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  1. Coltin S

    Question VGA monitor suddenly reads "No VGA Cable"

    As said in the title, my VGA capabilities suddenly ceased to work on my monitor. I had recently gotten an adapter to connect my VGA monitor to my DVI graphics card. Once I plugged it in and turned on the PC, everything was working perfectly. Then, I went to plug in my Oculus Rift into the HDMI...
  2. L

    Question Asus Strix RX470 can't be detected by motherboard

    Hello, im having a problem here. So my GPU somehow doesn't want to work, whenever I turn my PC on, it just directly use my onboard Vega 8. After some research, finally I notice that even my GPU is attached to the Pci-e slot, my motherboard couldn't detect it (it says the slot is empty). At...
  3. Ghost_Masaki

    Question Low Fps ..

    Gtx 970 EVGA i5-4590 3.3GHz 8gb ram so starting off im using external power supply to plug the vga the games used to work just fine 150+ fps on alot of games but now i can't get 60 fps on any good game even with low settings i tried re-installing updates, formatting pc but nothing seems to work...
  4. R

    Question VGA to HDMI adapter is not working.

    I recently ordered this adapter from ebay: I have a moniter that only has VGA connectivity and I wanted to connect it to my macbook, that has an HDMI...
  5. [SOLVED] GPU Doesn't have VGA!

    Hi guys, I just ordered a GIGABYTE GTX 660 this model and i have this monitor. So the GTX 660 doesn't have the VGA output as my monitor only has VGA input! What should i do? If i use an adapter, then will the performance will vary? And is there anyway to make it work without connecting to the GPU?
  6. P

    [SOLVED] VGA driver for motherboard

    I just built my new computer and was about to install the drivers for my motherboard. My motherboard is Asus Prime Z370a ii. On the website, there is a driver for VGA, and I was wondering if I should install it? Based on the driver name itself, I can tell is for the VGA connector, so my question...
  7. Zakster

    Question CPU Fan Speed

    First of all hello. Specs: AMD A10 7860K (Stock Cooler) GigaByte GA-F2A78M-HD2 2x8GB DDR3 1866 1050Ti My current problem is my CPU fan spins at around 4.6kRPM under full load and idle around 2.2K. Solutions I have tried: Cleaning the heatsink and reapplying thermal paste. Adding two...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] Extending a home network where there are two coax hookups?

    I have an interesting network setup in my new place and was wondering if anyone has experience on how to do this. I feel like most problems are about the opposite - one coax hookup and trying to extend coverage across the house. Old place had one floor, so: coax -> modem -> router, done...
  9. T

    Question Screen tearing when using tabs over chrome

    I usually use task manager and windows explorer when browsing in chrome. For some reason today they started to stay on the screen and I have to click the minimize button to get rid of them. Screen Tear 1 View: 2 View:
  10. L

    [SOLVED] Help with update please

    My iphone is restored from factory defaults, and i cant use it for 18 hours until the update is done downloading. Is there anyway possible to bypass this?
  11. J

    Question Laptop under £1000 with 1060 and very good cooling

    Hello, I am looking to buy a new laptop. I am looking to spend £600-£800 I will be using this laptop for all sorts. I am a bit of a gamer so i would like to get one with a decent graphics card possibility of upgrading at a later date. The screen has to been at least 1080p. I wont be taking it...
  12. M

    Question Does This Mobo support i7 8700k?

    Hello, i have mobo MS-B10611 and I was wondering if it supports i7 8700k or i7 7700k. Thanks
  13. Metalrocks

    Question Issues wth new monitor in games

    I got my self a new monitor. I have a AMD R9 290x. Latest drivers installed. I know, not the newest but still holds up. so far so good. I thought to use Freesync I need a display cable, but for some reason it did not work as it states that it does not...
  14. V

    Question How do I run two 2.1 sound systems through the same default audio device.

    So about a year ago I had a 2.1 system and the subwoofer from a 5.1 system all playing through the same audio device. It worked a charm because it meant I had matching treble and bass from one volume control and then another volume control solely for bass. I then had a windows 10 update which I...
  15. F

    Question Recommended Open Source Data Recovery Software ?

    Looking for recommendation for good and FREE data recovery software (open source etc). It is for around 500gb of data on a drive not being detected. Easeus allows 2gb for free but then you need to purchase paid version. I need to be able to recover the files to another drive and retain the...
  16. A

    Question Can I use SATA Power Switch for my PC?

    I use 4 HDDs and 2 SSDs, sometimes I don't use HDD, I just want to make my HDD more durable, by not using it when it's not used, but if I use SATA POWER SWITCH will it be safe for my HDD