Question Nintendo Switch causes issues with Sony TV.

Feb 8, 2020
Hi. I recently bought a Switch console and although it's been working great with my old Sony Bravia model for the most part, there's a strange issue I've encountered. When trying to use the switch, the picture and sound will sporadically disappear repeatedly. It is always both picture and sound, never one or the other. It lasts about two seconds. The TV functions fine on every other HDMI channel, and I have tried moving the switch's HDMI port to no avail.

This phenomenon slows down after a while and eventually goes away unless I leave the HDMI channel and come back, which is when it resets.
I'm unsure if it's an internal problem with the TV settings or an external one with cables and etc. For example, when it happens the TV shows that the 'Wide Mode' is automatically switching to a setting that shouldn't be possible with the ratio that the switch is sending in. I've tried every possible TV setting repeatedly to fix it from switching but nothing has worked. Also, quite rarely when it happens, I can hear a loud pop sound from the back of the television at the same time the screen goes black, which makes me think it could be external.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S I should mention that the switch is preowned, if that helps