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  1. K

    Certain programs take 10-15 seconds to load when i connect my internet

    Hi, whenever i connect my internet certain applications take 10-15 seconds to load on screen keyboard- located on my ssd nvidia experience- located on my hard drive i recently (a week ago) installed windows 7 as i recently built a new system but i reused my storage drives i ran a plethora of...
  2. P

    Advice Needed: Need A Less Expensive GPU But Best Match For My Build!

    Hello! I was planning on purchasing this build last week but caught very caught up in work/life and pushed it back until today. I originally had an SSD which I removed to save a little money and realized that I need to downgrade the GPU to save a bit more money as well. This is my current build...
  3. J

    i need product key for xp2002 home upgrade

    I need xp home 2002 upgrade product key help
  4. C

    Building a PC (First Time)

    It's my first time building a PC, and I want to know your thoughts about what's good and what's bad about this build guys, this is for gaming at 1080p high/ultra, light overclocking, and video editing. This is my build plan : - I got a FREE Corsair 760T case...
  5. B

    Frequent BSOD - maybe bad CPU or MOBO?

    Specs: CPU: 4770k Cooler: H100i MOBO: Asus Maximus Hero VI GPU: 780ti RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance HDD (OS): Samsung EVO 256gb OS: Windows 8.1 PSU: Thermaltake 750Smart I built this system about 6 months ago and have been getting frequent BSOD crashed when the computer wakes from a sleep state...
  6. S

    r9 270x dcu2 top edition, help pls!

    I want to buy asus r9 270x dcu2 top edition and i'm not sure would it be compatible with my rig: CPU: i5-2300 MOBO: P8H61-M LE PSU: 620W seasonic 8 gb ram Thanks..
  7. J

    Are BIOS Updates Permanent?

    Is updating you BIOS completley seperate from you Hard Disk and saved to the motherboard somehow and are the updates permanent?
  8. markyork

    External Hard Drive connected to router?

    Can this external hard drive be connected to the USB port on my router? I'm looking for a low-cost and easy way to have a common storage/backup location on my home network. I don't need a media server - just a central location that all of the computers on my network can access and share files...
  9. T

    Can my set up run this GPU?

    So I'm planning on upgrading from my GTX 560 to this: The only question I have is, can I run it? Power...
  10. C

    Help OCing msi 280x

    Specs are i5 4670k h80i cooler gigabyte ud3h 750watt rosewell psu 8gb ram I don't know what's going on but I always crash after awhile when playing an MMO called Blade and Soul (released recently in china). I googled some OC settings people used for the msi 280x and I saw many people go to 1120...
  11. C

    Need help ASAP

    i have an Hp 2000 2d02 sv laptop and i want to know if i can change my graphics card is that possible?