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  1. beepadyboopady

    [SOLVED] A Good Mid Tower Case

    So at the moment, I am trying to upgrade my current setup (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Gy4Z4q), and definitely need to as I need to upgrade to a SSD as I only have a HDD. The case which is a must as it restricts airflow, I was just wondering what mid tower case I would get. The case I am...
  2. V

    [SOLVED] Help with Upgrading a Graphics Card for a Laptop (ASUS K55VD)

    Hello, I was searching for graphics cards online and I realized there was no way for me to tell which ones are for a laptop. I was using Amazon India. Also I was not sure what would be compatible with my laptop which is an ASUS K55VD. I also was not certain what GPUs would be compatible with...
  3. L

    [SOLVED] What to upgrade?

    Howdy! Me getting some extra cash i've decided that i'd like to upgrade my ol' game rig and get him some new superpowers or something. Anyways, I'm currently thinking if I should get a new cpu, more ram or just get a better gpu. Probably mobo could be outdated as hell. My build: MOBO ...
  4. X

    Question Notcing some games running choppy, looking for some upgrade help.

    Hey guys, I've been noticing some newer games running a little off on my pc, and some older games having some stuttering issues so I'm debating on upgrading some parts and was wondering where I should start, I currently have: ASRock P67 Pro3 Nvidia Gtx970 Evo 850 SSD I5-2500K and 8GBs of RAM...
  5. mrhippo900

    Question Upgrading CPU and Motherboard. Some questions

    So here's the dilemma. I am currently going to upgrade to an Intel Core i7 8700k and a MSI Z390 Gaming Plus Motherboard with 16GB of G.Skill DDR4 RAM. Am also upgrading the PSU to a SuperNova G3 650W Is there anything i need to keep in mind when upgrading? Would I have to reinstall Windows? (I...
  6. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] I was wondering what upgrades would significantly improve the performance of my gaming pc ?

    specifications of my parts: GPU: evga gtx Nvidia 950 sc CPU: amd ryzen 3 1200 RAM:4x2 corsair vengeance HD:1tb western digital SSD:250gb Samsung evo Mobo:ab350m budget= around £250 ask me any questions about the parts, I'm open to answering them.
  7. S

    Question Purchasing a 2080 Super at launch? Tips?

    Hey guys, I am looking for some advice from those who have purchases graphics cards at release. The 2080 Super releases tomorrow and I am wondering what the best route would be to get my hands on one? Is it like iPhone releases where you wait until 2 a.m to purchase? Or midnight? I'd like to...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] CPU upgrades

    So currently I have a Asus G11Cd with a i5-6400, My motherboard has a H110 Intel Chipset. I'm wondering if I can update to a more recent type of CPU and what would be the best bang for my buck. Also, would I have to buy a new cooler for my cpu? And quite possibly maybe a new PSU also as I don't...
  9. P

    Question What should I upgrade?

    So I didn't know where to post this, as it involves GPU's, CPU, and motherboards. So I am thinking of upgrading my B-350, Ryzen 1700x build in terms of graphics, and I was wondering if the new Radeon 5700 would be bottlenecked by the 1700X. If yes, should I upgrade to an X-470 and a 2nd gen Ryzen?
  10. P

    [SOLVED] What motherboard should I get

    I recently took out an old rig to upgrade, and I discovered that it still had a first gen Ryzen 7 1700X, and a B-350 plus motherboard. I was wondering if I should get an X-470 mobo and use the 1st gen chip till it dies (then get a 3rd gen ryzen) , or should I get a X-570, splurge on a 3rd gen...
  11. Kenton82

    [SOLVED] Finally replacing my broken LGA 1366 with another higher spec one, will i need a windows re-install? OR any other bits of advice....

    Hi guys. Some of you may remember I have an old 1366 socket rig. An i7 990X with an Asus GTX 1070. The old Asus Rampage ii Extreme board has never been right. The first two RAM slots have never worked. I have been eying up some of the last ASUS ROG Motherboards with 1366 sockets on fleabay, and...
  12. noah1415131

    Question What to upgrade to next?

    System: Ryzen 3 1200 1050ti EVGA SC 16gb DDR4 2666Mhz What should I upgrade next? Uses: (in order of importance) Gaming, video editing, recording, streaming. Budget: Around $250-$280 I have a couple of ideas to upgrade to but im not sure if they are worth it or not, Idea #1 Ryzen 5 2600...
  13. N

    Question pc upgrade help

    Hello i am looking to make some upgrades to my old build, i am looking to buy upgrades here and there just need a nudge in the right direction. specs: CPU: intel i5- 6500 Cooler: cooler master hyper 212 evo GPU: msi gtx 1050ti 4g MOBO: msi b150m mortar LGA 1151 micro atx Memory: hyperx fury...
  14. Zorozephyr09

    [SOLVED] New Graphics Card, CPU Overclocking and Need for Additional CPU Cooling?

    Hey, So my system has been a bit overdue for a hardware upgrade, and after researching different gpus on the market, I set myself on replacing my current GTX 650 ti with the GTX 1660 ti (quite the performance boost, ik). However, with my processor being an intel core i5-2500k, I was beginning...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Help me decide.

    Hi all, I need some help deciding what components I should purchase next as I have built a rig and get lag when fighting on fortnite. I will list my specs below and please tell me what I should get and maybe leave a link. SPECS : Ryzen 2200G | 3.5Ghz Gigabyte X370 Motherboard 500W Unbranded...
  16. L

    Question cheap steering wheel

    Looking for a cheap ish steering wheel with force feedback somewhere about £100 and used. Cant seem to find what would be the best choice for pc Found like a g25 and t150 for about a 100 on cex but still not sure which one would be the best Any help appreciated
  17. D

    Question Is my GPU abnormally large? Fits my ATX mobo, but the GPU width exceeds new case width by 0.03"...

    My GPU is an Asus GeForce GTX 1070. The dimensions are 11.73" x 5.28" x 1.57" according to the manual. I'm getting a new PC case and I found the perfect one, SilverStone Technology Home Theater Computer Case (HTPC) with Faux Aluminum Design for ATX/Micro-ATX Motherboards (SST-GD09B-USA) for...
  18. JayTee3

    Question What is going on with my PC? (Random freezes and crashes)

    3 BSODS and a crash while I was away in just 2 days..... Here's 3 minidumps, if I need to provide any more info let me know! Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 (2 are from the same day so if u see the file name similar don't think u downloaded the same twice) Also how do I look at what caused the problem...
  19. Y

    [SOLVED] Dell Inspiron 580 and onboard audio

    Hello friends My mother has an old Dell Inspiron 580. Recently the onboard audio stopped working. The error message reads 'no audio device plugged in'. Neither my brother nor I are techies - I live remotely, so he has been assisting her. He has reinstalled all drivers (including the Realtek...
  20. G

    [SOLVED] PCIe 3.0x4 memory in PCIe 3.0x2 socket

    Can i use a NVME 3.0 x4 stick in the GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO WIFI 3.0 2x socket?
  21. H

    [SOLVED] Antighosting not working

    So, I recently bought a really cheap keyboard (Meetion K9300), because I was looking for a cheap antighosting (Multikey-Rollover) keayboard to play, as I spilled liquid on my previous keyboard and it stopped working properly. The thing is, this keyboard was advertised as a 19 key antighosting...
  22. T

    Windows 10 Reactivation after Hardware Change

    I recently changed my motherboard, CPU, and Ram, though once I got my computer booted up and running, I noticed that I had to activate Windows again, so I tried to and found that I couldn't do it as the troubleshooter said that my copy of windows on my computer wasn't activated beforehand...
  23. R

    i5 8400+rx sapphire 580/odd combo???

    hi guys,(and sorry for english) building a non oc 1080 gaming pc and ive already bought an rx 580 8 gb nitro, i was gonna buy a ryzen 2600 but today for some reason i see again some i5 prices drop in my country,i ve read all these reviews i konw they are both great and really i dont really...
  24. M

    Can i get to work a single cell in a Laptop (Dell 1564) ? the old six cell battery has died and i use another newer laptop.

    Wondering if a single cell can work in place of a six cell battery in a laptop.
  25. A

    is this temp normal for my cpu

    hi folks may you please have a look at my cpu temp via open hardware monitor software this temp while opening chrome only with 10 % of cpu utilized "ram 69%" my cpu is core 2 duo e6850 https://imgur.com/a/9mhZWVo thanks in advance
  26. S

    Too many weird looking HDD partitions

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting for help here. Pardon me if i flout any rules. My laptop has windows 10 installed , I have recently repartioned the HDD to dual boot windows 8.1 I happened to look at my HDD partitions today . There are a lot of empty partitions marked with an...
  27. C

    Delete account error

    This page isn’t working www.tomshardware.co.uk is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
  28. J

    1050ti 4gb or 1060 3gb

    those are my options. whats going to be the better all round card?
  29. V

    How desktop stuck on setup

    I purchased a used Hp all in one desktop the other day. We did a reset to clear everything from the previous owners. Now it keeps looping back to the setup screen (the page that starts with " hi there, let's get a few basic things out of the way" then you select your country, language, time, and...
  30. D

    CPU running at 100% no matter what applications are open

    So I have an Intel Core i7-2600K CPU @3.40GHz, and it seems that no matter what application(s) i'm running, my CPU is at 100%. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe task manager should be using that much of my CPU, but I don't know, which is why I'm here. I only have one 4GB stick of...
  31. D

    External case to hold 4 2.5 inch portable hard drives

    Hi, I have 4ea 2.5 inch portable hard drives plugged in to my Dell XPS pc. Is there a protective case I can put these in to avoid killing them when and if the fall? Thanks, Dennis
  32. A

    i7 6700hq throttling heavily

    i have a dell inspiron 7559 with gtx 960m and i7 6700hq .About a month back it started throttling and frames went down, later i downloaded throttlestop and saw that the temperatures were above 95 degrees when playing games[ fortnite] i disabled turbo boost and BD prochot but that didnt fix the...
  33. Chantz

    Black screen as well as peripherals stop working after extended use of my pc.

    I’ve been having trouble with my pc randomly black screening on me after it’s been on for a while. The time it takes to shut off is random (between 30 mins to a whole week). But they all happen the same way: the screen suddenly turns black and if there’s sound playing it’ll keep going for like...
  34. R

    Keyboard key arrived broken, can I fix it?

    Hello :) I ordered a Cougar Vantar keyboard (didn't want a mechanical one ans this one is like my laptop keyboard that I love to death). It arrived with three keys fallen off, however I managed to get two of them back one, they just got loose. The third key however won't go back on. The two...
  35. X

    Problems with my month old build

    I can home last night (extremely drunk) And was going to show my friend my new pc and allow him to play pubg. I started it up like normal, was showing him desktop backgrounds from wallpaper engine off steam. Loaded pubg, got a weird message about BP being given to me and then BAM! Black screen...
  36. K

    Blue Screen Pls Help

    Hi, I am writing to you because I am having a problem and I do not know what it could be and I would greatly appreciate your help. This problem started when I tried to overclock my CPU to 3.5ghz, it was working fine for a while but then that blue screen happened and I worried and went back down...
  37. S

    My internet is good but my gaming speed is bad

    I have a problem because I have done several speed tests and all of them have an average of 30mbps download and around a 10 upload but whenever I get on games my ping jumps up to over 100. One of the problems is I have a usb wifi adapter instead of ethernet or even a wifi card (which I cant get...
  38. B

    Motherboard got an 4 pin. PSU cable got an 8.

    This is my motherboard: ASUS Prime B250-Plus, Socket-1151 The motherboard has a 4-pin ATX12V to power the CPU. The PSU i just bought got two 4 pin EPS12V connectors. Ive watched some videos online and i noticed everyone has an 8 pin ATX12V on their motherboard, while ive got a 4. Will it...
  39. F

    Budget CPU and Motherboard upgrade

    CPU: Intel Core i3-3220 Processor Graphics: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 2GB PSU: Corsair CX Series 500 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certified Non-Modular Power Supply Ram: 8 Gig Motherboard: Gigabyte LGA 1155 Intel B75 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX DDR3 1600 Motherboards I want to upgrade my CPU to an i5...
  40. C

    What graphics card do i need

    I want to play sims city but my pc says my graphics card is not good enough. What do i need to reduce the lag on my pc and so i can play the game? Please help!!! And it runs at 1frame per 10 seconds, how do i improve this?