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  1. andersvilhelmm

    Question new PC post fails

    i just built a new PC whenever i start is up it will go through and try to select a disk to boot from however after about 10 seconds it goes black and monitor displays no signal. asus q code AA can get to bios but same problem after 10 seconds Q code A9 bios is up to date pc specs CPU: ryzen 9...
  2. B

    Question Help on upgrading my Dell Optiplex 990 SFF

    Hello, i'm trying to run Adobe Premiere Pro on my Dell Optiplex 990 sff and have an old NVIDIA GeForce G100 installed in it along with about 8 GB of ram and a 250 watt max PSU. I am wondering what is the best graphics card and power supply, (or just a graphics card on its own) I would need to...
  3. superjare23

    [SOLVED] Why is my graphics card underperforming in Userbenchmark?

    Heres the userbenchmark score: For some reason my 1080 is under performing when it shouldn't be. I keep my windows updated, optimized, drivers up to date, etc... so it isn't a problem with the upkeep of the card. Cooling is not an issue. And it...
  4. H

    Question PC apps shut down randomly making it unable to reopen properly, forcing a restart to be normal

    Just like the title, my computer runs fine, but for an "x" amount of time it will automatically shut down most of my applications in use. With me trying to reopen said applications and never really opening like they did before. But to open properly it would require a simply restart and...
  5. R

    Question PC suddenly not booting - Display not detecting any signal either

    I'll try my best to detail the actions leading up to the incident and the issue itself. Edit: I should mention that I've been using the SSD as a secondary drive for the past month with no issues; there are no problems with the drive itself or its installation. System: CPU: i7 4790K Mobo...
  6. Alxuz

    Question PC not POSTing

    My computer has run into an issue. It stopped working entirely overnight, the display completely glitching. I restarted and the PC got into an on-off loop. Eventualy i unplugged a case fan that wasnt running and it turned on, only to begin beeping. The motherboard is a Gigabyte B150M-HD3 DDR3...
  7. B

    2 graphics cards?

    Just finished my first pc build and it was successful! I have a second graphics card here as well. I bought an rx 480 with this new rig. The other card I have is an r9 290 can I put that in the new rig and get more power with both cards? Or would it not really make a difference? I've never done...
  8. S

    PC shuts down after windows finishes loading

    I have A8 6600K with R7250X and HMS 530W power supply. Computer has been working fine for over a year now and i decided to overclock my CPU to 4.2ghz using Overdrive ( just setting the multiplier from 39x to 42x) and after some time the PC started shuting down randomly. Started happening more...
  9. P

    Can i Crossfire 390 r9 with 390x??

    hello there! i wanna know if its possible to overclock my 390x with one of these cards: another 390x a 390 a 290x???? and whats the best options of those three? please also note that all of the 3 are 8 gb ram thanks! a quick reply would be more than helpful and please i want the best...
  10. Deyadissa

    Sli bridge not detected, GPU shows in device manager

    I am running into an issue where I have an Msi z97-g45 motherboard, that I just installed because my last ones as defective and couldn't recgonize my sli and ran into post loops. Now everything works, except when I boot into windows it states my SLI isn't running at maximum performance because...
  11. Iriz

    Why is only half of my RAM Usable?

    Hey guys, I currently am using G.SKILL [Performance] F3-10666CL9D-4GBNQ 4gb RAM And Windows says that only 2gb are usable? Thanks -Ollie