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  1. D

    Question Choosing a TV for Living Room

    Hey all, I am looking for some expert opinions on a few of the higher end television sets and how they would perform for what my wife and I watch as well as where we watch. A little background, we tend to watch movies and sports and I tend to play PS4 when I get the chance. The TV we would be...
  2. S

    Question 1080p PC on 4K TV help

    Hi all. I am trying to get my native 1080p laptop to display that (1080p) resolution on my 4K TV, so that I can play PC games on the big screen with a PS4 controller, but no matter what I try and do, the TV will only display 3840 x 2160 resolution; making the games lag and the picture look...
  3. M

    Question 4k tv connected on a pc

    When I connect my tv on my pc with a 1060 6g will the quality still be as good when I just use it as a tv what will be smart any suggestions will be Appreciated
  4. K

    Question Playing PC games on TV

    Hello, I'm going to be getting a 45-55" 4k tv for my office. Mainly for the smart tv options (netflix, amazon, etc.) However, there are a few games that I play on PC that I think would be a great playing on the new TV . Mainly the games that I play with a controller, which are mostly single...
  5. S

    Help picking best 1080p HD Tv out there?

    My TCL tv some how fried by me accidentally knocking the cable out of its outlet, gently, and won't turn on. I don't want a 4k tv as they suck for normal TV watching .I want something with just really good picture/colors. I'm looking to be around 40-50" Want to buy one by friday and willing to...
  6. C

    Question PC to TV

    Dear forum members, I am really interested in buying a TV such that I can stream movies/TV shows from my PC to the TV. I do know most TVs these days have integrated apps such Netflix, Hulu, etc. I intend to primarily stream media via an app which would not be available other than from my PC...
  7. G

    Question Which streaming box supports all the on-demand streaming services in India?

    I need a device which I can connect with my regular LCD and it will support any streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, or HULU. Please help! These cable connections are just becoming unaffordable with rising prices.
  8. S

    Question Samsung tv suddenly not turning on.

    We have a samsung tv model pn51e550d1fxza. We were using it off and on all day. Then one time we go to turn it on and the little red light just did double blinks 5 times. No backlight no nothing. Everything else on power strip is still working fine. Tried leaving it unplugged for a while and...
  9. ceriumin

    Question Any way to force monitor refresh rate?

    My issue im currently using a 60hz television and decided to have smoother gameplay so i overclocked it to 70hz and there was a difference but still wasn't satisfied. Whenever i try to overclock further (want to overclock it to 80hz) the tv switches off and comes up with a message "resolution...
  10. S

    Question Steaming video from PC to TV

    Hi, I'm pretty sure there is a solution for my question, however i am not sure what the best option is. Currently, when i want to watch a videofile that's on my computer on my tv ( in the bedroom ) i play the file through videostream on my computer, to my chromecast that's hooked up to the tv...
  11. AbdelrahmanMD

    Question TV shaking image

    Hello I have a Samsung Smart TV N5300 the 43 inch variant and have been using it without issues for 3 months when suddenly while watching it, the screen starts shaking very rapidly while the audio is still fine I unplugged all connections then inserted the power cord alone with no result. Even...