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    Laptop for school and work (not gaming)

    Hey all! If anyone can recommend a laptop, that is only needed for school and work and not gaming. Basically has to be able to run smoothly and have memory, not a ton but enough to download stuff for school. Price range is about 300$.... Thank you for taking the time to read this, have a great day!
  2. J

    The zotac gt 730 128 bit ddr3

    Can it fit in a asus 945 model p5gc mx
  3. M

    Windows 10 Search bar, Settings, Cortana, Task View and Services all not working.

    Since yesterday i've been experiencing severe hanging when trying to load Windows search, settings or services and other things like that. Also one specific video game broke, and one specific music software is also hanging, yet everything else seems fine. Perhaps those specific two pieces of...
  4. C

    Cpu ps4 apu

    Is it possible to put a new cpu in the ps4?
  5. S

    Black screens due to GPU or something else?

    Over the past 2 weeks, my build has been randomly black screening. For a few months, it was completely solid until I got back from a vacation and a week later it's doing this. I traced the problem in windows event viewer and found multiple errors, there is a critical error(kernel power event ID...
  6. P

    Audioengine A5+ vs Presonus Eris E5

    Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade from my Logitech z623s and was stuck deciding between the A5+ and Eris E5. I've heard the E5s in person and they're light years ahead of the Logitech's, but I can't seem to find many reviews of the E5s online. On the other hand, the A5+ is a highly touted set of...
  7. L

    No power light

    Hi I used my pc in the morning without a problem. Went to switch it back on in the evening and nothing, no light on the motherboard nothing. I tried changing the mains lead , plugging it into another socket and nothing. I have a spare pc of similar spec that's been in storage for a while and...
  8. Z

    how to use 2 headphones using the 3.5 mm u splitter

    can i use the u shaped earfon splitter for 2 earphones at phones or laptop?
  9. V

    Motherboard BiOS update

    Motherboard in question: MSI B350M Gaming Pro I recently bought this motherboard and a brand new Ryzen processor to accompany it. How can I update the bios without a CPU with this particular motherboard?
  10. D

    Best way to do a clean reinstall of GPU drivers?

    I have had some issues with stuttering and fps in a few games that previously ran fine. I wondered if a fresh reinstall of my GPU drivers would help with these issues? My GPU is an MSI RX 480 GAMINGX 4G, and I was wondering what the best way would be to cleanly reinstall my GPU drivers while...
  11. D

    Asus: CPU Code A0 but Boot LED error

    Hi all, Having some issues with a new build. As the title mentions, I am receiving the q-code A0, which I have read means "just fine". However, the Q-LED remains yellow (BOOT error) and my GPU projects nothing to my scree, I have tried every possible output slot on the GPU and PICe slot on the...
  12. V

    CPU Cooling Recommendation

    I just need to know a good liquid cooler for a i7-6700k and the size needs to be between the 240mm / 280mm radiator. My Budget is 120$ and im not planning to buy the cooler just for like the rgb kind of stuff because i want my cpu to run on low temps and the fan cooler are quiet. I already...
  13. E

    Is 7500mb of ram usage average for 8gb of ram when gaming?

    specs: cpu; Intel i5 8400 gpu: gtx 1060 6gb ram: Ripjaws 8gb
  14. J

    [SOLVED] Random BSOD On New Computer

    I have been getting several BSODs on my newly built PC. The error codes are IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. Parts list here. WhoCrashed says its a software bug but this is my 8th clean install of Windows 10. I have downgraded to Windows 1703 and it stopped the crashes...
  15. R

    Is my cpu too slow for my pc?

    I have a Ryzen 3 1200 with 8x2 2400mhz ram and a RX 560 but even just running windows it takes up 4gbs of ram and my processor jumps up from 20% usage to 80% usage then drops back down...Is it background programs?
  16. FastGamingYT

    My gpu doesnt show up.

    I cant see my bios and anything but the windows after intalling the drivers. What is wrong?
  17. D

    Macbook pro 15 late 2009 problem

    Hello i have macbook pro 15. When it turns on i get flashing folder with question mark....I can not get into recovery... any startup commands does not work. I have replaced flex cable for hard drive. Before the mac got broken i locked it with find my iphone by mistake....now i need to fix it....THx
  18. G

    Pc unusable from viruses

    Hi, my pc is completely unusable because of some viruses. When I turn it on, there are like 50 setups running, chrome for some reason has disappeared, and now there are unlimited tabs being opened on Microsoft Edge. They open back if I try to close them, have weird ad-ish addresses, and Edge...
  19. B

    My Pc ASUS S200E working. When I power it it shows the on but the display light is black what the solution for it.

    While i power on my pc it turn on but in display its seems Dark What is the solution for it.
  20. M

    Windows 10 Home vs. PRO (feature in delay updating)

    Hello, I use Windows 7 for many years. I am planning to get a new Mac and install Windows 10. One feature that makes me choose the PRO version is the ability for the user to decide when to do software upgrade. This feature is useful to me as it has happened many times that in the middle of some...
  21. F

    windows 10 media center probelm

    Hello, I'm in trouble with my PC, it runs win10 and from some days, maybe since last update it has strange behaviors. I tell you more in detail, in a complete random manner, automatically windos media center starts and the volume some times increase and decrase a little bit. I don't have any...
  22. R

    Hp z240 i7

    Hi there! I’m looking to buy a nvidia geforce gtx 1050 ti. Will this work with my hp z240 small form factor? Thanks
  23. T

    Gtx 1080 Experiencing Frame Stutter

    While gaming playing path of exile and a few other games I'll occasionally get fps stutters where my game will almost completely freeze for a very brief amount of time. I ran a heaven benchmark score and in that my fps dropped as low as 9 as well. I don't know what the issue is.} Link...
  24. E

    DH-15 RAM clearence

    I was wondering how high up this part is? It looks like it's halfway between 64 and 32mm but the picture doesn't seem like it accurately represents reality as the heat pipes are placed a bit differently. All in all I need 44mm of clearence. Also the cooler is mounted horizontally if that...
  25. C

    Water cooling AIO very tight

    Hi guys i have a case that supports AIO coolers but the tubes barely get from the CPU to the radiator. They are pretty tight and looks like to their limit, heres a pic https://imgur.com/a/olxVzMH (not mine btw) It's a Thermaltake water 3.0 and the case is Thermaltake core p5. Would it be a...
  26. A

    How to FIx 4G (3.86 Usable)

    Guys, I Have A 64Bit System And at First it was Using All The Memory But Now It's Saying 4G (3.86 Usable) I Have a Windows 7 Ultimate edition and Intel Core i3 CPU M330 @2.13 GHz 2.13 GHz And AN ATI Radeon Mobility HD 4300 Series
  27. K

    New Ram, PC won't work

    I just bought some new ram Ballistix Sport 16GB kit (2x8) DDR3 1600 1.6v. My old ram was...
  28. M

    Files on external hdds keep getting deleted or corrupted

    Hi, I have an annoying problem which causes my files to get corrupted or deleted and I am running out of patience. If you can help me with this I'd really appreciate it. I have 4 x 3.5 inch external hdds enclosed in a 4-bay hdd raid box which is connected to the laptop via a usb cable. The...
  29. T

    Graphics adapter disappeared from device list

    both pci-e slots dead? graphics card not showing up in display adapter/system devices. several times to to reinstall graphics software. To no avail. Ideas and mild taunting appreciated I'm an idiot and don't want to build a new rig. Specs are as follows: ASRock Z75 Pro 3 LGA 1155 Intel Core...
  30. M

    Can someone please help me with my false VAC-ban?

    Hello comunity. After several tries to have a civil conversation on the steam forums, I have given up and now I'm giving this community a chance. Before you read this: If you think everybody who says they have a false VAC-ban is lying, don't answer to this thread. My ban is 623 days old as...
  31. M

    Undecided about which monitor to buy...

    I am currently undecided between these two monitors for not so intense gaming [rainbow six siege and league of legends]: https://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/pc-monitors/pc-monitors/acer-kg241q-full-hd-23-6-led-monitor-black-10164658-pdt.html...
  32. 1

    Will this mobo support win7 ?

    Buying a new i5 8400 pc with gtx 1060 and 8gb ram. So will GIGABYTE Z370M DS3H mobo support WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE 64bit ? Im planing to do gaming with this build.
  33. G

    Equifax: Hackers Also Compromised Driver's Licenses, Passports

    Equifax told the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that the data breach it revealed in 2017 compromised more data than previously thought. Equifax: Hackers Also Compromised Driver's Licenses, Passports : Read more
  34. S

    How to fix the 00 sign ?

    Hello i got a pc recently and one of my friends spilt water on it after I got it checked they said the display chip is not working and ye motherboard shows the 00 sign can you guys please help me? I have i5 processer water cooling 750 wt of power supply super nova 16 gb ram gtx 1080sc 8 gb and...
  35. R

    Screen is totally black power button light on and fan noise for some time the noise is stop but screen doesn't turn on

    My Hp envy x360 touch laptop was on sleep mode and when i start to use it its screen did not on it was totally black i restarted laptop many times but fan noise was coming for some time then it stopped. But screen didn't on. Please tell me what i have to do my laptop was working good earlier...
  36. T

    GTX 1080 FE Overheating?

    Hello, i have a GTX 1080 TI FE and when i game it gets up to a max of 85c and i was wondering if thats too hot? i was thinking about removing the cooler of the video card and replacing the factory paste with some Artic Silver 5, maybe that will help.
  37. P

    Asrock ultra quad m.2 x16 card on a asus motherboard?

    Hi, does anyone know if you can use the new Asrock ultra quad m.2 x16 card on a asus motherboard? My setup is as follows: Intel 7800x CPU Asus Tuf Mark II X299 Motherboard Asus 1070Ti Video card Corsair Vengeance 2400 Memory cards 8GB X4 Kit Evo 250GB 960 M.2 X1 OS drive Evo 500GB 960...
  38. C

    Can't connect to internet

    So I finished building a new computer. The OS is windows 7,processor is i5 and the motherboard is a msi z370 gaming pro carbon. I bought a wifi adapter over the weekend, it was the last thing I needed. I went through the installation with the CD and it said it would not recognize the adapter...
  39. K

    Can I use another Toshiba laptop (C55) Charger for my Toshiba laptop (L750)?

    Hi guys! I have been using my laptop charger even it wasn't working correctly lately ( I just had to move it here and there in order to turn my laptop on) today I couldn't turn my laptop on I don't know where is exactly the problem, so I asked my friend for her laptop charger since she has a...