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    Upgrade to Intel, or upgrade within AMD

    My current build is this: While I have decided on a CPU upgrade, I can't decide what to do. I found a Microcenter bundle for $325 for an i5-4690k and an Extreme4 Motherboard including tax. My other option is to go on the cheap and upgrade my CPU to an FX-8350. I plan to do almost exclusively...
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    replacing gigabyte GA p67a ud7 b3 now that it refuses to work anymore

    i got home today to find my computer off once getting a byte to eat. attempted to start it up, found myself in the usual start up turn off loop that i was usually able to figure out, after 6 hours I'm done checking and rechecking, removing components and reinstalling, attempting to reset...
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    Random Game Crashing Nvidia driver possibly?

    Hello, whenever I try playing a game, shortly after launching (ex. Counter-Strike Global Offensive) I receive this error Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: csgo.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 5462bb74 Fault Module Name: nvd3dum.dll Fault Module Version...
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    Internet keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

    Recently my internet has started to disconnect randomly and then reconnect after a few seconds. This has made online browsing and gaming very frustrating as i cannot keep a smooth connection going for more than 5 minutes. at first i thought it was malware so i did a full system reinstall but...
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    Reader Ratings And Advice: Flagship Smartphones

    After reviewing several of the hottest smartphones on the market, we became curious to find out what our readers thought about them. How do these devices fit into daily life? And what are their long-term pros and cons? Reader Ratings And Advice: Flagship Smartphones : Read more
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    corsair K90 Keyboard firmware update fails

    hey guys, i want to update my new keyboards firmware but whenever i try it says "Set firmware update mode failed!" anybody know why this happens? please help Also sometimes my /.,\]['; keys output differant characters, i have no idea why.
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    Pc part compatibility check

    Here is the link to the build: