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  1. C

    [SOLVED] For streaming, should I pair a ryzen 5 3600 with a GTX 1660 or a ryzen 3 3100 with a GTX 1660 Ti?

    From what I know, streaming is CPU intensive, but I was told by a friend that the 1660 Ti has streaming capabilities built into it. Is it a better idea to go with the 3600 and plain 1660 or 3100 and 1660 Ti? I would swap the 3100 with a 3300x, but who knows when that will be back in stock at MSRP.
  2. [SOLVED] Weird Ryzen 5 3600 CPU usage

    Hi, My Ryzen 5 3600 CPU usage is behaving oddly. I took this image while watching a YouTube video and according to task manager, the usage on two of the cores seem to switch back and forth from each other in an oscillating-like way. Sometimes this happens on different cores but it only...
  3. Locker

    Question Ryzen 5 3600 High or Normal Temps?

    i dont know if my temps are normal or high. I replaced the Stock cooler with a cheap air cooler(Antec A400 rgb - https://antec.com/product/cooling/a400-rgb.php) and i have not done any OC on it. Temps (room temp = 31-36) -- On idle it jumps around 45C-51C. On 60% usage it's around 62C-66C. On...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] Upgrading hardware

    Hello, I currently have 1060 6gb with ryzen 5 2600, 16 ram and good ssd storage. My motherboard is ASrock B450M pro4 that i believe has AMD AM4 socket. My PSU is 550w Corsair. I kinda want an upgrade. I was thinking to buy rtx 3070 if possible and a ryzen 5 3600 to pair with it. Here are my...
  5. Onl1X


    Is Asus PRIME B450M-A II good motherboard for ryzen 5 3600?
  6. Onl1X

    [SOLVED] Should I buy Asus prime b450m-a for ryzen 5 3600?

    I know this motherboard isn't good, but I don't need overclocking. If I use this motherboard does this cause problems?
  7. InTakeYT1

    [SOLVED] Wondering If this would bottleneck?

    I was wondering if the R5 3600 would bottleneck the RTX 3070 at 1080p https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/KnG7W3
  8. nvyrectangle

    [SOLVED] Amd or intel for upgrade? (PCBuild advice)

    Hello! I'm going to upgrade my pc, but can't decide whenever i should go with intel or amd. My choice is between I5-10400 and R5 3600 (both are falling into the same price category for my country) I'm mostly using pc for games. What should i go with? And which one of these is more future proof?
  9. A

    Question No idea why Ryzen 5 3600 reaches those high temps in Horizon Zero Dawn...

    Hello guys! I have the following specs for my PC: - CPU: Ryzen 5 3600; - CPU's Cooler: Deepcool Gammax GT V2 RGB; - MOBO: MSI B450-A PRO MAX; - RAM Memory: 2x8 GB CL16 kit of Corsair Vengeance LPX running at 3200 Mhz; - GPU: PowerColor Radeon RX 5700 Red Dragon 8 GB; - HDD...
  10. F

    [SOLVED] CPB comes in "YES" by default in ryzen?

    So i just finished building my first PC (Ryzen 5 3600, Msi b450 pro-vdh max, 5600xt, 16 gb ram) and i noticed really high temps while gaming with the stock ryzen cooler (80+ degrees celsius). So i decided to check the bios and found that core performance boost is set to "yes" is this ok? Thanks...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 3600 running around 80c under stress

    Hello, I've just build a new pc recently and decided to check my temperatures. I was surprised how high it went and that it bounces up and down quite a lot. My temperature while idle go from 40-55 degrees and while gaming (R6 Siege on max) they go from 75-85 or even higher (Assassin's Creed...
  12. G

    Question PC not showing bios boot screen

    Hello, I have Windows 10 installed on my pc. Whenever I restart or boot the pc normally, the bios screen with the keys you have to press doesn't show and it boots normally into windows. If I spam the bios key, it gets stuck with no output. However, if I cut power to the pc through the plug or...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] Will it use my 3600?

    Ryzen 5 3600 GSKILL RIPJAWS 16gb (2x8gb) 3600mhz Sooo... can the Gigabyte b450m ds3h motherboard run the ram at 3600 or is the limit of it 3200mhz?
  14. L

    [SOLVED] Do I need to upgrade my PSU for the RTX 3080?

    Hi y'all! I've bought a Fractal Design Edison M 650W PSU (80 Plus Gold) just a couple of months ago. Here's my current setup: Ryzen 5 3600 Asus Prime B350 Plus 2 x 8 GB Corsair DDR4 @ 3000 MHz RTX 2070 Plus all the standard stuff, SSDs, HDD... Now, the RTX 3080 is recommended to run on a PSU...
  15. K

    [SOLVED] Is this PSU fit for overclocking?

    Heya, I'm wondering whether this Cougar STE500 500W psu is fit for overclocking my gpu or cpu. I couldn't seem find any good documentation or reviews on it. Here is a link to the product page. Specs: GTX 1060 6GB Ryzen 5 3600 - Stock Cooler Team T-Force 16GB 3200MHz - Dual Channel MSI B450M
  16. DemonIsBuilding

    [SOLVED] RX 570 bottleneck for Ryzen 3600? 75hertz bottleneck for RX 580 and R5 3600?

    So I have a two questions. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/pYK6vW Is my possible build, And im looking to get cheap while keeping the performance that matters I am thinking to swap RX 580 with a 570, as I'm more into programming, and not so commonly I'd like to edit videos and put together clips...
  17. D

    [SOLVED] System Upgrade for RTX 3070

    Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my PC in order to optimally support the RTX 3070 when it releases. Right now, I'm running off a GTX 1060 6GB, and figured an upgrade would be nice for some of the new titles coming out in the future (titles as in Cyberpunk 2077... I really only want to play...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3rd gen first post time. Please Help.

    So I just got a Ryzen 5 3600 on a MSI B450 gaming pro carbon max wifi(compatible with ryzen 3rd gen out of the box) and 16 GB of 8x2 Corsair vengence LPX 3000mhz. On the first boot I got stuck with the dram led lighting up solid on the motherboard. I let it stay for a maximum of 5 minutes...
  19. SaintAxiom

    [SOLVED] B450 vs X570 mobo

    I'm upgrading to a Ryzen 5 3600 which I plan to overclock (maybe to 3.8 or 4) and need a new board to go with it. I ordered a B450 mortar max for $120 because it has pretty good vrm and it was cheap but now I'm second guessing. My question is should I refund the B450 and just eat the extra cost...
  20. 13@iza

    [SOLVED] My monitor won't stop cutting in and out when set to 165hz

    My graphic card drivers are all up to date and whenever I switch to 165hz from windows settings the monitor goes black then normal over and over and doesn't stop. It seems like the monitor or computer can't handle it but the monitor advertised that it could and I build my first ever PC so it may...
  21. S

    Question New Ryzen 5 3600 dead or am I missing something?

    Hello This is going to be a super long post so please bear with me. Recently I upgraded from a Ryzen 5 1600 to a Ryzen 5 3600 as my motherboard was the MSI B450 gaming plus, I upgraded the bios before swapping out the 1600 for the 3600. On first try the system refused to boot in dual channel so...
  22. G

    [SOLVED] Are there any faults in this build

    OK this is my first build and i copied it from another but i heard things about the Psu being incompatible so i changed it i just want to know some changes i could make to make my parts compatible if there not already. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/gamergod68419/saved/#view=hWWcbv
  23. B

    Build Advice Building after 11 years. Please review and advice

    Hello folks! I’m building a new PC for myself after 11 years. My current build being an ATX, I would really like to go for a smaller form factor. I have mentioned my current and two proposed builds, an mATX and an mITX. Please review the builds. Can I do better with the parts? The 8" tall mITX...
  24. F

    [SOLVED] Good cooler for ryzen 5 3600

    Hello everyone, I have used my cpu for a while and i love the peformance. But it's just that the cooler is not good enough for gaming even without oc or boost on. It gets around 70 to 80 degrees celcius. I am planning to upgrade my cooler but i don't know which one is good for the buck. I like...
  25. C

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 3600 failed to run 1.32v for 4.2ghz

    My pc wont run on 4.2ghz for 1.32v. I changed vcore voltage to 1.32v and core multiplier to 42.00 in my gigabyte b550m aorus elite. It ended up, pc won't boot. Pc specs Gigabyte b550m aorus elite Ryzen 5 3600 M9a cooler Klevv bolt 3600mhz 16gb ram Zotac 1660 Super Amp Fsp Hydro Pro 650w 80+...
  26. K

    [SOLVED] ryzen 5 3600 with A320 mobo

    hello I want to upgrade my r3 2200G with R5 3600 (I got gtx 1650 SUPER and its bottlenecking the R3 2200G). I dont have budget to buy new mobo I alredy have msi a320 pro-vh plus I checked the mobo website an it shows that it can support 3000 serie am updating the mobo to the last version and I...
  27. mraazx

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 3600 Stock Cooler Enough For Gaming / Normal Use

    Hello, I want to know some feedback's if anyone using Ryzen 5 3600 with stock cooler please let me know your review. I have a normal case Antec NX 100 with 1 x 120mm fan . My Room Temp Normally 30-35 , Summer - 40-45 , Winter 15-20 Degrees Currently using i3 8100 , Normal : 40-50 Degrees ...
  28. J

    [SOLVED] Did I get lucky with my ryzen 5 3600?

    So when I was messing with my cpu, I found that I still had a little more headroom while overclocking using the stock cooler. I kept bumping it up in increments and decided to try 4.2ghz at 1.25 volts. I ran a userbench and got 93rd percentile and a rating of 91% and I also ran a cinebench r20...
  29. Parker Le Nerd

    [SOLVED] Need some help with my R5 3600 oc

    Hello eveyone, I have been on here before and gotten a lot of help so I am hoping that I can have you all help me again. My current problem is my overclocking with my Ryzen 5 3600. The problem is that I am concerned about the voltages and the lifespan of my CPU. I am running my CPU at 4.0Ghz...
  30. U

    Question MSI X570 Unify with Ryzen 5 3600(for now) Ideal Memory?

    Patriot Viper Steel Series DDR4 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3733MHz is what I have now. It was 90$ but the timings are slow, and I'm uncomfortable with the fact that they run at 63c when playing a 7-year-old game, I've never had any memory temperatures that high. Both XMP profiles appear to be identical...
  31. A

    [SOLVED] 550W PSU enough?

    Hey all, so I am currently building a new PC. I put together a parts list and had some doubts. I have a EVGA G3 550W Gold+ PSU and was wondering if it would be enough for the PC I'm building. I'm most likely going to be overclocking my CPU and GPU. Parts: cpu: ryzen 5 3600 cooler: cooler master...
  32. J

    [SOLVED] Help with getting wraith stealth to run cooler

    I’m going to do a pc build with a ryzen 5 3600 and I plan on using the stock cooler (wraith stealth). I’ve heard that the wraith stealth makes the cpu run hot and I don’t want my cpu hotter than 75°C and the fans ramping up and making a lot of noise. Do you guys think I can make it run cooler by...
  33. chiezweez

    [SOLVED] Why does my ryzen 5 3600 getting the same render/export speed results compared to my old i5-4460?

    Hello. I just built a new pc using my old graphics card which is a gtx950. My old pc is an i5-4460 (stock) paired with 12gb of ram and my new pc is a ryzen 5 3600 (stock) with 16gb of ram. Im getting the same results in terms of speed in rendering and exporting h264 1080p using premiere pro. I'm...
  34. M

    [SOLVED] Should I build a PC with RTX 2060 for Cyberpunk or wait for the RTX 3060 ?

    I'm gonna be straight forward as much as possible. Okay so, guys I've just started YouTube and I have 124 (actually 24) subs. The 100 subs was from my previous Pentium 4 low end pc channel sooo.... Yeah I don't have a lot of subs to actually watch my videos. My current PC : Pentium G3220 (2C/2T)...
  35. K

    [SOLVED] Green pixels/lines after installing new Ryzen 5 3600

    Alright, so i am running a GTX 1060 6gb, ryzen 3 2200g, 16gb ram and a 500w evga bronze psu. I bought a ryzen 5 3600 and it came in yesterday so I went ahead and updated my BIOS using EZ Flash 3 via USB in the bios settings. After a successful installation, I put the new CPU in, fire up the...
  36. J

    [SOLVED] ryzen 5 3600 with b450 motherboard

    Hello, I am building a pc but can't find a good and not too expensive motherboard. I have read that the 3rd generation of ryzen might not work with b450 motherboards. Unfortunately, all Msi MAX motherboards in my country are sold out or would take a month to arrive. Should I wait for a MAX...
  37. D

    Question Ryzen 5 3600 high temps safe?

    i build a gaming PC for a mate a few months ago and i only recently got him to get RivaTuner to monitor his temps. Are these temps normal/safe? i know the Ryzen wraith stealth cooler isn't the best but wasn't expecting these temps to be so high while gaming he's hes getting normally between...
  38. A

    [SOLVED] Very slow PC!

    Hello everyone, I come here to ask for your help, because my PC is very slow in certain circumstances. My PC is this: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600; Motherboard: MSI B450-A PRO MAX; GPU: AMD PowerColor RedDragon RX 5700...
  39. J

    Question Strange video AND audio output issues?

    I have a recently built desktop and I am experiencing some really strange issues. It almost always happens when I am A. playing Terraria, and B. listening to music from MusicBee at the same time. Last time it happened this is the exact scenario: While listening to music on my local computer...
  40. Orbital Spider

    [SOLVED] Stock Cooler for Ryzen 5 3600 at 40°C?

    Hello, I am building my first PC with a Ryzen 5 3600. I live in India and the room temperature here in summers easily reaches 40-45°C (104-113°F). Should I buy an aftermarket cooler if I don't plan on overclocking it? Thanks for your help in advance! Edit: My case has 3 intake fans and one...