away it was the GPU because of where the sound was coming from and the amount of air that...
  4. A

    Question RTX 2070 MSI Afterburner Fan Curve

    I made a quick fan curve for my rtx 2070 but im not sure if i am doing something wrong. I have a msi rtx 2070 armor 8gb and my temps are usually 40-68c while gaming. Here is my fan curve: Fan Curve Imgur Link
  5. Chesed

    Question Stable GPU overclock but has problem after restarting pc

    I have a GTX 1080ti and just overcclocked it with MSI afterburner and tested it's stability with MSI kombuster and super position benchmark. But after restarting my PC, I start having problems such as freezing and black screens. I then Removed my GPU, uninstalled MSI afterburner and then...
  6. P

    Question Unexplained drop in FPS (possible power issues)

    Hello, I don't post very often but I have been struggling with this GTX 1070 that I have had for a long time. I've never really been able to successfully overlock it (using msi afterburner) and recently I've actually noticed some FPS drops in games and I'm wondering if it is related at all to...
  7. Pythonbites

    Question How far could I push the GT 1030 2GB GDDR5 MSI Aero OC in overclocking?

    (This is not my main card) So I have a spare GT 1030 OC edition, and for fun and educational purposes, i would like to know how much can i overclock it so i can learn how to OC a Graphics card and for fun. Thanks for any help.
  8. A

    Question My fan stops spinning when msi afteburner is closed, Help!

    I have rx580 8gb sapphire special edition and my fan sometimes stops spinning when msi afterburner is closed note that i made a custom fan curve but when i close msi afterburner it should spin on the default mode, shouldn't it? even when i open it again it still doesn't spin until i set the fan...
  9. C

    Question MSI Afterburner / Riva not monitoring FPS

    Hi All, I can't get MSI / Riva to monitor my FPS in Apex Legends. It works with other games like Fortnite and LoL. It also worked with Apex when I played it a couple weeks ago. Any suggestions? I've already tried switching switching the Display Coordinate Space and the On-screen Display is "on."
  10. Nerdy Nerd

    [SOLVED] Temp monitoring on one screen while gaming on other

    So I have a 4k monitor and a cheap 1080p monitor and system is running windows 10 home. The 4k monitor is the monitor that I am gaming on, obviously. The 1080p monitor I use for displaying my temperature monitoring programs (msi afterburner & HWMonitor). I am able to get those 2 temp monitoring...
  11. S

    What to buy?! Rtx 2070 or 2080?

    Hallo I want to upgrade my setup with an new graphics card but I’m not sure each one! Need some help! Setup is Cpu i7 7700k ASUS prime z270-a G-skill 16gb 3200mhz (4x4) ripjawsV Gigabyte Aorus gtx 1060 6gbs Xtreme edition Monitor is Msi mag27cq (2k) FreeSync Psu gigabyte modular 750watts I...
  12. bigbobsmith1968

    Does the msi b450 tomahawk need a bios update for the ryzen 5 2600

    Hello I’m very new to pc building but I ordered all my parts. I ordered a ryzen 5 2600 and a msi b450 tomahawk. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t need to update my bios, because I don’t feel confident to not break something. PcPartPicker says it’s ok but I just wanted to make sure
  13. C

    Audio Jack Desktop

    My front and rear audio jacks are not working. Both speakers and Head phones, my speakers and Head phones were tested and working fine. I keep getting a message that No speakers or Headphones are connected. My software is happy, latest Realtek.
  14. L

    Replacement Bracket Cryorig H7

    I bought a Cryorig H7 second hand from someone and the cooler worked any everything. Only problem is the bracket for mounting was missing and he didn't have it. Any way to get a replacement?
  15. D

    Resetting of my laptop

    I start to resett my laptop two days before and is stuck on 34% from last two days. What i should do?
  16. Q

    My 1050TI stopped working I need help

    I was recently playing a game on my gtx 1050ti and it stopped working then I tried to open every game I have sno it said that I didn't have enough vram to play the games I play all the time my screen will display and I can do most things but I can't play any games I can provide screenshots if...
  17. D

    PC won't boot up past BIOS

    So as of recent, probably a few weeks ago, my pc started to go really slow, and sometimes it wouldn't boot up properly at all, it would say that an error has occurred on startup or something. Anyways, eventually it got to a point where the only option was to try and just wipe the pc, but even...
  18. S

    Need to know

    Quick question, I have laptop with an input of 20v and 3.25a, can I use a charger with an output of 19.5v and 3.21a to charge it? NB: the charger and laptop are different brands.
  19. S

    Laptop stopped working after restting

    Hello I have a problem with my laptop I made a reset for it and after system restting hit 100% my laptop stopped working, it even don’t start at all.when i hit the start button only the battery sign glow like saying it’s needed to be connected to power source even if it’s connected Can u please...
  20. E

    Is this good enough

    Hello I have a friend who wants to play pc but play competitive so I told him that he doesn’t need an expensive pc because he should be playing lower setting to crank out more FPS I just want to know if this I good pc I could send him on pcpartpicker...