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  1. F

    Question 1000W or 750W PSU?

    I know this question gets asked a lot but here is the deal: I found a deal where the 1000W PSU is same price as 750W? (Corsair HX750 or HX1000) which one should I buy even the fact that I know I dont need a 1000w for my pc setup, as I only run 1 graphic card gtx 1070 and still on a ddr3...
  2. Melonator

    Question Need price recommendation to sell PC

    Specs are: i3 4160 Gtx 960 500gb of space 8gb of ram A legit copy of Windows 10 How much do you think I should sell it? Been using it for 3 years btw.
  3. M

    Question Is it worth it to have a professional replace the thermal paste on my laptop with liquid metal , or should I do it myself ?

    I watched a YouTube video watching a guy replace it on the same laptop as mine but I still doubt my ability to change it without messing something up. Should I pay the £70 required(including the materials required + the man's work) to change it or do it myself?
  4. S

    Question Why is the i7-4790k more than the i7-8700/8700k?

    I have recently been looking to build a new PC. My old PC has the 4790k, and I am looking to get the 8700k for the new PC. When I went and compared the two on UserBenchmark, the 4790k was more expensive than the 8700k. I don't understand why that is and if that should be worrying about buying...
  5. S

    low budget laptop

    i need a laptop for $100 that can run fortnite. can somebody suggest something? plz.
  6. B

    is this psu good for this system?

    Corsair CX Series 450 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certified Modular Power Supply (CP-9020101-NA) i3 8100 gtx 1060 6gb ram 2x 4gb ddr4 1 hhd 500 gb 1 ssd 240 gb 1 case fan mobo: b360 ds3h
  7. D

    Will this PSU fit this chassis?

    title says it all chassis - PSU -...
  8. T

    Problem/Question with System Reserved

    So, basically, I got on my PC today only to have drive problems. My old hard drive from 5-6 years ago is finally going out. So I thought no big deal, I'll just back it up and take out my old hard drive and be done with it instead of fooling with it and trying to fix an old drive that...
  9. V

    need help getting a 23-24 inch monitor

    i am looking to get a monitor,but my knowledge is limited in this. i am interested for a 23 to 24 inch monitor and my budget is around 240-280 euros .i care mostly about colors so i guess i am looking for a good ips panel, 5ms response time ,(got an nvidia 1080 vga but not interested for gsync)...
  10. F

    Asus ux360ca won't sleep when it's shut

    My asus ux360ca won't actually go to sleep when I close it. The power light will flash on and off for a while then turn on completely and the screen will be on while it's shut. It used to do this only sometimes but now does it every time it's shut, even when I close every application before...
  11. F

    Building my first pc

    Extremely new to building my own pc but good at following directions just wondering what would be the best route to take for a gaming pc I want high frame rate and enough ram to handle minecraft sky factory which will be one of the main games that play it will take awhile to get everything...
  12. engineersnitk

    CPU Power/Current/Thermal Throttling

    System Info: Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz, 2601 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M 4.00 GB Task Manager In Performance tab > CPU > Reads Base speed at 2.6 GHz Usually My Laptop runs at 2.8 - 2.9 GHz...
  13. W

    Replacing GPU in a very old system

    Hi guys. This is for my secondary pc at the office. It is the pc I had made for gaming back in 2008. I have a Intel Q6600, 4gb (2*2gb) ddr2-800 ram, Nvidia 8800gtx, PC power and cooling 610W PSU, Adata 60Gb SSD Seagate 250GB IDE HDD (Had it lying around) Antec 900 LG 21 inch LCD -...
  14. C

    Looking for insight on what's needed

    PC Build in question: Ok, so I have ordered everything, and the remaining items should be here in the next 2 days. Is there anything else I need to order here to get it all installed in 1 day? Not sure if I have enough internal USB headers and if I should...
  15. A

    Reinstalled RAM- PC won't turn on

    I had a problem where my RAM would constantly be at 80 or 90% I decided to reinstall my RAM but when I reinstalled it the PC would not turn on properly again. Everytime I turn on the PC the fan starts making noise and all the lights inside the computer light up, but after 2 or 3 seconds the fan...
  16. T

    Fresh Install of everything? From Windows 7 to 10

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering if I should do an entirely new installation of either Windows 7 or 10. I'm going to be building an entirely new computer and my old desktop has windows 7. I tried upgrading it to Windows 10, but it's not compatible with my computer for some reason (it might be too...
  17. K

    power limit exceed

    when i was checking my cpu status with HWinfo 64,i found that the "power limit exceeded" column is yes,is it a bad thing?
  18. B

    Main monitor flickers and then pc shuts down while gaming

    I wasn't able to find an answer to this anywhere on the internet and I searched for it a while... I have this weird issue where my main monitor would randomly flicker on and off when typing keys while gaming. I have a feeling it is mostly because of the "A" key, but I haven't actually tested...
  19. A

    Strongest home wifi system

    Hello all, I am in desperate need of some help,need high end performance mesh networking for my family home. The internet is pretty crappy at times using mobile data 4GLTE hotspots and those plain isp modem routers are horrible. I need something to help the range, speed and responsiveness to...
  20. S

    Is this desktop deal good for the money?

    I'm shopping for my father in law and he needs a simple desktop PC for web surfing and streaming videos. Budget ($300- $350 and ease of maintenance (new only) are the primary requirements. I found this desktop from Micro Center...
  21. KHendrickson93

    Is my graphics card dying? Or is it display drivers?

    So one night, I tried launching a game, which lead to the display driver crashing. Right before the display driver crashed, I was seeing red pixels and graphical artifacts (picture link below) The display driver did not recover successfully, which soon caused a...
  22. T

    Did i fry something?

    I was redoing my cable management for my monitors and PC, and when i was plugging everything back into the wall I accidentally used a 3 prong monitor power cable instead of my 3 prong PSU power cable to plug in my power supply. I swapped the cables to how they should be but now, after turning...
  23. D

    Weird Audio Issues In Some Games

    Hey guys, so I'm having a few audio issues when playing some games. Thankfully it's only happening on a few games but its annoying. So on games like Star Wars Battlefront and COD BO3 whatever character your being the audio is odd for. So on Star Wars Battlefront, whatever character you're...
  24. J

    My Lpatop will not connect back the wireless HP printer, asking for security code, which it hasn't before

    How do I reconnect my laptop to my HP wireless printer, now asking for a network security key, which it hasn't done before as it was working fine prior to this message.
  25. L

    Monitor not detected after shutdown

    I use two displays, one being a monitor and the other a tv mounted above. My graphics card has two hdmi outs so I connect one to the monitor and the other to the tv. The problem is that everytime I shutdown or hibernate my pc (which I do when I leave for the day), the next time I come back and...
  26. F

    How can I fix obs lagg

    Hello Tomshardware, I play every day minecraft with 200fps ingame, but I want to record it. I have looked for a good recording program, and I found: "OBS" If I go to the window obs then I have 30 fps in obs and in minecraft 120fps (I can see that by a preview window). When I go to minecraft...
  27. M

    Need Help with a Seemingly Faulty Graphic Card

    The problem have been here for quite a long time, but I just decided not to stand it anymore. My pc is a Acer Aspire E1-772G, with a internal Nvdia 820M. However, whenever I use the NVDIA, everything on the screen seems crushed with tiny lines all over the screen. When I use Intel HD graphic...
  28. C

    Rx 4xx vs rx 5xx

    My question is short and easy: as the rx 480 and 580 have the exact same architechture, would a rx480 overclocked to 1340 mhz (rx 580's boost clock) have the same performance of a reference rx 580? Because i have the sapphire nitro+ rx 480 8gb which is clocked at 1342 mhz and i was wondering if...
  29. T

    Hard Disk at 100% constantly

    Hi, I have had my current hard disk for about 6 months now, I had to replace my old one which i had for about 2 years before the same problem started happening which has started to affect this one now. I have reset my computer a countless number of times now and have experienced the same problem...
  30. S

    I need Help!

    Help! I just got a computer about 4 months ago. Last night I decided to reformat my computer, and when I came home, it says 'an operating system wasn't found. Try disconnecting any drives that don't contain an operating system.' I tried to go into it to change the boot order to run my CD...
  31. B

    help, is it worth this price? MBP

    i have an opportunity to buy a 15 inch i7 MBP 2011 edition, they want 700...there is a 15 inch i5 for about 500 ( new motherboard) I need something kinda fast, not a gamer, just business...real estate. thanks in advance
  32. J

    Power supply evga 600w b1, 750w b2 or 550w g2?

    MOTHERBOARD: ASUS PRIME B250M-PLUS CPU: Intel Core i3-7100 GPU: ASUS DUAL-GTX1060-O6G And also what do you think about this gear? does the i3 bottleneck gtx 1060?
  33. D

    still dont no what to do with upgrading.

    iv been thinking about this for a while now.. and im still unsure what to do. im currently on an i5 3570k,corsiarh100iv2,sabertooth z77 chipset,16gbs of DDR3 corsair vengance 1600mhz, Inno3d gtx 1080 256g samsung evo SSD running windows 10 and 2 wdb drives and use a samsung 4k tv as a display i...
  34. F

    How to order folders ?

    So I have a list of folders, of photos i've taken from the start of the year, up until now, but I want the list to go in the order of the date, so January 1st (would be first, up the top) and April 1st (last, down at the bottom) Link hopefully you have a clear understanding of what I mean...
  35. G

    Port mapping/ port forwarding

    I have seen these entries in my modem log, should I be concerned about many entries like the one below: Add port mapping to 61463 to my isp address?
  36. bowzef

    is GDDR5X enough?

    (excuse my bad spelling or grammar) it seems to me that GPU memory speed is becoming more and more important as we continue to grow, it's not just me right? that have notice AMD and Nvidia are making VRAM faster, now i did read some where that games are and will continue to do so will need...
  37. U

    Getting the perfect Mobo for me at less than $100

    So the title say it all. What can I do? I want the motherboard, if possible to have the following things: 1. RAID 5 support( I really just want to reuse like 4 HDDs lying up in my house) 2.Future-proof*(things like USB type C, M.2, etc) *I can live without those things, specially the type C...
  38. A

    do cyberpowerpcs come stock with 8 and 6 pinn for your graphics cards

    do you get an 8 and 6 pinn stock with a cyberpowerpc to attach your graphics card
  39. R

    upgrading from 4770k to Ryzen 7 1800X worth it?

    upgrading from 4770k to Ryzen 7 1800X worth it?( my 4770k is not OC)
  40. T

    Would a gtx 1050 work on a F3Khr motherboard?

    Hello, I was wondering would a gtx 1050 work on a f3khr motherboard (given that it had appropiate psu, case, ram and so on)? Thanks!