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  1. raph261

    Question AMD athlon x4 860k no boot using rx 570 4gb

    good day, im having trouble when booting using my athlon x4 860k (fm2+) with rx 570 4gb. It shows no display at all, i tried swapping my 860k with amd's a4 6300 apu with the same motherboard and same gpu. It works perfectly(bottleneck aside). I did try gt 730 with 860k before and it works fine...
  2. manuluh_

    Question RX 570 4GB fan stop spinning after certain RPM

    I notice this problem after a couple of time hearing my fan ramp up and then goes quite until I stop playing my games and the temperature go back to normal. The last RPM it stop is at 2000~ but AMD Adrenaline doesn't seem to recognize that the GPU fan had stop spinning and shows that the fan is...
  3. xvickycruz

    Question GPU for I7-3770 in 2020

    Hi Guys. My current setup is : ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Gigabyte H61M-S motherboard(rev. 1.0) | I5-3570(non K) | 16gb...
  4. jaxoed

    Question No video input with Gigabyte RX 570

    Hello! I just bought a working Gigabyte RX 570 4GB graphics card. The problem is that when I tried using my DVI cable, it just wouldn't work, it's just showing a black screen. I even tried HDMI to VGA but with no success. Do any of guys have any clue of what am I supposed to do? Monitor -...
  5. K

    Question GPU Temps jumping from 50C to 89/90C within a Minute

    Sorry if it has been asked before but I searched and couldn't find the solution. A couple of months ago, I wanted an upgrade from my GT 1030 and bought a per-owned Xfx Rx 570. Issue is the temps of the cards that are very high. Idle temps are around 50 to 52C. and when I game on it, Temps...
  6. gingjing

    Question What's wrong with my Sapphire Pulse RX 570 4GB?

    I'm currently using a Sapphire Pulse RX 570. I bought it second hand for $100. Issue: Some games work, some don't. It worked on League of Legends (100-150 FPS MAX), Sleeping Dogs (60-100 FPS MED-HIGH), and PUBG Lite(150-200FPS MAX), but it won't work on GTA 5(It crashes at a train part on the...
  7. [SOLVED] Can I upgrade to an i5-3470/i5-3570?

    Hello! Almost 4 months ago I finally had to upgrade to something better than my old laptop. The problem is, I'm 17 years old (and as you probably saw I'm from Bulgaria), so I can't really afford anything too fancy because I hate milking my parents since a kid and use my own money for every...
  8. J

    Question Power Supply recommendation

    I'm thinking of buying an optiplex 3020 mt link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-Optiplex-3020-MT-Intel-Quad-Core-i5-4590-3-3GHz-16GB-RAM-1TB-HDD-Windows-10/264697600373?hash=item3da134d975:g:fZAAAOSw~5ReFiV~ Can Someone recommend a power supply that will fit the pc and will work with xfx rx...
  9. A

    Question RX 570, 6 PIN TO 8 PIN PCI-E

    I am looking to buy an RX 570, as it seems to be the best bang for buck GPU out there at the moment, however there is an issue. My PSU does not have any 8 pin PCI-E connectors, and although upgrading the PSU itself is the obvious answer, for now at least id rather go with the cheaper option and...
  10. F

    Question Asus H81m-e does not recognize Saphere Nitro RX 570 4GB

    PC Specs:- MotherBoard:- ASUS H81M-E RAM:- Crucial (4GBX2) DDR3 1600 Mhz GPU:- Saphere Nitro Rx 570 4GB PSU:- Cooler Master 500W So, I purchased Rx 570 4GB from market. When I installed it in my PC. System boots up but there is no display. GPU Fans are not spinning. I tried everything. I...
  11. N

    Question RX 570 + RYZEN 3 2200G struggling with games on 1080p

    I have the current setup: Amd Ryzen 3 2200g Sapphire RX 570 4GB Pulse ITX Motherboard Gigabyte GA-AB350M-DS3H V2, AMD AM4, mATX, DDR4 Ram Crucial Ballistix 2x4 GB 2666mHz SSD Kingston 120GB 1 HD of 1TB and another of 500GB 400W EVGA PSU I saw many tests of this same setup, and all games worked...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] RX570 Newbie Help!

    Hi, I am pretty new at graphics cards and hardware in general, I got a RX 570 4GB and I am having trouble seeing any sort of display. I have put the card in the PCI-E 16x slot and used a dual 4 pin to 8 pin molex adapter to power it making sure my CPU met be requirements of 500W. Now turning...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] what recommendations do you have on this build

    the GPU I'm using is a 570 4gb but took it off because I've already bought it, I wouldn't mind switching my mobo and CPU to amd, but found this processor to be better for the price. PCPartPicker Part List Type|Item|Price :----|:----|:---- CPU | Intel Core i3-9100F 3.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor...
  14. I

    [SOLVED] The PC stops working if two monitors install

    So I upgrade my graphics card from 9400 gt to Rx 570. I have two monitors and when I was using the 9400 gt it was working perfectly but since I change the graphics card the two monitors works for a bit then both of them shows a black screen. But if I install only one monitor it works perfectly...
  15. P

    Question VIDEO: Horrible sound from GPU fan! Help please

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCwe2XGKOFs View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cI6F_b9l0Vk From the videos you can clearly see and hear the awful sound that my GPU fan just made... Yesterday I posted here that my GPU fan is running at 100% but it was still 80 degrees in the game...
  16. P

    Question GPU Fan is spinning at 100% but temp is still 80 degrees?!

    Hi, I was just playing The Witcher 3, and my GPU fan started spinning to a 100% and it was so loud it bothered me so much I had to exit my game. Also the temp is always at 80 degrees while gaming, no matter what I do... If the fan would spin at 100% I would at least expect to be the temp a bit...
  17. H

    Question Can cxm 450w handle the rx 570 4gb and i5 3570k ?

    hello everyone , title say it all my config i5 3570k ( not oc ) 500 gb hdd 7rpm 250 gb hdd 5 rpm 1 cpu cooler master evo 1 fan 60 mm 2x2 gb ram 1333 mhz 4x1 gb ram 1333 mhz im using now gtx 960 2 gb which im willing to replace it im using 3 port for usb and ethernet Thanks.
  18. theoneandonlyfoohyking

    [SOLVED] MSI RX 570 4GB ARMOR Overclocking

    Hello people. Can someone provide me the highest stable overclock I can achieve with this GPU?
  19. D

    [SOLVED] Used RX 570 or new GTX 1650?

    Hi, Can't decide between the Rx 570 4GB vs GTX 1650 4GB. Used Rx 570-s are around 90 usd + new PSU roughly around 50 usd - OR 120 usd for GTX 1650 My current powersupply - FSP Hexa+ 400W What do you think? Or shall I save more and get a 1660?
  20. Abdullatif Pervaiz

    Question RX 570 Screen Flicker/Crash and Wattman Error

    Hello there. I am using Asus ROG Strix RX 570 4GB OC from last 7months. But nowadays i am having issue with it. I dont exactly know it happens after the latest driver update or what, but my GPU started flickering/screen stuck and display goes black and start again in 2 secs with an error of...