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    Can You Still Use An AMD AM4 Motherboard with a Missing Backplate/Bracket?

    I recently purchased a cheap (£35) AM4 motherboard on eBay (Asrock AB350M) for a new AM4 build I was doing. Got a nice 1800X and 16GB DDR4 to go along with it. However, the motherboard I received was missing pieces. It was missing the manual and driver disc but hardly matters with everything...
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    i7 7700 hq gtx 1050 vry slow

    My processor feels very slow sometimes and even when I tried playing survivio, a 2d game on a website, I was lagging very badly. I can run fortnite at about 60-100 fps, which is ok but when I try to run MINECRAFT, a game anyone can run (same as survivio) I get like 40 fps. Someone, please help me.
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    Having to turn on computer from motherboard

    I recently built a PC that runs almost perfectly fine. However, I've noticed two issues that have been coming up. 1) The RGBs on the motherboard don't turn off when I shut down the PC from windows. The case, GPU, graphics card, and all of the other lightings shut down, but the motherboard is...
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    suddent fps drop

    first of all i want to let you guys know that im very not good in everythings about pc. here is what happened, i played a game with my friend everything was fine. went to sleep (i didnt close my pc). woke up and i had fps issues in every game, i cant even watch videos on youtube ifthe quality...
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    Proxy server problem

    Unable to connect to the proxy server in a Google Chrome
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    New 1080 ti performing poorly

    I just bought an MSI 1080 ti 11gb aero OC and it is performing no where near what I excepted. When playing the witcher 3 I am only getting around 30 to 40 fps. I also noticed my gpu usage is usually only around 40 to 50% while my cpu usage is always less than 30%. I have a 750w power supply so I...
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    Where would be the best place to set up my acoustic panels?

    I have them on the opposite side of where my tv is, but I should move them to near my tv?
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    Is it possible to have an m.2 or ssd and only that?

    so recently I bought an M.2 SSD and put my OS on it. I had a few difficulties to start with but ended up figuring most of them out except for one. I can now install things to my old hard drive but I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to only use the SSD is a boot drive and use my...
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    can a z370 fit in a x strike patriot

    will a AsRock Z370 Killer fit in a cybertronpc x strike patriot aerocool details: ASRock Z370 Killer SLI/ac LGA 1151 (300 Series) Intel Z370 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 ATX Intel Motherboard
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    GPU is not using dedicated memory, or any memory at all but utilization is at 100%

    I have a problem with a Nvidia 1050 GPU. I was able to play games like skyrim with out any major fps drops, even with about 60 mods. One day out of the blue, when i turn on my game, its running at 1-3 FPS. I checked my task manager and it said that it was at 100% And when i clicked my...
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    Teredo Missing And IPHelper Not Starting

    Hello Tom's Hardware! I'm in need of some help i'm really stuck with this. My Teredo driver is gone completely it's not under legacy drivers either. IPhelper will not start. I have googled and googled and i just can't seem to find any fix! Is anyone able to help me with this. EDIT: Fixed...
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    Budget PC for practicing to build

    Hello, Im looking at building a pc but scared to do anything with mine atm incase i break it. Looking for a really cheap one so i can practice to build. Would be kinda of a household pc. Probably dont need a gpu ( and should cut the price)
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    GTX 780 ti Reference Edition won't work. Fan spins at 100% and no signal.

    Hi, Well, hope I can find a solution for this, I just purchased a second hand GTX 780 ti Reference Edition (Was tested before the interchange). I've tried everything to resolve the issue I've been experiencing with the card (Title of the article) since the first day of purchase. Despite the...
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    Internet disconnecting, network adapters all disabled

    Cant connect to internet, no media found for all network adapter in command prompt. Internet occasionally connects but once anything is opened that uses internet it immediately disconnects itself. using windows 10.
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    Monitor goes black for one second when refrigerator turns on

    hi all. i have recently buy this monitor: BenQ-PD3200Q the problem is, as i said that the screen goes black for just one or two seconds whenever my refrigerator or any other appliance (like mixer) turn on. what should i do? would this device help...
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    Sudden FPS drops ingame..

    hello guys. Recently i bought acer Aspire V 15 laptop for gaming..I had no issues at start but after some days my fps began to drop from 50-60 to 15-20 for about 5-10 seconds.I tried everyhting i can search on youtube..But it did'nt help at all. My Specs are. 16 Gb Ram GPU-Nvidia geforce gt...
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    Help to choose OS

    Good Day guys! I need some help with my laptop.. Specs: Lenovo ThinkPad L512 Intel Core i5 M 460 @2.53ghz 4GB RAM Intel HD Graphics i searched through lenovo website but they only support the drivers of my laptop in windows 7 (Intel Display Driver there's no graphics driver for...
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    PC constantly stuttering

    Hey guys, I'm getting this weird stutter with my computer where everything lags on startup. Even on the desktop if I move a window back and forth I can see it is not at 144hz, and sometimes it is less than 60hz. I'm not able to play games either. Usually a simple restart of the computer will fix...
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    Hard drive for gaming

    Hello. I am looking to buy a new hard drive for gaming purposes and I don't really know that much about hard drives. Is this hard drive good for gaming Western Digital Black WD1003FZEX 1TB if not please recommend a good one that is not too pricey. If you can recommend a good hard drive with a...
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    Supermicro X9SRL-F won't post. Doesn't get past Initializing… B2

    New to the forum, and I will try to be as descriptive as possible (and sorry if a little wordy or if I forget somethings I've tried). My old Supermicro X8SAX went down, so decided to upgrade a bit. Bought a "new" X9SRL-F and a used E5-1650 v2 for it. When turning it on, it comes up with the...