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  1. K

    Question Huge static/white noise in my mic, even with it muted.

    I have tried literally every fix under the sun at this point to try and fix this, I have: -Uninstall and reinstalled the latest version of Realtek drivers -Switched from Realtek to High Definition Audio (no difference) -Replaced my headset TWICE, I even bought a different brand headset today...
  2. M

    Question Razer Wireless USB Headphones Audio Issues while PC (GPU?) is under heavy load

    Yeah, the title says it all as it is kind of hard to dumb that down any further. Video of the audio issues I ran OCCT's "PSU Test" in the background while I was listening to music and after about 5 minutes of letting the test continue, the choppy-ness started showing in the headphones. I...
  3. S

    Question Can I run my computer on my motherboard box?

    I have every component needed except my case and that’ll take 4-7 days to come in the mail so I was wondering if I could use my asus rog crosshair vii hero motherboard case and just run it on that until the case comes?
  4. S

    Question Weird static noise is it normal ?

    Hey guys, so recently I have been hearin something strange coming from my Seasonic focus plus gold 550W psu. It's a sort of constant static noise and it's when I point my ear specifically in the direction of my psu and when I put my ear directly to it I can hear it really clear. I bought a...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] My CPU and CPU cooler touched Plastic Wrap will the static break them?

    I am trying to sell and i5 4460 on eBay and I put plastic wrap below the CPU so when I can take pictures of it, it won't touch the floor. I thought that the static will go away from the plastic wrap after a while because it was already all wrinkled. But it might have broken the CPU from the...
  6. P

    Question Static noise on monitor after installing amd display drivers

    Hello. I bought new PC and after installing AMD Drivers (which I got from their website) for Ryzen 3 2200G with Vega 8 and restarting my PC to complete the installation I get static noise on my screen every 3-4 seconds lasting about the same. I have tried latest available drivers as well as 2...
  7. N

    Question Computer only shows static and black screen

    My computer had a problem where it would freeze and boot loop multiple times a day. At first I thought it was my SSD or RAM, and I switched both but the problem kept happening. But the other day my computer wouldn't even turn on, so I tried to clean it and change the thermal paste. After that, I...
  8. O

    Question Small shock when touching cpu cooler.

    Hi. I just built my first rig last night, so please don't be hard on me. Last night, before I used an AVR for my pc I felt a small shock touching the cpu cooler. But now that I'm using an AVR i never felt any shock. I also let my brother touched the cooler (after grounding) and he didn't felt...
  9. K

    Question How do I properly ground myself when building pc

    So I have a basic understanding on how grounding works... You install PSU in the case, plug it to the outlet with the PSU switch turned OFF... except in my scenario, I'll be plugging the PSU in a surge protector board with a switch on it... and then to the wall outlet... which ALSO has a switch...
  10. F

    How to fix headset mic not working with y-splitter?

    Hi, I recently bought this y-splitter for my HyperX Clouds II; However, the mic does not want to work. In the sound settings on Windows, the bars fill up green indicating that some sound is coming through the mic. I discovered that it's just static that is playing through the mic, it doesn't...
  11. cosmoprime

    Question Screen Flickers when a Keyboard is Touched

    My refurbished Dell monitor flickers anytime someone touches their keyboard (mine or my co-workers) and they get a static shock. Anyone have this issue?
  12. O

    [SOLVED] Can my parts be dead or defective because of this?

    Hi. I had the silly idea (and maybe dumb) of taking a pic to show off the parts i recently bought. Thing is i displayed it in a... unusual surface (for the lols) and i was told that my parts could be either dead or defective due to static discharge but the parts were/are sealed from the...
  13. U

    Question Did my CPU kill my Motherboard

    Hello. I have an MSI Micro ATX LGA 1150 board. I have a Pentium I was going to test before selling on eBay. While walking over to the PC, i dropped the CPU onto my longhair, fluffy, static-prone cat. It slid down her fur and into the floor. I picked the CPU up and blew on it and briefly touched...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Static on screws?

    Hi I builded my new pc about a week ago and yesterday i noticed when i touched the PSU screws i felt some static on me. Everything seems to be working perfectly i've had around 40-50 hours gameplay 0 crashes,blue screens etc. I looked about it but i did't find something clear that i could...
  15. N

    Samsung 970 evo overheating?

    So recently I've been thinking about getting a new ssd since I'm low on memory and I've ended up choosing between 970 evo and 860 evo. And the deciding factor for me would be the temperatures of 970 evo, overheating and how much of a problem they are. So basically if I'll struggle with the...
  16. S

    Best NVidia Global Settings for Mid-Range Gaming Laptop (Please check specs)

    I´ve been lately playing heavier games on my laptop. At the start everything worked fine, but after some time I´ve been getting some FPS drops. I usually play Rainbow Six Siege, and I was wondering what the best in-game settings and the best NVidia settings I could select. I'd usually prefer...
  17. A

    Various Internet Problems

    I just built a new PC and I'm having various issues with my internet. My ISP tech support was no help so I figured I'd come here. I pay for 200 mbps internet that comes in through a modem supplied by my ISP, which is then connected to my brand new Linksys WRT 32X router in the primary port. I've...
  18. ajmcgrady3

    Super Slow Download Speed?

    Paying for 20mb/s. I'm getting 2.0mb/s while downloading anything on my PC.
  19. D

    HDD and SSD Power-On-Hours (POH) and MTBF

    Hello! I just recently build a PC with a whole bunch of drives in it. I have 4 500GB HGST Deskstars (used, about 63.3K hours each from Craigslist), a Samsung 950 PRO SSD, and a 4TB Seagate Barracuda (new as of a year ago when I purchased it), among a few other unimportant drives. I have my...
  20. N

    weird smell from pc

    Just wondering if something needs to be fixed. There is this computery smell coming from my pc. It smells strong coming from the heatsink. I can smell it from the gpu fan slot too but unsure. It seems to be worsened when under load such as gaming or software. Is this normal? I mean the pc is...