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  1. J

    computer build gtx 760

    I am going to be building a basic gaming computer with my old gtx 760 for my GF. I am looking to hit 60 FPS on med settings on games like WOW Legion, Overwatch, Pubg, and other MMO's. What CPU should I aim for $400 budget?
  2. V

    Install a bootable windows 10 OS on a partitioned external SSD

    Hi all, I want to install windows 10 on an external SSD so that when I connect the SSD to my macbook I would be able to boot windows from it. But I don't want to allocate all the storage space on the SSD to the windows operating system. Is it possible to create partitions on the SSD so that I...
  3. A

    Recovery error / cant boot into USB or DVD

    heey guys so i recently changed my motherboard and CPU after everything installed i booted the pc normally and i got the recovery mode thingy so i had to install new OS in my HDD cause it already had one ( previous OS wasnt wiped ) so i configured my usb made it bootable and had windows and...
  4. L

    help choose 50$ headset

    before i have headset and it is very uncomfortable hurts my ear (cuz it is cheap headset rexus f22), i use headset for long time like 18hours/day, and im looking for headset under 50$ better i buy Logitech G231 or corsair HS50 and steelseries siberia 150, or any recommend please? thanks you for...
  5. M

    PC brand for gaming

    Any suggestions for any top of the line computer brands that is best for gaming? thanks
  6. A

    Asus Maximus VII Hero 3201 CPU_OPT_FAN

    I just want to know if CPU_OPT_FAN always constantly 12v even If I set CPU_FAN header to silent? reason I ask is I have H100i v2 I want to plug the pump to CPU_OPT_FAN which is constantly at 12v even if I have Qfan on? And plugging the radiator fans on CPU_FAN so I can control it wit thin bios...
  7. M

    USB-C hard drive dock with NO power adapter required?

    USB-C, with the help of PD modes, should supply more than enough power for 2 x 3.5" hard drives. Is there any dock that goes with just 1 USB-C cable instead of having to plug in the adapter as well?
  8. J

    Storage spaces Parity failed

    Hi, I recently setup storage spaces on windows 10. I selected storage spaces as I have an AMD MB. I set it up in Parity mode as I have 3 4TB disks and I would get 8TB of storage and allow one disk to fail. A few days ago one of the disks failed. I was writing to the space and I don't know what...
  9. W

    not enough space for Windows 10 update

    My wifes ASUS TP200S notebook came with Windows 10 64 bit OS pre installed on a 64 GB eMMC storage device. Windows 10 wants to do updates, but of course there is not enough space to do the updates. I installed a 16GB microsd card. it has fat32 file system installed on the card. I'm unable to...
  10. N

    i7 7700K Overclocking and Voltages Help

    Hello guys, im a noob in this subject, I only know about hardware. I have a good machine and I think I can make more of it, but I need some guides I have a i7 7700K , GTX 1060 dual OC 6GB, Asus Prime Z270-a , 16 gb ram ddr4 trident z rgb 2400mhz , Water cooler is gamer storm captain 360 ...
  11. C

    Dual Bios button on Sapphire card causing major lag

    When I enable the Dual Bios button on my Sapphire R9 280 (I want to overclock it), It causes my PC to lag very badly and pretty much all games are unplayable. When the button is turned off my PC runs completely fine. My CPU is the I5 4460 and MOBO is the MSI B85-G41 PC Mate. Any help would be...
  12. J

    Making build for 1440p 144hz gaming

    I'm just wondering if I could save money and if this is overkill or not. Looking to clock the CPU to 4.5 GHz or higher Build;https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Bc8QZR Thanks!
  13. M

    Remove disks or other media.

    Hello gents, got a problem with reinstaling my OS. My win10 has crashed, so i had to reinstal it (done it many times) So i grabbed my bootable USB flash drive with instalation of win 10. I set in BIOS priority booting from fdd like i always do, but then this error has occured “Remove disks or...
  14. C

    ntoskrnl.exe Bluescreen Help

    I don't even know where to begin...So basically, I have had this problem since I first had this pc around a year or two ago. I have been getting irritating blue screens at the most random times and they cannot be predicted. I have tried almost everything in the book to fix this issue other than...
  15. K

    suitable GPU for core 2 quad q9550 for playing 1080p 60fps

    Hi, I'm looking to buy GPU for this old system cpu: Intel core 2 quad q9550 @2.83 GHz , Yorkfield, 12M cache psu : Corsair cx550 mobo : gigabyte G41MT -s2pt ,f2 version ( PCIe 2.0), 775 socket Ram: 8gb ddr3 monitor: Dell 1080p (60 htz) expected to play games at 1080p at 60fps, budget not an...
  16. A

    How do I connect 6 monitors with this PC?

    Hello community, I am looking to use my existing custom built PC for work/trading, and I need 6 monitors to fit my 6 Bloomberg screens. I used this PC for gaming but now will be solely for business. Can I purchase 5 other monitors like the one I have below and simply connect them all? I am not...
  17. K

    Internet is limited

    Problem is my internet speed is 1,7mb/s i didtest on speedtest. When i download on steam it shows 1,7mb/s. But it goes to 600kb/s and dosent go higher. Its limit 600kb/s some reason. I have fixed once when i went computer system settings what was internet speed income i puted 100% and it worked...
  18. J

    Gigabyte 1080Ti isn't even stable with 100% voltage & + 95 core

    How are some people overclocking their gpu to 2GHz + I can't even get mine to +95 core clock without GTA V instantly freezing. I know every GPU is different but damn... Some cards function with the core set to +130 and +500 memory. +85 Core + 300 Memory isn't stable either. PC Specs...
  19. A

    Dell latitude screen goes blank

    My dell latitude screen has gone black for a while after the windows start up... How do I fix this please, I tried restarting and removing the battery but no solution
  20. M

    Slow internet speed on laptop but quick on PC

    Hello, i have a problem with my internet speed on laptop. Whenever i try to watch a video on HD it just stutters. I have the router in my room and my PC is connected to it. I don´t know what to do. I tried messing with the router setting. I tried doing different channels but it didn´t help at...
  21. C

    Im trying to hard reset my satellite p350d can you help

    I'm trying to reset my satellite p305d and it keeps taking me to enter password screen can you help me get around it
  22. A

    Help for lil bit

    So Im building this new pc But im still confused what component i will use for my build I want to buy a ram but it is 2400mhz is it good for ryzen?
  23. E

    unable to install windows 10

    i made a bootable usb of windows 10 with windows media creation tool on a windows 10 vmware because it would not let me do it on my normal windows. when i try to boot into windwos installer from the usb, i get a black screen with a dash in the top left corner. when i try restoring windows it...
  24. D

    No USB Wifi Adapter Works with my Desktop PC

    My desktop computer is reasonably high spec, or at least it was a couple years ago. But for some reason USB Wifi adapters just always have problems. I've bought 2 different brands of adapters, ASUS and Netgear, but both of them have issues with disconnecting and randomly slowing down to a crawl...
  25. S

    Best GPU upgrade for my phenom II x4 965 BE

    Hi guys , what do you suggest as an GPU upgrade for my pc ? Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 3.40ghz 8gb DDR3 memory 500w PSU with 1x 6pin connector Budget is like 200e ... I thought about upgrading my CPU first but i think its decent for some more time so ill go with GPU... I have crappy HD...
  26. N

    Display Driver Crashing

    My display driver is crashing during at random time's. I did my research and found out the TdrDelay could be to blame. I've tried going in the registry and editing the values. However, whenever I reset so they'll take effect they're back where they started. Which leads me to believe the Nvidia...
  27. V

    Using a TV as a monitor??

    I've recently found a great deal on a second hand LG 32 inch(flatscreen) TV, I've got the owner to take pictures of the back(he is old and technologically impaired) and I can see it has both HDMI and Display port. Its about 3 times cheaper than a monitor that size, but what of the...
  28. trickynick

    Help figuring out horrible sound in games/videos

    Hi, This is my system. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ZK9nTB I don't know if the issue is with my current speakers which I bought cheaply from Walmart or if it's the built in sound from the MOBO. It happens with multiple games, but the one that comes to mind is when I'm playing Space...
  29. atomicpaperclip

    mobo won't talk to working SSD. Will this upgrade build work?

    I already tested the SSD and SATA cables and they work fine. MSI support says the mobo needs to be replaced. This build is 4 years old and I was hoping to go at least another year before replacing it. Would like to get just a new mobo, cpu and upgrade to Windows 10 and replace the rest later on...
  30. P

    High temps on 7700K while gaming, is it normal?

    Hello, I bought 7700K 2 days ago with SilentiumPC Fera 3 cooler (it's pretty much the same as coolermaster Hyper EVO 212). I'm having some troubles with this CPU. While playing games like Witcher 3 or PUBG CPU temperature is around 70-75 degrees with only 40-50% usage and thats on base 4.5GHz...
  31. T

    options to increase space on home fileserver

    hi all, my home file server (for streaming music + videos) is running out of space. built back in 2009, the current spec is as follows: GS7610 Ultra mATX Mainboard w/ Athlon 3200+ CPU 1 Gb RAM (2x 512Mb DIMMs) 2x 1Tb HDDs in RAID 1 config Gigabit ethernet card Ubuntu 14.04 so my main goal is...
  32. testtube5

    How would you mount this cooler?

    https://imgur.com/a/NA6Ks ^ If I mount it in the first configuration, it's going to block front fan airflow. If I mount it with the tubes in the back (as the instruction manual says), I can't have a rear fan...There's no room on the case to move the radiator forwards more for room for both. I...
  33. G

    Efax Plus Review: Faxing Service's Price Is Too High

    Efax Plus offers what you'll find at rival online fax services, but at a higher price that the competition soundly beats. Efax Plus Review: Faxing Service's Price Is Too High : Read more
  34. S

    I need help with my custom build computer

    I built a computer with AMD Ryzen 1500x CPU, an ASRock AB350 Pro4 motherboard, 16gb of ram, 1tb hdd, and 256ssd, I don't have a GPU yet but I don't want to spend that money until I get it to boot up with a CPU error, I don't know whats going on the CPU is in the slot properly
  35. N

    Graphic card help

    Hi People, Firstly, System specs xClio Greatpower 700w X14S4P4 ROG M2-Crosshair 11 Formula Phenom11 x4 965 BE Corsair H55 Crucial Ballistix 4x2GB XFX 8800GS 384MB Alpha Dog Win7 64bit I have tried a nvidia Kepler GTX 670 and a Msi GTX n770 Lightning card in this and i get the same issue...