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  1. joarnordli

    Question Lagging/Stuttering in Youtube app on Samsung TV ?

    I know this forum is generally for PC-monitors, but ill give it a shot anyways. I own a 65 " Samsung TV - This one to be specific: Samsung 65" Q700T 8K UHD QLED Smart-TV QE65Q700TAT (2020 Europe). When i use a range of streaming services it works flawlessy. With one exception. Everytime i use...
  2. Tavish Price 47

    Question is it possible to use Monitor's Motherboard/ Components in TV instead of TV's Motherboard

    This is a Crazy Question, is it possible to use Monitor's Motherboard/ Components in TV instead of TV's Motherboard Coz I have a Monitor with a Good Motherboard but has a Fault Panel and I have a TV with a Good Panel but has a Fault Motherboard TV is LED and Monitor is LCD
  3. A

    Question Odd matter, wasn't sure where else to ask

    We have an old Samsung Plasma TV (E450A1) which we use in conjunction with a Roku Ultra box. This setup has served us well for more than a couple of years. Recently, perhaps about a week ago, the TV and Roku would just abruptly shut off and power couldn't be immediately turned back on, the TV is...
  4. mjch7

    Question Gpu and tv problem

    I have a bit of an issue with my gpu and a tv. So my gpu is a Radeon hd 4850 with a dvi-I output. It works well with my monitor but I tried plugging it to my tv through a vga cable and a dvi to vga adaptator. The pc works but the gpu fans spin and I get a no signal from pc. I tried plugging the...
  5. RUKUS87

    [SOLVED] No audio- LG TV optical to an old analog stereo via D/A converter

    I am trying to connect an old LG flat screen tv I have to an even older stereo I have with no luck. The D/A converter I have does not support 5.1 and I know this can be an issue. I have read that if my D/A does not support 5.1 then to change the optical out settings of my source device to PCM...
  6. G

    [SOLVED] Hisense A6G vs A7G

    Hi, Just looking for the differances between these 2 TV's as I can not find a comparrison anywhere on the internet. A6G: A7G...
  7. G

    Question Which TV is best?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering out of the TV's listed on the webiste (linked below), up to the $795AUD (should be arranged in order from lowest to highest price TV), which would be the best? Can't find much online for these TV models so any help would be much appriciated. P.S please do not send...
  8. buster108

    Question Best option for using speakers with a pc monitor ?

    Currently moving into a small student room and looking to get a 27 inch (ish) monitor (or TV) as anything bigger wouldn't really fit in this area. My bookshelf size speakers are wharfedale diamond 220s, with a Cambridge audio a300 amp. What's my best option in regards to the sound card/aux...
  9. Tommy Sawyer

    Question Why the Samsung UNHU8550 UHD 4K TV can't play 4K?

    I have a Samsung UH75HU8550 UHD 4K Television and it can't stream 4K from Fire Stick, Amazon, Netflix, etc. I called Samsung support and they connected into my TV. I was told that the TV was made in 2014 and they had just started 4K at that time, so the internal system can't keep up with...
  10. Jeff_120

    [SOLVED] Samsung Q60T for PC gaming?

    Hello I don't have a big place for TV in my summer home bedroom, just 43 or 50'', I also don't want to pay too much for this secondary TV that I will use only 2 months a year. I already checked Sony's X800H and TCL C715 , the sony is ips and a bt expensive for what it offers (650$) , the TCL...
  11. PsychoPsyops

    [SOLVED] OLED TV Burn-In

    Hello, I was wondering if it is still possible for an LG OLED TV to acquire burn-in with the OLED light at zero. The reason why I ask is because with the OLED light at zero, the tv still dims the brightness of the screen when there’s no motion detected. Thank you.
  12. Question Insignia TV picture intermittently stretching 200%

    My Insignia TV (NS-55D420NA18) is doing some weird zoom / resolution thing. It zooms way in on whatever input device, cutting off more than half of the picture and making the resolution and color poor. The TV will be working fine, and then this happens intermittently. It happens with all three...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Samsung Q60T vs Q67T?

    Hello I am looking for a new 43 inch TV to use for watching television and gaming. I want it to be a QLED and my price range of these 2 TV-s (Samsung Q60T and Q67T) is around 500-550 euros. I didn't find any other difference between these TV-s than that the Q60T has Supreme UHD Dimming and Q67T...
  14. R

    [SOLVED] New build with TV LG 55SM8100PSA

    Hello, I'm building a new PC with these components: CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x GPU: MSI RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio MOBO: MSI B550M PRO-VDH WIFI RAM: Hyper X Predator RGB 16GB (2x8) 3200MHz SSD: Kingston A2000 1TB PSU: XPG Core Reactor 850W CASE: MSI Forge 100R But budget doesn't allow me to buy a new...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] TV half booting up weird problem

    My TV is not fully turning on whenever I press the power button. The display panel lights up but then the software doesn't start such as showing the tv logo like it usually does. Just a lit panel. I don't think that it's the LED panel which is broken as there's no sound etc either I've tried...
  16. Question [Samsung UN40ES6100] Repairing an old television with a periodically flashing backlight

    Hello, I'm pretty sure this is the right board to ask this but correct me if I'm wrong. I'm the owner of an old Samsung UN40ES6100 LED-LCD TV. I'm not sure when we bought it, but I do know it hasn't been working properly for quite some time. When turned on, the display will appear dim, turn...
  17. B

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to overclock my monitor? !

    Hey all ,im not sure whag exactly is my monitor's name , but as far as i know its sharp tv 60hz , people saying sometimes its.not safe and.some people say its ok , if i want to overclock my monitor i would go for 75hz or 80 not above , the question is , is it safe? Lets say 50% safe? Thanks for...
  18. fragbruh

    [SOLVED] TV Display has strange artifacting in a band along the bottom

    Hello there, Seemingly overnight my TV developed an issue where the bottom ~1/5th of the TV has really heavy artifacting. This band is present both without an input source and with one, and has been tested with several different inputs (all produced the same error). I've attached a few photos...
  19. Pijmzhchus


    I have Q70R 55inch TV. I want to know how does the HDR compares to an LG OLED. I watched some HDR videos on built-in YouTube app and saw small changes, but nothing dramatic. Also played couple of HDR games and same story. Anyone here who saw both QLED and OLED HDR? Am I missing out on much...
  20. S

    Question best soundbars

    Hi! I wanted to get a good sound bar for my tv. I don't want to spend 500$ tho lol I was wondering if anyone could help me pick between these or suggest something better. My dad is a sound engineer but hes been retired for over a decade so I didnt bother asking him since I dont think hes up to...
  21. T

    Question GPU will run TV but not monitors

    I normally have my computer hooked up to two monitors at my desk, I moved my computer and hooked up to my TV for a while. Today I plugged it back into the monitors and started up, it let me log in to Windows, then it restarted itself and then the monitors were no longer getting signal. I checked...
  22. D

    Question Nintendo Switch causes issues with Sony TV.

    Hi. I recently bought a Switch console and although it's been working great with my old Sony Bravia model for the most part, there's a strange issue I've encountered. When trying to use the switch, the picture and sound will sporadically disappear repeatedly. It is always both picture and sound...
  23. D

    Question How do I play videos on my TV from my Flash Drive

    I am recording some home videos from VHS tapes to a digital copy for a friend. She wants to be able to play them on the tv with flash drive. I am having trouble figuring out why I cannot play these videos on the TV from the Flash Drive and needs some help. I can play the video on the computer...
  24. J

    Question Project to Second Screen not working

    Hi all, I have a TV set up as a second monitor for my PC so I can watch Netflix, youtube etc. I generally have this display turned off and used to use the project to second screen to duplicate the display onto the TV. Recently however the project to second monitor function has not been...
  25. DeDezx

    Question Tv power board issue

    Hi, out tv just "passed" away and my dad found out that it was the power board, the name was XXXXXXX 00428B and while searching for something at aliexpress i only saw the 00428A versions and my dad said that it has to be the B version, is that true?
  26. W

    [SOLVED] [Akai Smart CTV5584] Can't find headphone jack on this TV, only a PC Audio In (both are listed in specifications though)

    Hi all, My mum has this TV and I got her a soundbar for it which has an optical and a 3.5mm headphone output. I tested it at mine on my TV and with a phone and it works perfectly through the headphone jack but on this TV, I can only find a "PC Audio In" that looks like 3.5mm audio but when I...
  27. Varunraja

    Info TV not detecting the harddisk

    My new Seagate 2 TB harddisk not detecte in my TV.. I have changed the partion from GPT to MBR and found the issue is resolved .
  28. J

    Question how to setup the un60ks8000f model samsung TV for multiple audio outputs

    Hello guys, I am trying to setup my parent's TV which is a 4K SUHD TV from samsung with model number un60ks8000f to allow for multiple audio devices/outputs so my father can use a headphone to actually adjust his own volume without blowing out the eardrums of the rest of the family. How can I...
  29. A

    [SOLVED] Sony Bravia tv Wifi adapter.

    Greetings, I want to know that is there any alternative Wifi adapter, Wifi to ethernet etc. for Sony UWA BR 100 dongle. I have a Sony Bravia tv which I want to connect to wifi(Great distance for lan cable). Sony has discontinued that dongle and about other available options I am not sure as most...
  30. B

    Question 1080p TV and 4K TV both are $200, Why?? same size, same brand.... how? why? what the eff is the difference between them that makes the 4K one be the...
  31. D

    Question Choosing a TV for Living Room

    Hey all, I am looking for some expert opinions on a few of the higher end television sets and how they would perform for what my wife and I watch as well as where we watch. A little background, we tend to watch movies and sports and I tend to play PS4 when I get the chance. The TV we would be...
  32. S

    Question 1080p PC on 4K TV help

    Hi all. I am trying to get my native 1080p laptop to display that (1080p) resolution on my 4K TV, so that I can play PC games on the big screen with a PS4 controller, but no matter what I try and do, the TV will only display 3840 x 2160 resolution; making the games lag and the picture look...
  33. M

    Question 4k tv connected on a pc

    When I connect my tv on my pc with a 1060 6g will the quality still be as good when I just use it as a tv what will be smart any suggestions will be Appreciated
  34. K

    Question Playing PC games on TV

    Hello, I'm going to be getting a 45-55" 4k tv for my office. Mainly for the smart tv options (netflix, amazon, etc.) However, there are a few games that I play on PC that I think would be a great playing on the new TV . Mainly the games that I play with a controller, which are mostly single...
  35. S

    Help picking best 1080p HD Tv out there?

    My TCL tv some how fried by me accidentally knocking the cable out of its outlet, gently, and won't turn on. I don't want a 4k tv as they suck for normal TV watching .I want something with just really good picture/colors. I'm looking to be around 40-50" Want to buy one by friday and willing to...
  36. C

    Question PC to TV

    Dear forum members, I am really interested in buying a TV such that I can stream movies/TV shows from my PC to the TV. I do know most TVs these days have integrated apps such Netflix, Hulu, etc. I intend to primarily stream media via an app which would not be available other than from my PC...
  37. G

    Question Which streaming box supports all the on-demand streaming services in India?

    I need a device which I can connect with my regular LCD and it will support any streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, or HULU. Please help! These cable connections are just becoming unaffordable with rising prices.
  38. S

    Question Samsung tv suddenly not turning on.

    We have a samsung tv model pn51e550d1fxza. We were using it off and on all day. Then one time we go to turn it on and the little red light just did double blinks 5 times. No backlight no nothing. Everything else on power strip is still working fine. Tried leaving it unplugged for a while and...
  39. ceriumin

    Question Any way to force monitor refresh rate?

    My issue im currently using a 60hz television and decided to have smoother gameplay so i overclocked it to 70hz and there was a difference but still wasn't satisfied. Whenever i try to overclock further (want to overclock it to 80hz) the tv switches off and comes up with a message "resolution...