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  1. P

    My screen on my Lenova laptop went dim..HELP!

    My screen on my Lenova laptop went dim after pressing the F10 key by accident. This happened before and I read a post that said you just press a certain key upon startup and it worked. But nw I don't remember what key that was. Anyone know what key to press upon startup that will fix the problem?
  2. B

    need help on buying xbox controller for pc

    i have a old xbox 360 controller and i want to use it on my pc but i have to buy a receiver and it will cost me about 25$ in my country and a new xbox one controller cost about 45$ so what do you guys think should i buy the xbox 360 receiver or the xbox one controller
  3. M

    Opinions for my performance with gtx 950 + i5 4460 + 8 gb ram

    Im upgrading my pc and im just seeking for some advice.
  4. J

    GTX 970 SLI Issue

    Hi, I am running an SLI setup with two GTX 970s, an i7-5820k on a AsRock X99 killer Fatal1ty motherboard. Also using 16 gigs of ADATA XPG ram. The issue I'm having crops up when i enable SLI in the NVIDIA Control Panel. Alone, both cards run fine and no artifacting occurs when i run them...
  5. A

    5.1 speakers connection problem

    SO guys i got, used x530 logitech speakers, i want to use them on my tv, i only have digital audio out on my tv, my speakers are analog, will they work on my tv, if i order something like this...
  6. C

    SSD wont boot without HDD in system

    Moved my OS from a HDD to an SSD all the files got copied and now it wont boot from my SSD even though I have it set as a my boot device and If I try to unplug the HDD it wont boot at all and sometimes it boots as fast as if I was booting from an SSD.
  7. G

    Front pannel header : usb 3.0 or 3.0 and 2.0?

    Hi, My usb header for my front pannel has one internal usb 3.0 header and a 2.0 one... The front pannel itself has 2x 3.0 usb's and a single 2.0. Is the 2.0 internal header for the 2.0 usb (so I shloud connect both), or is it just made for older motherboards without usb 3.0 (and so I shouldn't...
  8. K

    Old tube amp question.

    Hey, I have a Tub Amp lying around I would love to use in a Dac/Amp set up with my headphones from a PC. My question is this, how long is it safe to use a tube amp before you run the risk of damaging it? I know when not in use it should be turned off to preserve the life of the tubes, but if I...
  9. K

    Very strange bug with video card

    Hello community, I'm getting a very strange and uncommon bug when i play video games. When i'm playing something suddenly the only thing i can see is vertical lines in two colors (every time is different) alternately. After that my i can hear a buzzing sound and my pc restarts. If the game i...
  10. I

    No Signal coming from computer, please someone help

    hello i have installed windows 10 on my system and I have downloaded the graphic card driver and even it got installed and was working perfectly, after few days when i switched on my pc it said the message "No Signal coming from computer" I have tried everything..removed my RAM cleaned it re...
  11. RPT3CH_US3R

    Windows Problem!! Help!

    I got a "No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers" I connected it in USB 2.0 port No luck I connected it elsewhere the usb ports no luck i thought formatting is a good idea so i formatted it using CMD ( in installation USB) Still no luck...
  12. T

    Motherboard Pins Bent

    I have a Gigabyte Z97MX board and I bent 1 of the pins slightly out of position on the board. I just want to know, would the computer start up if the certain pin wasn't touching the cpu?
  13. C

    How fix my keyboard problem?

    I have my volume stuff on f1, f2 and f3. When I play games that use the f1, f2 and f3 buttons I cant use them because it only turns down or up the volume. How can I fix it? I see other people that have that they have to click ctrl or shift to use the volume mixer.
  14. D

    R9 295X2 Poor performance?

    The Story Ok, so I've had my R9 295X2 since October last year and the problem has always been this way. In most games I have some sort of fps drop for example Far Cry 4, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and now GTA 5. I get mostly good fps, above 60, but in some areas of GTA 5(such as facing away from Simeon's...
  15. G

    Best CPU Cooler for around or under $100.00? (Advice for other parts also needed)

    Pretty self-explanatory based on the name of the thread, but I'm looking forward to ordering parts for a new gaming computer by the end of the month, and one thing I'm really having trouble finding is decent CPU Cooling. Background information:
  16. K

    Looking for a good PC and Console Gaming Monitor with Low Inputlag and Reponse time

    Hello, thank you for clicking on my thread and thank you in advanced for any help! I have been searching for a good monitor for PC and Console gaming i want one with low input lag and low response time i have been looking at these monitors: BenQ RL2755HM, Asus VG248QE, BenQ RL2460HT and a few...
  17. CrayZE

    Best PC case

    so, I've been browsing for computer casses and I can't seem to find one. Anyone recommendations? I atleat want a case with a window, and it needs to support ATX motherboards. I'd prefer the PSU to be on the bottom, and it needs to fix atleast a 260mm GPU. I don't know much about stuff...
  18. S

    Gainward NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 in PCI-E 16 ver 1.0

    If I add a "Gainward NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card" in an "asrock NVIDIA N68C-GS FX motherboard (which has PCI E ver 1.00) is it gonna bottle neck it ? Processor: AMD FX 6300 4 GB X 2 Corsair RAM 1600Mhz Now PC is running in onboard graphics. Upgrade is for Gaming (Mainly GTA...
  19. C

    Can a display driver crash result from a broken monitor?

    The monitor does seem to be working, but once the display driver crashed and sometimes the screen flickers in divided sections like this: This only happens occasionally when I start the computer. The weird thing is it's a new PC from Dell, a high-end...