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  1. B

    Question Need help for upgrading my pc, ryzen.

    Hello, i was wondering what will be the best choice for my pc upgrade, im playing csgo for most of time and rarely play other games. Now with my current specs i have avg 230 fps and sometimes it gets under 200 ingame. I want to spend max 400 euro and have stable 300 fps. Here are my current...
  2. J

    Question What do I upgrade in my system first?

    Well, Prime Day is upon us and I would like to take advantage of some deals! I've looked around for a bit and couldn't find any threads that really answered my question. What should I upgrade in my system? My system is as follows: i5-6500 b150m bazooka asus rx480 4gb 16gb ram 1tb ssd I also...
  3. M

    Question Question about upgrading to Ryzen

    Hello everyone. I wanted to know if it's worth upgrading from a i7 6700k to a Ryzen 5 3600x I haven't seen a video comparing these two cpus yet, so i wanted to know if it was worthy upgrading from this setup I currently have: i7 6700k Asus Maximus Hero VIII 2x8 Gskill Trident z 3200mhz Corsair...
  4. T

    Question Need advice Re: GPU/CPU upgrade

    Hi all, I'm currently running a 1080, 6700K @ 4.5Ghz, 16Gb of ram, and a 650W PSU. I think that's all that's relevant for the moment, but if I'm missing anything, do let me know. I have it in my budget for later this year to upgrade my PC, and would like top achieve the best performance I can...
  5. M

    Question Feedback on Build

    The cpu, memory, and gpu (gtx 1070) I'm taking from my older build, and I was looking for general feedback on a potential gpu upgrade, and if anyone has built in a node 202 if these parts will fit. ​ PCPartPicker Part List...
  6. E

    Headphone recomandations . Must be better then Sennheiser PC 350 SE

    I would like to change my Sennheiser PC350SE , the mic is great , couldnt find something closer to the blue yeti as this one in a headphone , the sound quality is really good , but i think the tehnologie got a bit old in it , yes they are 2015 , but the sound is better then what i tested , for...
  7. J

    Question Best M.2 Option

    I am upgrading parts for my PC, and want to invest into a basic M.2 to improve boot speeds. Currently i'm upgrading to: CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X MOBO: Aorus B450 Pro RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB 3200mHz The B450 Pro has two slots for an M.2 drive, and im not sure whether either of them are...
  8. S

    Question Is it worth it upgrading to a intel core2 q9500 from a q9400?

    Realising I have a socket LGA 775 mobo, I don't want to go through the hassel of replacing everything if I did get another type of socket mobo for i3-5s etc. So would it be worth getting a more powerful cpu with the same socket or should I just stay with my q9400? Or even me getting a better cpu...
  9. D

    Question Is it worth it to upgrade from 2400 MHz RAM to 3200 MHz?

    So I'm thinking of upgrading my RAM, but I want to know if it's worth it at all. I mainly use my PC for multiplayer gaming and audio/video editing and encoding. I currently have 32 GB of 2400 MHz RAM. Would it be worth it to step up to 32 GB of 3200 MHz RAM? A lot of the online games I play are...
  10. A

    Question Noob gaming PC upgrade advice

    Hello community, So..I'm new to this forum and to modern PC gaming but I'm an avid gamer and a big xbox fan but looking to upgrade and build my own gaming rig. Recently my brother moved to Oz and gave me his PC. It's pretty old and clearly needs upgrading, I was hoping to use some of the...
  11. E

    Build Advice Upgrading CPU/RAM/Mother board, what are some suggestions?

    I made the same post 5 months ago, but the plan took a slight detour and I was forced to wait a little. So in the theme of tech changing so fast, I'll make another to be more certain on the purchase. I have $1000 give or take to make a sizable upgrade from my DDR3 RAM, Mobo, and i5-4690k to...
  12. A

    Question What Piece of Hardware Should I Upgrade?

    Hey there everyone. So, I have a Windows 10 Desktop PC, and I'm wondering what I should upgrade. I'll leave my CPU-Z system information (I think that's what it's called). I'll leave pictures of what CPU-Z says because I honestly don't know if I'm giving all the information, I'm kind of new to...
  13. R

    Question Best cpu upgrade for Asus z87-pro

    Just looking for some opinions on which cpu I should upgrade to as it seems to be the current bottleneck in my system. My currents setup consists of the Asus z87-pro motherboard, intel core i5-4670k, AMD RX 580 4gb and 8gb ram. Thanks in advance
  14. Avik Basu

    Question Need advice on RAM

    I'm looking to add more RAM to my system and I need some advice. I have a Gigabyte P85-D3 motherboard and 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 MHz. I want to add a single 8GB Ram. I found this RAM and wanted to know if this would work on my system along with the other 2 RAMs. On its specs, it says...
  15. S

    Question Upgarde options for HP 6200 Pro MT

    Hi. I have an 6200 Pro MT with a proprietary PSU rated at 320w, 80+ gold. CPU: i3-2100, 65w tdp GPU: integrated graphics (HD Graphics 2000) RAM: 2x2gb DDR3 1333mhz Fans: 2x92mm, one for exhaust and one for the cooler. Cooler: stock (HP?) cooler (basically a fan in a tool-less shroud connected to...
  16. R

    [SOLVED] GPU vs Monitor Priority

    I've been considering buying both a GPU and a Monitor, but due to budget limitations I ended up facing a wall. I have two options: Go for the RTX 2060 and a 27" 1440p Monitor (TN) at 75Hz or go for a RTX 2070 and stay with my 21,5" 1080p Monitor and then buy a monitor later. (my specs are...
  17. rushrage

    [SOLVED] Trying to find the best SSD option for older desktop

    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out what the best update would be for my older desktop computer. Currently I'm using a Samsung 840 Pro (128 GB) SSD and have loved it, but I need more space. I bought the thing a while ago and am trying to get caught up on SSD's, especially the PCIe stuff. The...
  18. B

    Question Time to upgrade from my i7 2600

    Getting rid of my i7 2600 for something more recent. Current build: i7 2600 1070 8GB TI 8GB (4x2) DDR3 500GB SSD 650W Bronze PS I would like to get 1080 144 in most games, with some headroom for high fps in 1440p+ down the road, currently looking at the Ryzen 2600
  19. Q

    Question Upgrading a Dell Optiplex 9010 MT Motherboard

    Hey. This is an update from another post, but after dealing with my Optiplex MT 390 freezing ever since I got it, I've decided to get a 9010 MT motherboard. I haven't been running a lot of programs or anything, so I don't know what's wrong. Tried some programs to see how everything was running...
  20. celason

    Question Computer constantly freezing, no idea what's wrong.

    So I recently upgraded my computer's motherboard, RAM, CPU, cooler and case. I kept the PSU, SSD, HDD and graphics card from my old build. I have my operating system installed on my SSD, I am unaware of any protocol for switching the SSD to a different motherboard, if there even is any. After I...