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  1. Giovalb

    Question I need HELP!!!

    Last Week when i was removing my shoes i accidentally touched my pc and got esd on the back metal panel of the case. As soon as I got the zap the radiator fans went to maximum speed and the cooler died. The pump in not working cos I can't hear the liquid moving. What should I do??? I am so...
  2. Harlolddddd

    Question EVGA GTX 650 2 GB SC uefi gop

    i installed the evga gtx 650 2gb sc, and when i start it says "the vbios of your discrete vga card does not support uefi gop, so it can not support" ultra fast boot "and" csm disable "please help me, i am anxious
  3. F

    [SOLVED] Dell Preparing Automatic Repair Loop

    So recently I tried to install new ram into my computer that was of the same size m, frequency, and it was the exact same model but it came in separate packages. Once I plugged it in, they were recognized by the computer but the computer worked a bit slower and my gpu update wouldn’t work as...
  4. F

    Question Bad Ram or Motherboard Causes BSoD

    So, I have a terrible dell motherboard that came with my prebuilt. I upgraded everything in the pc, so now I have a CX650M, GTX 1080 8GB Founders Edition, an i5 7400 which came with the prebuilt and the regular Dell tower case. The RAM I had was 8GB (2*4) GB and it was made by an unfamiliar...
  5. kubacs


    Hello, Whenever I launch a Game after 10-20 mins of playing I get a BSOD (Blue screen of death) CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT It only happens when I play half intense games such as Forza Horizon 4 but does not happen when f.e. It wont happen when I play CS:GO, or if i have chrome open it will act...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] (URGENT) PSU grinding noise out of nowhere

    I urgently and desperatly need help, yesterday i just put my pc to sleep, everything wad normal, after 2 hours i turned it on and the pc started making veery loud grinding noise. I opened the case up and i realised its the psu, the sounds were loud. When i lightly tap/hit it on the side the loud...
  7. kubacs

    [SOLVED] Screen is turned off

    Hello, My Samsung Galaxy S8 phone has some new issue. The screen is off, like off off. The pressure sensitive wake up at the bottom works but nothing is on the display The phone is rooted with Tai Chi and Magisk and a couple of extensions. But it started happening for no reason like everything...
  8. Skahrem123

    Question Can bent pins cause overheating?

    I accidentally bent like 7 pins when i was putting my cooler. But managed to get it straight and working because the bent was not that serious. But im getting weird temperature increase on cpu. Its at 34° at idle and when i do basic tasks the temp jumps from 40° - 50°. Can the bent pin be the...
  9. darpybricks


    Ever since my pc crashed two weeks or so ago its been having on and off boot issues. The first time it wouldnt boot was when i uninstalled a driver by accident for an application to use my phone as a webcam. stream labs obs was using the driver and then when i went to close s.l.o.b.s. my pc...
  10. kubacs

    Question FPS Drop, Frame Drops, Stutters, Lag Spikes.

    Hello, Recently have been experiencing an issue with my computer, Everything worked fine all good, but then the next day I noticed very high frame drops, stutters, and fps drops. My games always runned at high fps fe. CSGO - Normally Buttery smooth 240FPS, Next day - 70FPS but it felt like 20...
  11. H

    [SOLVED] Guys Will My PSU Support GTX 750ti???! Please Reply quickly as I need to Buy it before it SELLS OUT!!!

    Hi Everyone! So I got this used AMD PC for 44 dollars and I want to upgrade my graphics card. MY SPECS: FOXCONN ALOE 1.01 MOTHERBOARD AMD Phenom X4 910 2.6 GHz 8GB RAM DDR3 NVIDIA GT 330 1GB DDR3 (POWER REQUIREMENT 75 WATTS) 300 WATT BESTEC PSU (19amps on the 12v rail) 250GB SAMSUNG HDD I...
  12. A

    Question Why does my internet stop working?

    I am currently using a Killer 1635 wireless wifi card on my dell xps 15 7590. The problem is that when i am on my 5GHZ or 2.4 GHz wifi, the wifi tends to disconnect often. When the wifi disconnects i am still able to see my available wifi, lets just call it house_5G. Once disconnected if i try...
  13. K

    Question How to fix bootmgr

    Please help! Replaced my damaged mobo with the exact same model after I bent the CPU pins. 😥 I now get the famous bootmgr is missing, blah blah blah error. Have unplugged all my hard drives except the ssd I have Windows 7 on. Have also tried a couple of different cables. No joy. I think I...
  14. C

    Question Is the GTX 1650 the best I can get for my SFF build?

    Is the GTX 1650 the best I can get for a Lenovo M93p SFF? Or do any of you have other suggestions for a graphics card upgrade under 170€? It seems like I have a 300 watt power supply. The Lenovo M93p SFF: https://shop.inrego.se/stationara/lenovo-thinkcentre-m93p-sff-1 All help is very appreciated!
  15. Q

    Question Major problem

    It's kind of hard to explain but any information you guys need comment it and I'll gladly post any pictures or show you what you need. So basically, I got a new computer like 6 months ago. Everything was fine until I shut it down one time and the next morning it wouldn't turn on. I tried...
  16. J

    Question Windows 10 setup keeps restarting

    I recent installed an old windows 10 disk on my pc and every time I get to the language and time setup it loads and then restarts my computer. Any help is appreciated because I can’t afford to take it to a repair place
  17. W

    Question How to change the main hardrive?

    So i got a 500 gb M.2 ssd and a 2 TB hardrive. As i downloaded wind 10 on my M.2 it made it the main memory. How do i change the main to be the 2 tb hardrive so that my m.2 does not fill up. I want allso the " program file and program file x86 or whatever etc" to change asswell so all the...