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  1. Roddfather

    Cooling recommendations for OC'ed 5820k

    Hey all, looking for some input: Just upgraded my system from OC'ed AMD 8350 to Intel 5820K (4.3 OC @ 1.26 Volts, ASUS x99 Deluxe MB). I am using the Corsair H100 in a push configuration that I have had since late 2012, early 2013. I am using a CM Storm Trooper for the case. My temps are OK...
  2. M

    Is gta 5 worth it for 25 dollars?!!!

    i used my friend's steam account before to play the story mission, but now he asked me to get the game from my local store for 25 us dollars. I finished the story mode, so is it worth it to get the game for 25 dollars solely for online mode? ( is it boring if i play it alone? )