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  1. CryptoAndroid

    Question F / 2 vs F / 2.2 - Does it matter? And how?

    Hi, I'm writing here instead of the smartphone section because my question is about the focal aperture of the Selfie Camera on an Android device. I Hope you can help me! Briefly, to you, between two different lens opening, with the same and identical camera, hardware, software, etc. both 20...
  2. T

    Question PING issue in mobile hotspot

    I don't have broadband connection. So I surf internet and play online games with my smartphone hotspot. And recently a problem came up that when I play pc games with my mobile hotspot connection the PING is super flactuating and high but at the same time when I check my PING in Smartphone the...
  3. LoizosAristides

    [SOLVED] How much Mobile Data will I consume for a Laptop Video Call over a Smartphone Hotspot?

    Hello everyone! So this is the deal: I plan on staying at a house in the village for 2-3 days. The thing is, one of those days I've got an online class meeting (unsure if Skype or Zoom will be utilized) to present my work, and I can't miss it. The meeting won't take longer than 3
  4. U6b36ef

    [SOLVED] Android smartphone - can I use home interenet to update phone.

    I am thinking about getting a smartphone, but don't want an expensive phone package. I am not likely to use the phone for much browsing, or much internet usage of any kind. Like maybe the odd google maps. Therefor I mean to buy a phone package that is budget based on low internet data...
  5. themiziko

    Question Need help in choosing new earbuds for workouts and exercise :)

    Hello everyone! so, I need to pick new earphones/earbuds for my smartphone. Up until now, I used PANASONIC RP-NJ300BE-K and Panasonic RP-NJ310B, but they both lasted only 6 months despite me taking good care of them. In the first one, my left earphone died, and the second one all of the sudden...
  6. W

    [SOLVED] Alternatives to One Plus 7?

    Hello all. At the moment I use Mi Max One, and I should change my phone. That's really a great phone for me ( cool battery, big screen, good sound in earphones ) I am ready to spend around 600$ on smartphone. For me the most important moment is performance, big screen ( more then 6 ), battery...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] Huawei P30 vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro?

    I'm in the process of buying a new phone and have so far narrowed my selection to last years Huawei Mate 20 pro and this years Huawei P30 (not the pro version). As they are both excellent phones, i am having trouble deciding which one to get and would really appreciate any advice or discussion...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] Best smartphone for roughly £50, used or new, UK

    So I made a bet with my 12 year old brother that he couldn't survive a night in a very hard Minecraft modpack within three tries. If he won I'd buy him a phone. On the third try he used the pro-gamer strat of nerd poling so ridiculously high that no mobs (even with their much increased sight)...
  9. F

    Question ZTE Blade A6: Display unstable, flickering

    // Edit: I reckon something may be shorting on top, near the proximity sensor. Display's heating up noticeably and quickly in that area only, more than I'd expect it to. Hi, hope someone can help me! My phone (ZTE Blade A6 (A0620)) hit the road hard last year, cracked the display. I replaced...
  10. R

    Question Which will give the best performance between these two phone??

    Okay first of all, thanks for having me here. I am low on budget and searching for a smartphone, my price range is somewhere $100. As of now i found two phones online that interests me. I want to know which will give the best performance, i know that higher numbers is better, but not always...
  11. B

    Question Struggling to find a new Smartphone

    Hi, I've been looking at new phones for years but I can never find one that really jumps out. So I was hoping people here might be able to point me in the right direction. I had a 4s for a LONG time and Personally I think it was the best phone ever. I've always like the designs from Sony but I...
  12. E

    Question First time using Bluetooth, not working

    So I tried Bluetooth for the first time connecting my Smartphone and PC. I got them paired but then tried to send a photo from the phone to the PC and keep getting file not sent. I have no idea what is happening. Any other tutorials I need to see?
  13. D

    Why Are My Phone's On Screen Keyboard Keys Not Working Properly Anymore?

    Hi everyone. I have a Moto E4 smartphone. I've had the phone for under a year now if I remember correctly. Anyway, within the last week or so my phone's on screen keyboard keys have not been working correctly. More specifically, when I go to type in my phone's password to unlock my phone, it...
  14. E

    Question First Smartphone purchase

    I am considering buying my first smartphone. Since I have never used one of these before, I am looking for something low cost I am aiming for $80 or less. I know that is not top line but this is my first experience with these devices and I would rather not spend a lot. My current cell phone I...