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  1. B

    Computer crashes - CPU overheating? (i7 870 @ 2.93GHz)

    Hi! The last couple of days my computer has been crashing randomly when I run Cubase 7 (music software). It shuts off completely and then restarts 2-3 seconds later. I'm currently on a quite tight schedule for a deadline, so I'm desperate to fix this. I've tried to do some testing to try and...
  2. D

    Cpu load around 96% on bf1

    Will overclocking your cpu lower the load my processor is taking??
  3. R

    Random drops to 0 FPS in some games

    I've been running into some issues lately with a weird freezing issue in games where the game drops to 0 fps for between 1 and 5 seconds, before resuming as normal. Audio seems unaffected. This only occurs in certain games. The worst seem to be Hearthstone and Minecraft, but much more complex...
  4. F

    Thinking of buying a certain 1070... Will my current power supply be enough?

    Hi all! I've been thinking of purchasing a certain type of GTX 1070. This particular model from EVGA: It has two PCI-E 8 pin connections and it has a maximum power draw of 215W. The problem is that my current PSU is non-modular, and...
  5. Wile E Coyote

    ISBoxer Suite and Inner Space questions

    I need help with a setup to use multiboxing in some games. I have a lot of friends that stopped playing for a while but i need to multibox for some missions. Now i have every thing setup for SWTOR and this is the hardest to setup for be cause the game does not like multi instances. But it is...
  6. J

    Will a 120hz monitor look smoother than a 60hz monitor ?

    Hey guys i was wondering if a 120hz monitor would look smoother than a 60hz monitor even running at 60fps ?
  7. D

    Motherboard + Graphics Card + Compatibility.

    Wondering if my XFX Motherboard would be compatible with a Gforce 750 Ti Graphics card. (trying to replace my current Nvidia 220 Card) Wanting to play Star Citizen and Second Life.
  8. A

    another question around SLI

    Hi. im a owner of two graphic cards from ZOTAC : - GF GTX 970 AMP! Ex.Edition and ; - GF GTX 970 AMP! Ex. Core Edition. I try to set them in SLI but i have some problem or im doing something wrong. My FireStorm can see two cards , my Nvidia Control Panel also , but i cant enable SLI...
  9. E

    i just installed windows 10 but there isnt a wifi icon at all? please help

    i just recently built my new gaming pc, and after a lot of confusion with the build and wiring and what not, i finally got it all to work. i then set up my windows 10 home 64bit and after all of the installation i got to the home screen. i checked to connect to my home wifi but all i saw was the...
  10. S

    Which one of these 4 systems would serve me best?

    Ok, with the help of many of you I've created 4 different systems. I like aesthetics as well as functionality. I built 2 4690's and 2 skylakes and I was surprised to see it was only $50 difference between the two. I love the all white or even white/blue but also love the black/red but I can...
  11. Z

    My pc keep turning off/on continuously!!

    well, i upgraded my motherboard, ram, and cpu and put it together. when i power up my pc, it started to turning off and on continuously. right now im gonna exchange my cpu and new ram. Method I tried use: 1. Re-seated everything. 2. use a power supply tester and power supply still work. 3...
  12. kcarbotte

    Thanks To Lytro Immerge, Cinematic VR Is About To Get Much More Immersive

    Lytro Immerge is a professional light field camera that can record lifelike scenes and recreate them in 3D space, allowing for six degrees of freedom within the environment. Thanks To Lytro Immerge, Cinematic VR Is About To Get Much More Immersive : Read more
  13. M

    Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 + Fx 8320 + Windows 10 = PROBLEM

    I have upgraded my mobo, cpu, and ram to the current parts on the spec list. I plug in everything in where it needs to go, turn on my computer, and monitor says no input. Things I have tried: - Got another monitor from my house, and same thing - Ive replaced the new ram with old ram, doesnt work...
  14. B

    Help! WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR but its not driver nor hardware related!

    Hello everybody, I have recently build a new system and since beginning i have the issue that my screen freezes and reboots. I have tried replacing everything (CPU, Motherboard, PSU, GPU, booting without HDD, booting without SSD, another RAM) with a replacement and with everything the...
  15. M

    My heatsink fan is being stupidly loud.

    I upgraded from a stock HP mobo to an asrock z75 pro3 and now my heatsink fan is much louder than before, I set the desired level to 1 and temperature to 65 in the BIOS which helped make it a little less loud, but while gaming it still gets super loud and the only way I've found around this is...
  16. N

    Asus keyboard problems

    When I try to access email accounts, and some other password required sites, I have problems. I start entering my password, after a few key strokes, what I entered goes away. Sometimes the entry becomes highlighted, sometimes I can see my entry, and sometimes I get a few black dots. In most...
  17. J

    My computer acting really strange [i have screenshots] {problem}

    okay so i only use my computer to go on the internet and play CS:GO i have an intel core i5, 8gb ram and gtx 760 gcard now theese aren;t the best but have definately been enough for me the past year or so. My problem now is my CS:GO keep stuttering frames but i definately do not believe it is...
  18. S

    micro atx build help

    I'm currently deciding on what parts to use in my new build, I already have 2 hhd's and a optical drive and planning to get an ssd later. The pc is mostly for gaming and vr. My budget is £800, any help would be appreciated. cpu: cooler...
  19. S

    amd autodetect crash

    I am trying to install amd graphics drivers but whenever i use the amd auto detect it shows up but crashes immediately after.
  20. M

    Fx8320 is overheating

    I need help, the CPU of my new pc build, the amd fx8320 is overheating touching 75 degrees celcius (room temp around 25C) on idle with the stock cooler, what can be the problem? The case is the CM k380 the cables are well-managed and the airflow is not bad. Is there any possibility that the chip...
  21. F

    Very slow boot, degrading graphics, incomplete factory reset...

    So I have several issues here with my computer. I have a new (1.5 months old) Lenovo Y50 laptop, and it was running great for the first few weeks that I had it. I thought that the GTX 860M in it wasn't running games well, but it turns out I was accidentally using the integrated card instead, so...
  22. S

    LGA 2011 V3 Socket

    When researching the LGA 2011 V3 processor I have only come across boards that are extended ATX in size and use DDR4. I am 99.9% sure that 2011 V3 only works with DDR4 at this point but my question is can the that CPU socket only be found on extended ATX boards? I can't find any smaller sized...
  23. S

    Overscan issue for 1080p monitor

    Hello I have some overscan issues in my monitor screen S2240L with HDMI connection.But when i connected it via VGA works fine.This is all with my new graphics card R7 250.Finally solved by setting overscan to zero in CCC.But i doubt it affected the screen quality.And my query here is since my...
  24. A

    Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition". Sehingga proses instalasi tidak bis

    Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition". Sehingga proses instalasi tidak bisa dilanjutkan.
  25. M

    cyberpowerpc and ibuypower questions

    When you order a computer from these sites you have to build it yourself right? sorry im going to build/buy my first pc and am a newb. Thanks!
  26. G

    Can i build it

    Can i build a pc with a gtx 780 for of 1k budget and also a gtx 770 build... i just want to know if you can build it??? i have build a pc but it was not for me and it was a while ago i dont know if i need a atx mob or a micro atx or if i cant make a build that fits the budget just let me know....:D
  27. A

    Have the impossible happend?... SanDisk chipset changed to my keyboard

    Hi, I have problems with my USB flash drive, and im troubleshooting like hell. I noticed this in ChipGenius. Do the flash drive thinks it has a CM108 chipset??? CM108 is a USB audio chipset, belonging my IP-TALKY keyboard.. I've opened the flash drive, and got a few numbers bla bla.. Some of...
  28. E

    elp CHOOsing MOTHERboard

    I need help choosing the best motherboard for 200dlls I have a 2600k and a gtx 760 I want it with 4 slots for ram Size MICRO ATX Preferably that i can do some overlclocking (only if it is possible) I am kind of new at this things so I dont know about chipsets and all those things i just know...
  29. D

    The Best GTX 770 Card

    I have been seeing reviews and most of them lean toward the MSI GTX 770 Twin Frozr 2GB. Also it is 20$ cheaper on most of the cards. What you guys think? Thanks!
  30. H

    Can you identify this broken piece from external hard drive????

    One of the kids knocked over my hubbys Iomega LDHD-UP external hard drive. I could hear something rolling around so I opened and found this piece. What is it and where does it goes , it had 12.000H8G on it...
  31. D

    Gaming SETUP under 1800$

    I am planning to build my very first gaming pc in May, but i am missing almost everything because my headset broke yesturday and have never used a keyboard, and i have always had a laptop, i got a mice though but if i buy a keyboard like CM Storm Devastator i get a mice too :D(That is the...
  32. F

    Is this a good build? I have a 7850, 1 TB hard drive, and a 700w PSU, so I don't have those in there
  33. T

    Low price PC for family.

    I am looking to build a PC for my family to use for internet browsing and light gaming(Minecraft most likely). I have assembled a basic parts list assembled and I was hoping to get some input on my choices. Due to a mixup ordering parts for my personal PC I already have a WD 1TB Green Drive...
  34. J

    upgrade from XP to Vista using Vista reinsallation disc

    I would like to upgrade from XP to Vista but I only have a Vista reinstall disc, can I use it for this job?
  35. G

    This pc will be good for next generation games?

    i'm creating a new pc and i'm curious if he will endure the new games that are coming and i will appreciate any tips for better hardware thanks TOWER Cooler Master HAF 932 Black Edition PSU Corsair 600W Gaming Series 80 PLUS MOBO MSI Z87M-G43 (LGA 1150) this mobo is good for the i5 4570? CPU...