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  1. K

    Nintendo 3ds SD Card

    Looking for a SD Card thats 32gb and compatible with a 3ds. (regular size NOT xl) I want to get it off amazon but not sure what to get.
  2. L

    trying to re-install windows 7 on my laptop

    i have been having a lot of trouble trying to re-install windows 7 on my laptop, every time it gets half way done with the installation it blues screens and i get a 0x0 error.
  3. G

    CPU's & GPU's Combinations

    Hello. I've been informed that usually a Nvidia GPU fits better with a Intel CPU when it comes to performance...but would it really be bad if i tried a Nvidia GPU combined with a AMD CPU...? Incase you wondering wich GPU i'm talking about it's a GTX560 Ti. Regards, Drake.
  4. T

    intel 4350 vs intel vs 4130 vs amd 6300 vs amd 8320?

    ok so im stuck lol this is my current build. this build is for gaming (no i dont need to play everything on ultra 4k etc) so im content with this. im thinking of ways i could save money and was wondering would i be ok if i switched the cpu with an amd 6300...
  5. N.Broekhuijsen

    Spotted: Gigabyte's X99 SOC Force Haswell-E Motherboard

    This is Gigabyte's X99 overclocking motherboard. Spotted: Gigabyte's X99 SOC Force Haswell-E Motherboard : Read more
  6. H

    Motherboard Splash Screen on for 10 whole seconds before boot...

    Hello, all. I recently built my first computer. Recently, my motherboard splash screen has been staying on for 10 seconds before booting. Is this normal? Motherboard: Gigabyte H81M-HD3 A full part list can be provided if that is of any assistance. I have not had this happen before, at least...
  7. P

    Select a best Value GPU for the following specs

    at least 2GB memory, at least 192 bit GDDR5. Released at least not earlier than Q4 of 2012. Capable of playing demanding games at 1080p or lesser at MAX settings (BF4, Crysis 3 Metro 2033 etc) with AA at max. budget max at 300$ or 15K Philippine Peso. Nvidia or AMD is entertained so long as you...