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  1. M

    Can Infections lead to Computer Lockups?

    Hi, I recently installed an i5 into my build. Since then I have had continuous lockups. To turn off the pc I have to manually hold the power button and turn it back on. I cannot control+atl+delete or do anything when it is locked up. I made sure I updated the bios to where it supports the i5...
  2. W

    asus zenith extreme motherboard showing video cards in wrong slot

    hi i am new here. have any one has this problem with your graphic cards. slot one showing as slot two in nvidia software. cable is in card one
  3. T

    Looking for a laptop for college

    Đối với nam giới, đôi lông mày đẹp, thể hiện quyền lực và nam tính rất được coi trọng. Do đó, nếu lỡ không may gặp phải trường hợp lông mày xấu, lông mày thưa, mỏng, lệch…thì chọn sửa lông mày là phương pháp đem lại cho nam giới vẻ đẹp cá tính, nổi bật sức hút hơn. Vậy những bí quyết sửa lông...
  4. B

    What i need to know about psu

    I currently have a cx500m psu, what i would like to know is what specs to make sure since i am looking for a new psu to make sure it is compatible with current pc
  5. D

    3 Beep POST code when trying to OC RAM.

    I am using a Gigabyte AX370-Gaming K3 mobo with a Ryzen 7 1700 CPU and G.Skill F4-3200C16D-16GTZR RAM. Also an Nvidia GTX1080Ti if that matters. While trying to OC through the BIOS, of which I have the latest version (F10), I set the RAM to 3200 MHz, and manually set the timings to...
  6. S

    Gtx 1080ti pc or gtx 1070 laptop

    I am having a real big doubt. I am going to an engineering college and i have 2 options - 1. Gtx 1080ti pc 2. Gtx 1070 laptop. Now what do you guys think i should opt for? I live in india. The laptop i will be choosing is msi ge73 raider and the desktop will be custom built by me. The price of...
  7. N

    Which memory is better?

    DDR4-3000 CAS 15 or DDR4-3200 CAS 16. Same amount of RAM.
  8. A

    Hard Drive Issue

    Hello, Everytime I play certain games e.g. Cod ww2 beta and black desert online my disc usage spikes up constantly from 0 to 100% and it makes the game very stuttery. I know the issue is not the gpu but I think that it may be the hard drive. it is quite old and about 85% full. Any suggestions...
  9. Z

    What’s wrong with my Graphics Card??

    This is my first thread on this website, so I don’t know if I’m posting this in the right place or anything. But anyways, Lately I’ve been having quite a bit of issues with my graphics card, which is a asus strix gtx 970, the issues ive been having are with the sagging, I’ve noticed the sagging...
  10. M

    Will it play games well?

    A friend of mine asked me if i can select parts for his new PC. He is on a budget 360-418 euro.The parts are: Intel Core i3-7100 Gigabyte GeForce GT 730 2GB GDDR5 4GB DDR4 2133MHz J&A Segotep ATX-500WH 1TB 7200 rpm Seagate Barracuda Guardian ASRock H110M-DGS I'm not the best at choosing parts...
  11. A

    Is Analog Audio incompatible with R+L tv connection?

    Hi There, I have an older TV which has the red and white (Left/Right) audio out connection. I am looking at getting the Sony HT-MT300 Bluetooth NFC Compact Sound Bar. It has the following connections: USB, Optical and Analog. That is literally all it says on the matter... I don't really...
  12. J

    PC sometimes works with one of the ram sticks

    Specs: Ryzen 5 1600X Corsair Vengeance LPX Red 2x8GB 3200Mhz Seasonic S12-II Asus Prime B350 Plus Am4 Asus Dual GTX 1060 6GB I have managed to turn on the pc (and even install w10), but only 1 ram is registred. I tried to switch around a little (and being very careful) but it seems like ALL...
  13. T

    Slow internet out of no where

    Hey guys! Essentially, my internet started to be complete trash yestarday and it persists... i play video games (cs:go, overwatch, rocket league, etc) and i noticed my ping keeps spiking from 25 to 200 or sometimes to 900... And its never been like this, ive ALWAYS gotten stable 25-30 ping no...
  14. J

    Scratched motherboard back

    Okay, so, here's the thing. While I was putting my motherboard into my case and onto my MOBO standoffs, they wouldn't quite line up, so I had to push the mobo to the left so the holes would line up. I made my entire system and everything's running ok, however, I noticed scratches near one of my...
  15. L

    Reinstalled pc and wifi option gone

    I built my pc 2 years ago and wanted to reset my pc 3 days ago. So i chose the "Reset This PC" option in windows 10. Windows then restarted a few times and then loaded into "Just a moment" with the windows loading circle dots. It was stuck for 27 hours and 32 minutes. I then hard rebooted my...
  16. L

    I7-7700k vs Ryzen 1800x

    Hi everyone, I wrote this thread like many others did, to seek for someone's advise or especially Ryzen current users' opionions. I was using i7-6700k did a mild oc @4.6Ghz, my daily tasks are mainly pubg, discord and downloading at the same time. I7-6700k works just fine for me. However, you...
  17. R

    Corsair ram b350

    I recently bought ab350 gaming k4 and https://pcpartpicker.com/product/BYH48d/corsair-memory-cmk8gx4m2b3000c15 Is ot compatible with ryzen 5 1600x and will it run at 2933?
  18. C

    Fans dont spin at start up

    Just finished building my own PC and noticed wholst getting a decibell recording that my GPU fan wasn't spinning. It's a GTX 1050ti, not sure if it is something with certain cards or not?
  19. C

    Can you help me?

    I have this spec: A6-7400k Integrated graphics 600 psu A68hm E33 V2 motherboard 4gb ram( planning to have 8gb ram) My question is can i upgrade to gtx 1050 ti with this spec? I just want to have a good fps in dota 2, csgo, overwatch and other online games. Then i will upgrade my cpu probably if...
  20. P

    nhdt-w55 Map Disc

    Can I get Map Disc for NHDT-W55? Please help me.
  21. D

    Would a msi z97 gaming motherboard be able to support a GTX 1060?

    Hi all, I would like to ask if i could use a GTX 1060 on a MSI Z97 gaming motherboard. If not, what is the latest GPU i would be able to use. Many thanks in advance for the help.
  22. AtomicSnipe

    Should I get an SSD?

    I am going to build my first PC and was planning to go with an SSD and an HDD. I was going to go with a 250Gb SSD alongside a 1Tb HDD. But then I realized, I can remove the SSD and get an i7-7700k instead of the i5-7600k that I was planning to go with. So now, do you think I should go with the...
  23. J

    Asus PG279Q IPS Glow or BLB?

    Can someone more experienced please help me out? I purchased a new Asus Swift PG279Q that seems to display a lack of contrast in dark scenes, which gets much worse at wider angles where the whole screen appears washed out. I took a few photos in absolute darkness with brightness at 50. Is this...
  24. J

    Asus RX 480 8GB

    About to purchase this as my AMD Radeon 6950 wont play Battlegrounds, ive overclocked my CPU (i7 2600k) to 4.5GHZ so now need a GPU to help it out. This is the one im about to buy I just wodnered if anyone knows what Dual OC means I understand its overclocked but why the dual? Just curious and...
  25. S

    System doesn't turn on anymore

    Hi Community I need help please. My specs: CPU: i7 5820k GPU: Zotac GTX 980 Ti RAM: 8x8GB Crucial Ballistix MB: Asus x99 Deluxe Case: Fractal R5 Define CPU-Cooler: Corsair H100i HDD: WD Green 3TB PSU: be quiet Straight Power 10CM 800W My Problem: My System worked without any problems on...
  26. A

    Screen turns black, music stops, Num lock unresponsive

    Couple of weeks ago, the problem started. The screen would just randomly turn black(not turn off) but the PC and monitor would still be on. Num lock light didnt change after pressing the button, sound stopped and i just pressed the reset button everytime this happened to fix it temporarily. I've...
  27. J

    PS4/WII/PS3 CD driver name

    hi i am wondering to know how is the name of this type o cd/dvd/bd reader driver? The ones wihtout a try, used in many consoles. I am wondering to buy one. thanks
  28. P

    CPU and GPU temperature

    I just got my ASUS ROG laptop last week. Whenever i game(overwatch,league of legends,etc) , my CPU and GPU temperature reaches above 75°C. Is it too hot for my laptop? How can i reduce the temperature? I set my fan speed at 100% evertime running at 5300 RPM. Thanks for the help and sorry for my...
  29. S

    PC crash when playing games - under preasure

    Loggnavn: System Kilde: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power Dato: 10.03.2017 18.01.06 Hendelses-ID: 41 Oppgavekategori:(63) Nivå: Kritisk Nøkkelord: (70368744177664),(2) Bruker: SYSTEM Datamaskin: DESKTOP-BMHVCVA Beskrivelse: Systemet har startet på nytt...
  30. J

    IconCache .db Recovery

    I was attempting to modify some desktop icons and (foolishly) deleted my iconcache.db folder. I followed these instructions as it would have accomplished what I wanted, if I were on that version of windows the tutorial was wrote for (vista) "Open Task Manger Open Command Prompt - cmd.exe In...
  31. R

    RGB LED Strip different than the motherboard

    I just got the MSI z270 m7 and some phanteks RGB strips but for some reason the strips do the opposite color of whatever my motherbord is doing. So if i set my color to red in the msi gaming app, I get red motherboard lights and blue led strip lights, vice versa. Does anyone have a sugestion?
  32. M

    Help with this budget

    Hi people so this is my pc specs apu Amd a8 5500 2x4 corsair 1600 (8gb total) gtx 670 1hdd 1tb 1hdd 700gb but i need a psu this will be ok? https://www.amazon.com/EVGA-WHITE-Warranty-Supply-100-W1-0500-KR/dp/B00H33SFJU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1485902558&sr=8-1&keywords=evga+500 thanks i dont...
  33. V

    All settings were reset to default values?

    It happens every first boot of the day for some reason. Any idea why it is happening? I bought the system last year in December. EDIT: This is how it goes. I shutdown computer at 1 am at night, and next day I open it at around 7 am in morning to see this message along with system date which...
  34. Brad Lemon

    Can my 600w inwin commander III handle rx 480

    Will my inwin commander III 600w handle sapphire rx 480.
  35. D

    My PC won't detect anything

    My PC detects my mouse and keyboard, but not other hardware. I tried connecting my phone and my wifi adapter to my PC, and my PC doesn't seem to notice them. The light on my adapter turns on, as if recieving power, but my computer won't notice it, and won't install the drivers for it, resulting...
  36. V

    Recomanded PSU for budget gaming PC

    Dear Sirs, I am planning to build the below system and i need a recommendation for the PSU : MB : MSI B150 PRO VDH CPU : CORE I5 6400 GPU : GIGABYTE GTX 1060 3GB RAM : 1 X 8GB DDR 4, 2400 MHZ CORSAIR VENGEANCE HDD : 2TB SEGATE 64 MB CACHE, SATA 3 SSD : INTEL S540 240 GB CASE : COUGAR Solution...
  37. P

    Gaming Laptop >60 FPS USD

    I am looking for a laptop for gaming, school, and just watching movies or shows. I really don't need to run games at Ultra or anything, I can settle for medium or low I just don't want any lag. My absolute maximum price is 1145 USD, but I don't think a laptop I'm looking for will be that...
  38. R

    My gtx 960 is not performing well...

    Hi, so recently i bought watch dogs 2 and was willing to play it, but after installing it i was surprise of the performance of the game on my setup... It's not playable at all, stuttering, fps drops, very low fps...on medium settings. On low settings i get 50-75fps with stuttering. the most...
  39. C

    New Monitor (AOC G2460PF) Displays No Signal

    Yesterday i got a new monitor and was happy to use it. I plugged it in with the cable that connects to my power outlet, and also a display port cable. It all worked fine and i was enjoying the higher rehresh rate (144hz). This morning. When i turned my computer on, it just said "AOC" followed by...
  40. K

    Corsair RM850X coil whine: only kicks in once I richt click and open file explorer in Windows 10

    Hi, So I have this strange problem with my new computer: whenever I open file explorer I've noticed my corsair RM850x kicking in (a short audible surge or noise that sounds like whenever you put in a disc in a cd-rom, which is not present on this system, and the reading kicks in) and creating...