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  1. E

    How much is my used gaming pc worth?

    Hi! Just wanted to know how much would my pc be worth. I'm planning to sell it soon. components: i5-6400 3.3ghz Asus 1050 2gb OC Asus b150m-a/m.2 HyperX 16 gigs (2x 8gb DDR4) 2666mhz Kingston 480gb ssd Seagate 1tb 7200rmp Cooler master silencio 550 Cooler master b600, 600W 80+ Id-cooling...
  2. R

    Reset Samsung portable SSD T5 to factory setting

    I purchased the Samsung portable SSD T5 and protected it with a password. I happen to have forgotten the password and as per the user manual the only option is to reset it to factory settings with the help of Samsung Customer care. However I am yet to receive response from Samsung in this...
  3. R4DIO4CT1VE

    computer will not post anymore

    working on an HP pavilion p6654y, plan is to upgrade from an x4 630 to an x4 955. once new CPU was installed i got an incompatible CPU error. Put old CPU back in and went through the process of updating BIOS and put the x4-955 back in and still got an incompatible cpu error. I put the x4-630...
  4. G

    Thermal pads on gpu

    Hello, I have a Gigabyte Geforce Gtx 770 2GB OC WindForce for 3 years now and i was wondering if i should change the thermal pads and which one should i pick to replace them!! I also dont know how many mm should the pads be :( (0.5mm , 1mm , 5mm).
  5. A

    getting high Temp

    Hello guys,, i got a problem with my graphic card, first of all i got I5-8400, Zotac 1080 TI mini, 8gb ram, SSD and HDD. i bought a new case (in win 303) and I've changed it alone in home, after changing it and building the pc again when i start any game my graphic card gets to 80C although...
  6. O

    EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G3 or SeaSonic Prime Focus 550W SSR-550FM?

    Note that I'm talking about the vanilla Focus, NOT Focus Plus. I can get the EVGA for 94$ and the SeaSonic for 111$. I'm leaning towards the EVGA since I've seen the G2 described as comparable to the Prime Focus, and the G3 comparable to the Focus Plus. So I'm assuming it wouldn't make sense to...
  7. R

    Google chrome privacy issues? Everything You Need to Know

    Google Chrome is among the most popular browsers in the world, and being the default browser for all Android devices out there, it’s no wonder why so many people use it. While its a never-ending debate which browser is the best (especially now with the new Firefox Quantum), the more casual and...
  8. CHAZER2222

    What cpu to upgrade to

    Hi, while playing games im getting 45 fps on most things, I was wondering if i should upgrade and if so what to. an i7, and differnt i5? my cpun is getting 99%-100% while playing games. this is my build:https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/qx7Z4C thanks for any help.
  9. A

    DELL 790 + RX 560 4gb

    I have a dell 790 (i7-2600) I want to know what is the best graphics card for it i can add 500w PSU im thinking about getting RX 560 but i saw many people complaining about compatibility issues and some answered them u must update the bios i just want a final answer will the rx 560 work with a...
  10. chouiyekh

    internet breaks over and over

    hello friends, i have a problem with my desktop, win 10 pro x64, the internet stops from time to time ! i don't know why, yet ! i will tell you some tricks that i did but didn't help : 1. changing rj45 cable. 2. trying lot of Ethernet drivers (different versions) 3. changing the router note ...
  11. 7

    Great free video editing program

    I need a video editing program that i can get for free, no crap like demo versions that expire, none of that. I also need it by Wednesday next week, and I've already used NCH software.
  12. T

    College Home Router

    I'm looking for a router/networking system that will function well under a heavy load. There will be 5-6 of us in a house while in college with an array of Xbox consoles (3-4 One S consoles that support 5 gHz, 2 normal One consoles that support 2.4 gHz, maybe a few Xbox 360 consoles)...
  13. B

    Does this graphics card have any connectors needed

    I was wondering if the msi gtx 1050ti oc 4gb has any connectors needed to connect any component in the computer thanks.
  14. S

    New gaming build for racing sims (mid-high)

    Hi, my current build is dated 2011 so It's definitely time to start looking for something new. The goal is mainly to play racing sims at Full HD on 3x 144hz monitors (I already own one AOC G2790PX, two more will be added). I spent a few months trying to get some information and I have set up a...
  15. N

    Heat insulation for car window

    It's terrible when driving car under shine and how to insulate heat from the sun
  16. M

    Is my PSU good enough for the GTX 1050 ti?

    I have 230v in my power supply.
  17. L

    Advice + reviews needed: Swiftech maelstrom d5 pump/res combo

    I was looking at pumps for a new liquid cooling build and came across this one. Swiftech maelstrom d5 x200/x300: http://www.swiftech.com/maelstrom-d5.aspx I can't find any reviews on it anywhere, they seem to be too new and I don't want to take a risk if I have to, especially with the price...
  18. G

    Help help help

    Hey i have a amd fx 4100 and 2gb ram and gt 630 but my watch dogs runs very slow at low graphics lags so much
  19. J

    How Do I Manage PC Components

    I am trying to plan a PC build, but after doing some research I found it is much more difficult than just putting the parts together in a case and turning it on. Nearly every component I want to put in my PC has some sort of manufacturer software that can be used to manage the device. It is very...
  20. A

    Computer not connecting to monitor (not what you think)

    My computer turns on, fans lights etc. My monitor will cycle through vga and dvi and then says no signal. And I know it’s not my monitor because I have connected it to 3 laptops and it’s worked fine. But until the last couple days, if I would turn my computer off and on multiple times atleast...
  21. S

    HOW do I get my Internet working again?? Friend screwed it up

    I have: A desktop PC Arris Surfboard SB6141 modem/gateway(1 Ethernet port) TP Link AC1750 wireless router And everything was working FINE until my friend removed all the cables to put a new desk in and now whenever I try to reinstall everything the Internet won’t work! Currently I have the...
  22. T

    i7-2760QM (laptop CPU), running WCG 24/7/365, routine spikes to 75°C, mostly at 55 - 65°C

    Hello, all: I have an old Toshiba 15.6" laptop with an intel core i7-2760QM CPU (4 core / 8 thread) that I have re-purposed. I run the World Community Grid cancer gene mapping project on it, 24/7/365 (using BOINC client). Typical CPU temps are 55° - 65°C roughly 2/3 of the time, with routine...
  23. M

    Unstable Wi-Fi Connection

    Dears, My Wi-Fi connection is being connected/disconnected frequently, it's not stable at all. Please can anyone of you help me with it? I have Huawei HG8245h PPPoE connection. I don't have Wi-Fi band interference.
  24. S

    Fan RPM 3100 +

    Hello, My PC Configuration. Motherboard : GA-G41MT-S2P Processor : Core 2 Quad 8400s (65w) Ram : DDR3 2GBx2 - 1333 (OC) When I start computer after long time. Fan RPM start around 2100. Later after basic usage say 15-20 min. I see Fan RPM at around 3100 and seems it is going up and down...
  25. X

    which end of the power cable to use on the motherboard?

    Okay so I have this cable that connects CPU power to the PSU, one end is 8 pins, the other is two 4 pins... Question is: does it matter which end goes to the motherboard and which goes to PSU? My manual has no information on that sadly Thank you for your time
  26. D

    Will two fans work

    So I'm building my first computer, also also the cables are everywhere I have no idea I'm going to Route the cables it was harder than hell to plug in. I'm wondering I have a ryzen 3 2200 G and two fans in the case not counting the powers of the CPU Cooler. Will it work just fine with just the...
  27. R

    Low FPS on PUBG with decent PC

    I have 35-70 fps on PUBG with a lot of stutter and fps spikes. I feel it is quite low for the specs I have and a friend of mine with a worse computer has better performance. I have all graphics settings on very low and I have no fps limit. My resolution is 1920x1080. I am wondering if my CPU...
  28. A

    Full reset has been on MSI screen for 2 hours

    Hi, I did the full reset of Windows 10 and its just been on the MSI motherboard screen for 2 hours with a spinning circle. Is this standard and if not what should I do?
  29. S

    Multiple red LEDs flash on start up and PC stuck in boot loop.

    So this might be quite a long explanation because there seems to be quite a few things wrong with my system. A few months ago I upgraded my stock cooler to a cooler master evo. However when installing it I must've plugged the pins in backwards because the socket started smoking. I assumed the...
  30. R

    MSI GP72 6QF Leopard PRO with E1795IMS.110

    i got a MSI GP72 6QF with E1795IMS.110 should i upgrade straight to E1795IMS.11B ?
  31. unknownmercyy

    Building my very 1st setup, need some help and support

    Finally after a long journey I've decided to build my very 1st gaming/streaming setup! Components: MB: MSI Z270 TOMAHAWK CPU: i7 7700K CPU Cooler: be quiet! DARK ROCK 3 RAM: 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3000MHz Team Group Delta RGB Black PSU: Sea Sonic FOCUS Plus 550 Gold GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING...
  32. C

    Windows 10 outlook mui

    So, I recently updated to Windows 10 and when I signed into the Xbox app for the first time I noticed a Windows popup or whatever they are called. It said something about not being able to find files and they are on a different network or something with the title Outlook MUI 2013 or something...
  33. G

    Why wont my Gaming laptop performe like its supposed to?.

    Hello everyone. So i bought a new gaming laptop. My specs are listed below : GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz 16 GB of RAM Windows 10 When i play games like Avorion , empyrion galactic survival and other games sometimes the fps is going below 60. Can you run...
  34. D

    A12-9720P / RX 540 vs i5-7200U / GeForce 940MX

    I am going to buy a new notebook and I am unsure which CPU/GPU combo is best between A12-9720P / RX 540 and i5-7200U / GeForce 940MX. I am going to use the notebook for gaming, general internet browsing, watching videos, and some photo editing (sometimes video editing too, but nothing too...
  35. N

    Laptop without DVI

    I got a screen of 144hz. DVI-D cable was included. But, my Lenovo -laptop doesn't have a place for DVI. What to do to get 144hz in use? Thanks.
  36. A

    Need help/info on Recording

    So I usually record my gameplay with obs, and it works fantastic. But I do notice some fps drop and stutters on games. Is there anyway around this? I'm open to try other recording methods besides programs like obs, fraps, shadowplay etc. I understand that using recording programs are really...
  37. Dave_2

    How to tell if certian RAM modules are compatible with my motherboard?

    System Specs: Power Supply: U12-42467 (Model #) CPU: Intel Core i5 4590 3.30 GHz Motherboard: GA-Z97-HD3 RAM: Corsair Vengance DDR3 2x4gb 1600MHz (1333MHz) What is everything I need to know to ensure a RAM module will be compatible with my motherboard? I ran a Crucial System Scanner, and it...
  38. N

    is my pc OK to transfer case

    I have a HP pavilion elite m9543uk,with all original components, and case. i want to transfer all components to a new kolink luminosity case. id this possible and an good idea? does anyone know of a good tutorial to do this in youtube
  39. D

    two days ago my speakers quit. red light is on with a humming noise but music coming through

    sound coming through computer, but when speakers plugged in, no sound. unplugged unit and all connections, no success!