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  1. B

    CD Rom networking

    I was wondering if any knows how to read a cd rom over a network as a internal drive, so as to be able to play a game that requires the cd. maybe even set it up to plug in to a hub its self, Independent of a computer. Plese give feedback tired of fighting the kids over the cd's. I like to play too.
  2. G

    impossible to send fax with bluetooth modem

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.print_fax (More info?) Hi, with my bluetooth modem 'Acer Modem 56 Surf Bluetooth 100m' sending faxes with the 'fax printer' fails. After the receiving fax machine answers with the 'beep', the modem hangs up and xp reports a 'Schwerwiegender...
  3. T

    how can I find a WPA code on an Actiontech router for wireless use when the does not work properly. This is for a MacBook Pro. Thank You, TR
  4. G


    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?) what is a firewal? someone told me i should hvae a firewal. they also told me that my machine is probably a zombie. now what is that? all i know my computer is very very very used to be fast. i was going to throw...
  5. G

    Error "Web page could not be saved to the current location"

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?) Frequently gets "Web page could not be saved to the current location" when save a web page. Save as `Web page html only' allows to save but without images. What's the reason for this? Any solution to save the complete web...
  6. A

    Ethernet controller driver for windows xp free download

    my ethernet controller for windows xp is gone i need to reactivate network connection
  7. J

    I want to replace linux with xp on an Asus eee netbook

    Hello~ I recently found an Asus eee netbook. It's four years old and is running Linux (don't know what version). Its previous owner has put a password on the Setup screen. I'm wondering if there's any way around it. Is there hope? Thanks very much.
  8. marneus

    Another 3dmark2003 query

    CHeck my spec (click on my user info) & explain to me how the heck I could be getting 0-2 fps in the 2nd half of the CPU test of the troll s !!! (4299 was my best result overall) Hmmm, my card is a R1.0 & my board is of the latest AGP 8x crop, could this be RMA or just a resource heavy benchie...
  9. T

    Microsoft Fixit instructs to set registry key to point to the install location.

    Microsoft Fixit instructs to set registry key to point to the install location. How do I do this? Thanks
  10. D

    USB adapters with headphone jacks: Do they work on HDTVs?

    I don't have a headphone jack on my HDTV. It does have a USB port, however. I found this product on newegg...
  11. 10hellfire01

    Dead Pixel or Stuck?

    Hi everyone... Basically, I can't tell if my ASUS VG236H monitor has a dead or stuck pixel. There's always this blue pixel, and it always stays blue regardless of the ;picture. Except, when there is a pure white background, the pixel changes to the color white, and back to blue when I change...
  12. N

    Which speakers should I go with?

    I'm looking to play games and music :wahoo:
  13. F

    Windows 98 printer drivers hp 6520 desktop

    Anybody know where I can download these drivers?
  14. S

    List of current HDCP compliant computer monitors

    Does anyone have a list of current HDCP compliant LCD computer monitors? I am looking at the new Samsung SyncMaster XL 2370, and find some reviews that state that it is HDCP compliant, others that don't. I phoned Samsung Support and even they couldn't give me a definitive answer. Any one know...
  15. L

    Monitor + video card question

    i have a buying a new cpu, vid card, memory and question is about the monitor i have and the new video card Radeon™ HD 4850 1.0 GB DDR3 (HD-485X-ZDFC) Output: HDTV, , Dual-Link DVI Package Contents: DVI Adapter, HDTV Component Adapter, 6 Pin Y Power Cable...
  16. J

    Projection into thin air

    I dont know whether anyone has seen this new invention but I stumbled upon it on the web and thought that you might want a look. Basically it is a screen that projects colour images into thin air. Plus it is interactive so you can move the image using your hand! Maybe a revolution in displays...
  17. G

    Samsung T200 or VX1962

    Hi all, I am upgrading my 4 years old 17 lcd, I am unable to decide which one to take, The 20 inch Samsung T200 or the 19 inch ViewSonic VX1962 with speakers. Both can do 1680x1050, so the pixel pitch is much better with the ViewSonic and the image should be sharper.And both have 3 years...
  18. N

    BEST SIZE FOR TEXT/Office? 22 or 24? 24 TOO BIG??

    Hi, First time post and REALLY looking for some help. Looking for a new monitor to replace my 712N 17" Samsung. Used for Internet and Office tasks only at home. No gaming or movies at all. Really a stickler for text, and want something great for crisp clear text. I am wondering first if...
  19. G

    HP on strike

    Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?) more news :
  20. G

    HP Laserjet 5N paper jam...

    Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?) Hi, We have a couple of LJ 5 printers which frequently jam paper. Which parts should be considered replaced or is this normally an expensive repair/replace process which should not be considered...? regards Geir