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    Question Export value from SQLite query to another js file

    Hello there, I am trying to make a discord bot that uses SQLite that stores user id. In order to keep code clean, I have made a file called db.js where I store all my db functions const sql = require('sqlite3') let db = new sql.Database('./userdb.db', sql.OPEN_READWRITE, (err) => { if (err)...
  2. N

    i5-8400 and 1050ti or just i7-8700 Office work.

    So my dad needs a new computer. He works mostly online and with PDF with maps and such. So should he get an i5-8400 with a 1050ti gpu. Or just use the integrated cpu in the i7-8700? Or maby just the i5? Would really appritiate some help on this :)
  3. J

    CPU Cooler Fan Direction

    Good day! I'm using a Deepcool gamaxx on a gigabyte b360 HD3 as a cooler for my i5-8400. The orignal location of the cpu fan is in the front and the direction of the airflow is inwards. Now I added another ram stick as an upgrade but the slot is being partially blocked by the cpu fan. It could...
  4. J

    Help with VGA LED stuck problem

    Hi. Im pretty sure that so many people has had this problem but im frustrated because i cant get my computer to turn on well My computer specs. AMD RYZEN 2700x Gigabyte ax370 gaming k5 Corsair vengance rgb 8gb 2666mhz Gtx 1060 3gb Im not sure if could be a problem of my power supply because...
  5. A

    Old GPU two 6 pin plugs, new GPU one 6 pin plug

    Hi, I have just installed a new gpu into my pc, the old gpu required two 6 pin plugs and my new one only has one 6 pin plug. When I plug in either of the plugs to the new gpu it gets power but the monitor shows no signal. I have also installed a new cpu and sshd at the same time. Gpu: ASUS...
  6. A

    PC bootlooping . Can be virus

    I recently tried to install a free cracked Photoshop through an installer from an unknown website . During installation I searched through the internet that photoshop CS3 takes a lot of time to get installed .I believed into that thing a I did a regretful mistake. I tried to quit the...
  7. T

    Please need help

    my laptop is asus x455l i try to open it but it stucks at preparing automatic repair it not continue its stuck for almost an hour please help.me
  8. T

    Looking for advice about gpus in a mini itx build

    Hello everyone currently looking at revising my build with the current pricing issues of gpus in the UK. I am going to be using as thermaltake v1 as my case of choice and am wondering about going for a 1060 instead of 1070 because the 1070s seem to be a little to expensive. The 1060 I am...
  9. B

    SSD as Main Storage, Any Problems Especially Lifespan?

    Hello, I have bought an SSD (500 gb) which is SanDisk Ultra3D, I'm using it as main storage and install everything like OS, apps, games, Adobe programs etc. and I reset to clean windows install nearly every 2 months. but I fear some people say SSDs wear out quickly every time you download/delete...
  10. E

    1 RGB Header Multiple RGB Compnents

    So I have the Asus Prime X-370 Pro and from what I can tell it only comes with one RGB header. I am currently using that for an rgb ssd sleigh but I want to add rgb case fans and a strip. How would I be able to do this while being able to keep the functionality of arua like blinking and other...
  11. M

    Every Game Stutters

    Hello everyone.First of all my english isn't great so i am sorry from now .Hope you're all doing great.I have i7 4790k With Hyper TX3 Evo,GTX 970 and 8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 1600MHz ram.I don't have an SSD.My elder brother got 1050ti with Ryzen 5 1500x and 8GB ram without SSD too.He can play...
  12. A

    New Ryzen Build Wont Post?

    Ok guys so I build computers for people, thats how I get around. So presumably I know what Im doing... Just so that I dont get a million answers 'your 8 pin cpu connector' thanks. So here are my specs and the problem is below them: AMD Ryzen 1500x Asus PRIME-X370 AM4 EVGA NEX650G 1TB 7200RPM...
  13. T

    Alpine 700W good enough for my specs?

    These are my specs: CPU: i5 3330 RAM: 4gb corsair HDD: 500gb Seagate Mobo: ASUS P8H61-mx GPU: GT 210 (my new R7 250 1gb will be arriving in a few days) Case: Cooler master Elite 371 PSU: Alpine 700W I am fully aware that that PSU is bad but this computer has been running in an office for a...
  14. L

    Do i really need hyper threading on?

    I have a Intel Core i7 4790K but i'm not overclocking. My temps while playing CPU heavy games like Battlefield 1 are bouncing from 55-59 degrees celsius. If i turn hyper threading off what are the pros and cons? I'm really looking for it to cool my CPU even more but still have the same...
  15. BigJohnnyTwoToes

    Overclocking DDR4 3200 on Asus Z-170a with I7 6700k

    I am pretty sure i just read somewhere that the DDR4 3200 is overclocking ram, does that mean i have to overclock to use it, or that it can be overclocked to perform up to 3200? I obviously plan on overclocking since i got that motherboard/cpu combo, but I am new to custom pcs and wasnt planning...
  16. L

    PC Audio Jack Holes Broken

    My audio jack holes (recording and playback) are semi broken for my PC, In the past I bumped them both when there was a headset jack in them and it seemed to have stuffed them up. When I move both Audio and Recording jacks for my headset it makes a high pitched scream. I cant talk to people on...
  17. L

    New build or upgrade

    I need some input I am debating if I should upgrade parts or just build a new computer all together. CPU = Intel Core i5-3570K Ram = G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB ddr3 1600 GPU = EVGA GTX 670 FTW MB = ASRock Z77 Extreme6 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 Games I play. Witcher 3, Rainbow 6, Will be playing no...
  18. C

    pc fps problem

    first of all sorry if my thread its in the wrong category. I have a problem lately with my pc fps. my specs are cpu:amd fx-8350 gpu:760 gtx ram:8gb(2x4) ssd:850 evo 128gb hdd:1tb seagate barracuda i think ps:corsair gs600 cooler:not custom well the problem is that everygame i play it runs at...
  19. ravndal15

    Is my motherboard compatible with any of the processors from this website?

    Hello just wondering if my motherboard is compatible with any processor other then the LGA1155 sockets ? Especially from the following website ? It seems they have no LGA1155 socket types? Are they discontinued ? Thank you in advance Website buying from https://www.pccasegear.com Motherboard...
  20. slyverine

    asus z170 pro gaming + i76700k +hyper x predator 2400 not working together!

    Hello there. I recently purchased and assembled this build. Motherboard: asus z170 pro gaming RAM: KINGSTON Hyper x predator 2400 cpu: i7 6700k 4Ghz psu: corsair AX860 VGA: Asus nvidia 970 I assembled them with watercooling, tried to start the pc, but when i press the button the pc starts and...