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  1. S

    compatibility with Intel dh67bl

  2. F

    ASUS X99-E only recognizes 3 out of 4 RAM sticks

    I'd like to start of by saying that I'm from Sweden, and not the US. Components: ASUS X99-E 4x4GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical DDR 2666 MHz Intel i7-5820K Corsair HX750i 750W AMD RX 470 So it all started when I first finished the PC, when the BIOS would only recognize 2 out 4 RAM sticks. I can't...
  3. J

    When is the best time to invest in a new computer or computer parts?

    Hey! About 2 years ago I had a friend help me put together a computer for myself. It's still really good~ Everything is running the way it should. With new games coming out, their requirements are always increasing, some being about 8GB of ram. I'm not sure if its the ram requirement or...
  4. steffeeh

    Does RAM nanoseconds delay make a difference?

    So I've done some investigation on RAM speeds and RAM latency, and I've realized they in cooperation affect the real world latency in nanoseconds. I've also done some investigation on Newegg to find the various best speeds in addition to latency cycles and compared the real world latency in...
  5. R

    Installing 10 on a reformatted hard drive

    Hey guys. I pulled out an old PC I had from about 4-5 yrs ago to fix up for my mom to use for internet purposes only. I reformatted the drive and went out and bought windows 10 on usb. Every time I try to boot up the computer with the windows 10 in the usb, it says invalid partition table...
  6. T

    Word crashes if I open a document on any other drive than c drive

    I am stuck please can someone help. I have all my documents on a second drive. They have been on external hard drives and been backed up and syc'd (with goodsynce) for many years. They are now on a lovely brand new 2tb seagate inside the machine. I run the operating systems and programs of an...
  7. G

    Select bootable device everytime i boot pc.

    So I just replaced my hard drive because it got burnt out. I loaded windows and everything on it. But how everytime I start my computer it asks me to select that boot device. It's a little annoying everytime I start my PC to select it every time. I've tried to set the priority to my hard drive...
  8. R

    SLI EVGA GTX 770 ACX SC 2gb vs GTX 1060 MSI Gaming X

    Hey guys, so my roommate and I have the same build, we are running 4670k's with 8 gigs of ram and EVGA Superclocked 770's(2gb). I recently purchased an MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X and no longer need my 770. I was wondering whether it would be worth it for my roommate to purchase my 770 for $150-175...
  9. T

    Chkdsk stuck processing WD MyPassport 1TB Hard drive

    I've been having problems with my Western Digital MyPassport hard drive. It started when a download to the drive I was in the midst of froze and locked up my computer, so I did a hard reboot. Since then, the drive is either unrecognizable, or functions okay for a little bit after being plugged...
  10. A

    F:\ not accessible. The parameter is incorrect.

    Hello! I have recently found my 2 year old Seagate FreeAgent Go external hard drive (1TB). When I plugged it in and tried to open it File Explorer kept crashing. Eventually it went through up to a stage where it gave that message: "F:\ not accessible. The parameter is incorrect." What should I...
  11. M

    Quantum computer replacement

    Can quantum computers replace classic computers one day?
  12. V

    St1000nm0011 or st1000dm003 for gaming pc

    Need for med gaming PC, with using as storage files, heavy movies , streaming, torrents downloading n uploading around 12-14 hours daily. No Gpu card, as I have no plan to add soon. I'm getting both used, but with warranty. This will be my c and d drive for time being until I buy 500gn then it...
  13. J

    pc freezes when benchmarking. even on 640x400 resolution x16

    i have fx 4300 cpu, msi 970 gaming motherboard, msi geforce gtx950 2g gpu, and 16 gigs of hyperx ram. and on msi kombustor all bench marks freeze up my computer. even 16x. has happened before and it went back to working properly but i dont remember what i did to fix it.
  14. H

    Will this motherboard be compatible with this case?

    Will this motherboard work with the pc case because this pc case has usb 3.0 on the front of the case and i want to know if the motherboard will be compatible with the usb 3.0. MSI Z97 PC Mate Intel LGA1150 Z97 ATX Motherboard (4x DDR3, 4x USB3.0, 8x USB2.0, GBE, LAN, HDMI, VGA, DVI)...
  15. W

    Which SSD should I get?

    Hello I haven't used a SSD before so i wouldn't know what to look for in one. My PC usage ranges from intense web browsing to hardcore gaming, I do not make or edit videos nor do I work in processing extensive applications such as CAD etc. On my current HDD, I've noticed whenever I open steam or...
  16. C

    Advice: Vm host and light gaming pc under $1k

    As title says Im looking into building a pc to host vm's(3 or 4) for development/school purposes and light gaming. From my understanding the main thing needed is plenty of Ram and CPU cores to go around for each vm, vtd, and plenty of ssd storage. Is there anything else that I should...
  17. T

    Migration Windows 10 from hdd to ssd, and several question

    Heyaa guys! ... please help me, i want to buy a new ssd, and my plan is to migrating my Windows 10 OS from hdd to ssd. I aiready read topics about this in many forum including in here, and there is something more that i want to ask : - Can you guys give me some guides?, this is the situation >...
  18. V

    Need suggestions to buy cooling system and big tower case

    Hi, I am Vimal. I am an FX Artist My Pc workstation config is - Sabertooth 990FX R.2 MotherBoard 8150 Bulldozer Black Edition Processor FirePro V5900 Graphic Card 4 x 4 Ram 16Gb DDR 3 650 watts Smps Cooler Master 690 II Ad cabinet. I need to buy an cooling system for my above cofig...
  19. L

    How to recover a file that I accidentally saved changes on?

    I tried the restore file method here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/how-use-file-history But there is nothing there because my file history "turned off", and when I attempt to turn it on, it says that there are no usable drives to turn it on. Is there any other way I can get...
  20. Subdrek

    What graphics card to I have

    --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 Manufacturer: NVIDIA Chip type: GeForce GTX 760 Ti OEM I'm a bit confused as to which graphics card I am using; the GTX 760, or the 670. No one I know has a different card name from chip...
  21. M

    2 r9 270x or 1 r9 390

    I'm looking to upgrade my graphics cards, and I was thinking about buying another 270x to crossfire, or to sell mine and buy a 390. Thanks
  22. K

    Benq Xl2411Z - half of screen tinted by blue dots

    I recently bought a new BenQ Xl2411Z monitor along with an upgrade to a GTX 970 GPU. For some reason, the left half of the screen appears to have a blue tint to it which on close inspection is made up of a uniform pattern of tiny dots. It's particularly noticeable against dark shades like a...
  23. J

    Price check on a very good condition Titan X.

    As the title says it's in very good condition, and hasn't been over clocked for over a day at a time. I'm hoping to sell it and get two 980 Ti's.
  24. R

    laptop lenovo g510 or g5070

    i wan to buy laptop for architectural use i am confused between g 510 and g5070 please suggest me which one is good for software like autocad and 3ds max etc
  25. D

    Work and play computer $1500 budget

    Looking for the best combo I can have assembled and shipped to me. I already have an OS, monitor, keyboard and a mouse. I do office work and would like to play games, specifically the new battlefleet gothic game which my current computer can't run! ) : I would like to get it from one of the...
  26. Zaney2522

    will a GPU with PCI 3.0 work with a Mobo with 2.0?

    I'm upgrading my pc to an r9 380 4gb (I dont know which brand yet. If anybody could help me with that, I'd appreciate it), which requires a PCI express 3.0 slot on my motherboard. I have an evga x58 motherboard though, which only has a 2.0 slot. will I still be able to fit my graphics card in...
  27. X

    Monitor and Keyboard not responding, Fan keeps stopping

    Ok, so I used my PC last night with no problems NONE AT ALL and when morning came, I tried turning it on and the cpu is running, no beeping sounds that I hear when starting up, fan keeps stopping every 2 seconds and goes back on and off again and again, keyboard doesn't light up, monitor just...
  28. H

    win7 activation error

    so i built a pc for my friend and i had a disk for win7 professional 64-bit which is legit and we then got a legit key from MMOGA.net to activate it, which we did and all was fine, however a few days ago he got this activation error message "0x8007232b" no side message that was it apart from...
  29. K

    Please help me

    I dont know if anyone can understand tvs but if you do please help. I have a lg smart tv dont know the kind but it have 3d feature but im trying to connect to wifi and it isnt working, when i go to setting on wifi all there is is network setting and network status. When i click network setting...
  30. R

    Windows 10 Internet protocols missing

    Hi all, So I'll be casually browsing the internet, have facebook and a couple of pinterest pages open and I just lose connection to the internet. I'm on a laptop and use wireless to connect. When I try to troubleshoot it just says One or more network protocols are missing. If I wait a few...
  31. I

    Problem with gta V

    Hello, i have kinda big problem with gta v. if i dont turn msaa to x4 or higher, game looks like crap, textures that are like 20m in front of me are like from little pixels. Is there any way to solve the issue?
  32. P

    need psu for my system

    Hello i buy Grapic card and Psu next week and i need best for me. I want to know how match my system need WATT, and what PSU best for me. My system: CPU: i7 2600 CPU COOLER: Be Quiet Pure Rock MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte H61M-D2-B3 HDD: Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 8GB RAM 1 caise cooler GPU: MSI GF GTX750...
  33. N

    hard drive hdtune error scan result

    Problem: I had been getting very slow response times on the most of trivial of tasks like refreshing the desktop or opening my computers and a huge delay in starting windows (WIndows 7 x64 ultimate sp1 ) . (Once while starting my pc, i got a "chkdsk", and it produced a no. of "retreiving...
  34. T

    Asus crosshair formula z bios update 2016

    First off by no means am I an expert at computers or any variation thereof, I am a MMORPG gamer, and I just recently upgraded my old pc parts , biostar tz68+, i3 3220, 8gb ram, 1tb hdd, windows 10, msi gtx 760, to an Asus crosshair formula z, amd FX 8150, 8gb 1600mhz ram, FX water cooler, 250gb...
  35. D

    Graphics card & system help

    So basically, i'm building a gaming pc. So far, everything is built as is connected properly. But when I turn on the PC (the display ports are in the graphics card, not the motherboard) it just says "No Signal Detected", but if I go and unplug the HDMI cable I'm using. The monitor would go to...
  36. M

    What's a good mini ITX build for travelling?

    My current build is a mid tower (on the larger side) with the following components: FX 8350 @4.4 ghz (overclocked) GTX 970 4 GB (3.5 i guess...whatever) 2 TB of Hard Drive space. No SD. 8 GB DDR3 RAM @ 1600mhz Fatal1ty OCZ Power Supply 750w ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 ATX AMD Motherboard with UEFI...
  37. T

    Does it matter what I set "allocation unit size" to when formatting an SSD?

    My SSD is already formatted and has the default allocation unit size of 4kb. Will this option affect my SSD's lifespan in any way? I heard from someone that having the allocation size different from the SSD's actual block size will decrease it's lifespan by increasing it's amount of writes...
  38. D

    Is my SSD bad?

    I purchased a Mushkin 1tb SSD 2 weeks ago. Everything seemed to be running fine until i got windows 10 error 0xc000000e. I went into the bios and sata port 0 shows nothing. The other 2 HDDs are present. If i put in the recovery cd and run startup repair it tells me it could not fix the problem...
  39. Abhishek1025

    Hard bricked Xiaomi 1S HELP!

    My friend's Xaiomi Redmi 1S got Hard Bricked. It doesn't power on nor responds to vol dwn + power btn for fastboot mode. Plz help to get this phone unbricked! service center isnt trustworthy in my area/
  40. T

    Potential CPU bottleneck with i7 2700k

    Hi, I am getting around 80-100% cpu usage in Fallout 4 which is causing i vast drop in FPS when looking in certain directions or am in big cities. These are my specs: https://gyazo.com/e5c7e3894aa7662e91275ab65b230c6b If this CPU isn't strong enough, I'm looking for a relatively cheap...