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  1. P

    Question strange slow internet.

    I have a very strange problem with slow interconnection. It gets slow after each restart. When I reinstall back the driver, it gets back to normal and it becomes slow again after restart. So, I have to install driver after every restart. It happens on both wired and wireless connections. I...
  2. Y

    Question Slow wifi

    I have a new router and motem and a internet plan that is supposed to give me 100mbps but I am only getting 1-10 (download), average of 3. Some days I get stable internet speed that is what was advertised with everyone in the house using it. How ever some days in day and night it dips down...
  3. B

    Question Extremely slow LAN internet on PC, other PC's on network work fine

    Hi, I'm hoping some one can help me, I'm at my wits end. As of about a week ago, my desktop computer connected via LAN has been exeriencing periodic network slowdowns. These lasted about 5 minutes, and occured around several times an hour with no real pattern. During these slowdowns the network...
  4. Doctor_Bootleg_404_

    [SOLVED] Ethernet connection behaves in an unusual manner

    Hello. I have recently built a new computer rig (specs are in the link below)- Everything was working perfectly until a few days ago when I started to notice that the internet speed slowly started working slower and slower until eventually the...
  5. C

    Question Google Wifi extremely slow

    I have a 200mbps internet but google wifi only gives me 5 down and 3 up, I play online fps games a lot so this is a huge problem. I cant use wired because my pc is 1 floor up my router
  6. P

    Power supply upgrades for SFF Lenovos

    Hi gang, I am a fan of Lenovo's series of SFF desktops. I currently have a 57p (9196-A1U) with an MSI GT 610 low profile graphics card HDMI out), SDD and additional 2.5 secondary drive, DVD drive managed thru a controller card. The computer currently goes to an Onkyo 626 AV receiver, to my...
  7. Z

    Computer Freezes After Approximately 45 Minutes

    Specs of my computer are at the bottom. I have Windows 7 Installed. Approximately one month ago, my computer started to freeze, then blue screen and then restart after about 45 minutes of use. It really doesn't seem to make a difference what I do, i.e. letting it just sit there, watch live...