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  1. LeadRX

    Question Will an Intel 4390k cpu bottleneck RTX3080 ? If so then how much?

    I am thinking of upgrading just my GPU and I am really worried if my CPU is gonna heavily bottleneck my GPU My current Setup: core i7 4390k 64 GB corsair DDR3 Rams 1000W PSU 2 x 2Tb SSD Samsung Evo
  2. RagedAPE

    [SOLVED] Best gpu for max detail and max fps 3000 series card

    Do you think that the 3070 will be good enough to get 360 FPS in League of legends on maybe even war zone. Also what FPS will it possibly get in cyberpunk on ultra settings at 1080p The rest of my system will be a ryzen 4000 3800x equivalent so im guessing at least 10 cores and decent core...
  3. O

    Question RTX 3070/3080 question

    Hello, I recently built a budget PC. Just wanted to see if I could build something decent for around 550. In my current setup I went with an AMD Ryzen 5 1600AF edition, for the motherboard I am using a Gigabyte B450 AORUS M and 16 gigs of ram. My current card in there is a XFX Radeon RX 580...
  4. PROHDGaming

    Question RTX 30 Series - Upgarde required to my existing Gaming Rig?

    Dear Community I hope you are doing well and staying safe! After the recent announcement from Nvidia regarding RTX 30 series GPU, I am sure many of us (PC master race) looking to get RTX 30 series GPU as an upgrade to existing ones. Fortunately, I skipped both 10th series and 20 series cards...
  5. A

    Question Can my psu handle an RTX 3070?

    Hello. Im wondering if my pc could handle an RTX 3070? specs: Psu: antec value power active pfc 12cm 600w Motherboard: prime b460m-a cpu:i710700 ram: hypxer x fury 2666mhz All comments are helpful thanks
  6. V

    Discussion Having some serious concerns about RTX 3000 series cards ...

    Hi all So I have been holding back with system upgrades awaiting new hardware and just going all out and getting a whole new system once everything is out in late October / November. As most people, I have been eagerly awaiting on stuff from Nvidia, AMD, Intel. To give you some perspective, my...
  7. N

    Question My RTX 3090 build for Cyberpunk 2077!

    Let me know what you think?:unsure: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zjVszN
  8. N

    Question Is it smart to wait for nex-gen CPUs for RTX 3000 series builds?

    Is it smart to wait for nex-gen CPUs for 3000 series builds? Or should we just get what’s available? Cyberpunk is coming and people are going to be rabid to make new builds which means parts will become scarce. Also the impact of COVID has diminished production of pc parts as well. Should we get...
  9. F

    Question Will the new RTX 30 cards work with my computer?

    With the new RTX 30 cards coming out, I've become extremely interested in buying a 3080 or 3070 due to the fact that I've been using a GTX 1060 for a while now. I've tried to do a bit of research myself, including requirements and measurements. I have a few concerns that I would like help with...
  10. P

    Question Upgrade from 2070 to 30’s series

    Hello, I have a rtx 2070 currently and I just saw the new 30xx series and was wondering if it was worth upgrading because the 3070 is quite affordable for me, but my questions are if I would need to upgrade my psu or any other components to run the 30XX series and would it be worth to pay the...
  11. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Best CPU speed for gaming in 2020

    Hi. I'm beginning to build my new gaming PC. Last one I made was in 2014. So many things have changed. Currently, my research has concluded that a good CPU for a medium build, is the Intel i5 10600k. Although I don't intend to overclock, I'm considering it, but may also consider the i5 10600...
  12. Gtw_980

    Question New 3000 series new power connecter compatiblity

    I'am planning to upgrade to a 3070ti when its released i have a seasonic focus gold 850 watt psu with nvdia's new power connecter leaks idk if my PSU enough or can it even support it will an adapter work fine?
  13. M

    [SOLVED] Should I build a PC with RTX 2060 for Cyberpunk or wait for the RTX 3060 ?

    I'm gonna be straight forward as much as possible. Okay so, guys I've just started YouTube and I have 124 (actually 24) subs. The 100 subs was from my previous Pentium 4 low end pc channel sooo.... Yeah I don't have a lot of subs to actually watch my videos. My current PC : Pentium G3220 (2C/2T)...
  14. F

    Question Will an RTX 2070 Super work with my PC

    Hello, I'm considering upgrading my PC's GPU to an RTX 2070 Super or maybe an RTX 3000 series card if they do come out soon. My budget is ~$500 I'm concerned my PC rig may not pose an issue to this, however. My specs are as follows: -i5-6400 @2.7 GHz 4 cores -16 gb of ram @ 2133 MHz -1 tb SSD...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Will rtx 30 series need PCIE 4.0

    I just bought a b450 motherboard since I didn't really want to pay more for a b550 or x570 board. I am wondering if the next RTX series will need PCIE 4.0. From my research it looks like it probably won't and also I would only get something like an rtx 3070 or 3060 super.
  16. G

    [SOLVED] RTX 3000 vs 5700 XT?

    Hi I'm going to be streaming, but I can't get a 3700X. My budget limits me to a 3600 (albeit I can OC it with a good cooler), because the 3700X is $170 more than the 3600 where I live. I was thinking whether X264 would harm performance on the 3600 and how much? Or is NVENC better? In case NVENC...
  17. F

    [SOLVED] Worth waiting for the new gen of gpus?

    I'm going to build a computer and I have just about the budget for an rtx 2070 (as of my local prices). There are rumours that there are new gpus coming next summer and that these will be more powerful yet cheaper than the current series. If I don't wait I can buy the rig around Christmas. Is it...