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  1. C

    [SOLVED] How do I wipe my pc clean?

    I want to fully restore/delete all of the files on my pc basically wipe it clean. I've been trying for a few hours now, but I don't know how to do it. I just want my files to be gone. Motherboard: MSI - MPG Z390 Gaming Plus Cpu: i5 8400 GPU: EVGA 1070ti RAM: Corsai Vengeance LPX 3000Ghz 16gb...
  2. B

    Question Phone vs Laptop and PC WiFi Speeds Intel Card

    I have a Inspiron 3521 Laptop running Windows 10 V1809 that came with a 2.4 G wifi card. I upgraded the card to an Intel N7260 5G dual band with bluetooth. Upon installing the card and using the Intel driver, I went fro 30 Mbps on 2.4G card to 60 Mbps on the N7260 5G. Great everything worked...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Migrating Windows 10 to another SSD

    Is there a way to migrate clone Windows 10 to another SSD at ease without reformatting? I have a Samsung 830 256gb and I would like to purchase another SSD if I ever do, am I able to migrate Windows 10 to that SSD? I don't wanna waste time reformatting otherwise I would have to reinstall my...
  4. julienruc

    Should I upgrade my PSU?

    Hi all, This is my current build. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: AMD - Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7 GHz 8-Core Processor ($300.00) CPU Cooler: NZXT - Kraken M22 Liquid CPU Cooler ($90.00) Thermal Compound: Thermal Grizzly - Kryonaut 1g 1 g Thermal Paste ($5.00)...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Bought new ram sticks and still leaks memory

    Hello! Recently my computer have been using alot of ram without even running any programs. Im talking about 30% of the ram on startup and then it just builds up after time causing me to not be able to run program and games etc. People told me it was a memory leak which I researched myself and...
  6. C

    Beginner needing help

    So I have a PC I got for Christmas 2 years back, but now I am wanting to sort of build my own, I have upgraded the CPU, GPU, and PSU in it, and i'll probably take my 16gb ram stick with it. I plan to move all of those to the new build. I am having troubles finding a motherboard that is good with...
  7. T

    Do I need to replace my cpu?

    Hello community! Today Im passing through problems booting my computer and Im looking for help and some advices! About a month ago I was playing with my computer while I was doing some crypto mining with nicehash. After a few hours and some overheat my computer turned off and I realized I...
  8. P

    Is kingston KVR800D2N5/2G compatible with foxconn n15235?

    I am going to my grandmas place soon and would like to know whether the ram I bought is compatible with the foxconn n15235. I worked out by counting the pins in the ram slot from this image that It us ddr2. The bottom half of the slot is 65 pins. I was surprised when I got the stick of ram that...
  9. G

    Msi x470 gaming plus SATA order?

    I keep looking in my mobo book but I dont see a sata connector faster than an other one. Are they all 6g ? I have 1 ssd 500g - 1ssd 128gb - 1tb hdd. Sata 1 on my psu has the 2x ssd and the sata 2 has the hdd. Is there an order to plug them on the mobo ? Thanks :) (Also i tightwraped the fan...
  10. T

    Asus Vivobook overheating?

    Hi everyone! I've recently bought an Asus Vivobook pro 15, and I've noticed that the CPU's temperature is always quite high. Idle temp goes from 45 celsius up to 60 degrees. While doing normal stuff, like being on the Internet without watching videos, it can peak at 70 degrees. I've tried to...
  11. N

    Accidentally Put The Bracket the Wrong Way?

    So I finally got my radiator mounted last night, when I moved onto to installing the brackets, however I made a mistake and accidentally installed it the wrong way. Now that both brackets are in, how can I pry it out? Keep in mind I’m talking about putting the brackets onto the CPU Pump, and...
  12. R

    Performing below potential (23rd percentile) - ensure that a dual+ channel XMP BIOS profile is enabled

    Hi there! I have Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2666 C16 2x8GB And when I run UserBenchmark, these are the results: 2 of 4 slots used 16GB DIMM DDR4 clocked @ 2666 MHz Performing below potential (23rd percentile) - ensure that a dual+ channel XMP BIOS profile is enabled. Bench: 80% Very good I...
  13. K

    It says access denied when i type clean ??

    I wrote an iso of fedora in it.
  14. R

    Does it matter if i use more RAM sticks for same capacity?

    So right now I'm planning out my next PC build, and I started wondering, does it matter if I use 4x 4 GB 3200 MHz RAM sticks over 2x 8 GB 3200 MHz RAM sticks? The motherboard it's going to be used on is the Asus maximus X Code with a Intel I5-8600k.
  15. PimpleExpress

    i5 8600k or i7 8700k for ultrawide 1440p gaming

    Hi wondering if it'll be alright to have a i5 8600k with a gtx 1080ti for gaming on ultrawide 1440p. And would there be noticeable difference between the two at this resolution?
  16. I

    Stress test failed- hardware failure detected

    I tried to stress test my 7700k that is cooled with a nh-d15. The test peaked at 72 C and eventually failed. It is not overclocked.
  17. itsGBA


    Just wondering what I need to do exactly to make the switch from my R9 390 to a Asus - GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Strix. I know I need to uninstall amd drivers I would just like help and exact steps of what to do so I don't break anything, and maybe the drivers I need to install on nvidia's side!
  18. A

    Problems with recording

    So,I'm trying to record a game called platypus,but I have a problem....the game looks good and all,but once I take a look at the recording,this is what I see: It looks very glitchy,and I would like to find out how to fix this!(I am using bandicam to...
  19. J

    Can my laptop run batman arkham origins without a graphics card

    Hi can my laptop run batman arkham origins without a graphics card my laptop's specs are 2.20GHz processor intel 2GB RAM no graphics card....will it work???
  20. U

    CPU Graphics cable help

    Thanks, this has been solved.