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  1. L

    [SOLVED] Looking answer to upgrading my computer

    i would love to upgrade my computer My spec is : i5 8400 Gtx 1070 8gb Should i upgrade my cpu first or my gpu first? And what should i upgrade to-> (i dont mind changing the motherboard)
  2. V.Rdy

    [SOLVED] best psu for gtx 1650 super

    so guys i have a pc with this spec (soory for bad english) Core i5 2500 Jetway H61 (motherboard) 2x4Gb ram 500 gb hdd 120 gb hdd GTX 750ti Armageddon Voltron 235fx 500 watt (PSU) Alcatroz Casing so what should i do? or change to make the vga fit in my pc?
  3. R

    Question What causes VGA errors?

    Hi, I've been having some trouble with my computer giving out a VGA error light whenever I try to boot. I've tried switching out my GPU, motherboard, and have performed troubleshooting to the farthest extent that I possibly can. I've tried looking online for a knowledgable source or database...
  4. [SOLVED] DVI-D port on B450 MB works without integrated graphics support?

    Hi I have a Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro motherboard with a R5 3600 CPU, I'm trying to link a VGA monitor on the motherboard using a converter DVI-D-to-VGA, right? Now I know the HDMI won't work because the R5 3600 does not have an integrated graphics processor because as said "Support may vary by...
  5. _Hansa_

    [SOLVED] Modern GPU with old VGA Monitor?

    Hey guys. I'll buy GTX 1650 Super in a few days and I want to use it with my old VGA only monitor over HDMI to VGA active adapter. Is it gonna work? I read something like "new modern GPUs can't work together with old monitors 'cause of them drivers." I mean, I know it will decrease the refresh...
  6. Iqbalntmc

    [SOLVED] which one should i upgrade?

    hi, so my pc specs right now is i3 8100 gtx 1060 6gb psu vs450 ram 16gb and i want to upgrade to i9 9900k or rtx 2060 which one should i upgrade first?
  7. Adam Makdessy

    Question What would you recommend between theses Graphic Cards?

    Hello! What would you recommend between theses Graphic Cards: AFOX GeForce GT730 LP 4GB Asus Strix 970 4GB MSI N750 Ti Geforce GTX 2GB Nvidia Quadro K4000 3GB GDDR5 Intel Core i5-8500 CPU @ 3.00GHz ASUS Prime B360M-A MB HyperX FuryX 16GB RAM Computer is used for: Running Android applications...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] LL 3190T as second monitor with DisplayPort to VGA adapter Windows 10 does not work

    Hi, Long story short: bought new PC with Manli GTX 1660 Super Gallardo (it has 1x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI and 1x DVI-D), can't use my working monitor (I made sure it still works) with a VGA to DisplayPort adapter. Need some help with finding a solution. Already tried to reinstall drivers...
  9. K

    [SOLVED] Second Monitor Does Not Work

    Hi, my video card is amd r9 280x and provides 2x DVI, 1x HDMI and 1x DisplayPort slots. I've been using my main monitor, which only supports VGA slots and I've connected it to pc through a DVI-A converter. Today I've bought a second monitor and HDMI slot in my videocard is faulty. As the second...
  10. Z

    [SOLVED] VGA to HDMI to DP, 2 converters, does it work?

    Hi, I'm having a second monitor that has a VGA port, and I don't have neither VGA or HDMI on my Videocard, plus I can't connect anything to the motherboard since the one I have is AMD B450 with a non G processor, so no monitor on the motherboard will work since the CPU won't support. So I...
  11. A

    Question My PC screen sometime turn into solid color (mostly white)

    When I was working with my computer or just playing games, my screen just suddenly turns to solid color. I can’t do anything except restart the pc my turning off the psu. Any help for this?
  12. G

    [SOLVED] mobo posting, vga light

    hoping some1 would be able to help just built a new pc, b450 auros elite mobo, ryzen 5 2600x, 16gb ddr4 3200mhz ram, and nvidia geforce titan x 11gb, when poowering on the mobo shows the red vga light and will not post. i can how ever get to post if i put the gpu in PCIEX4 SLOT instead of the...
  13. damu192

    [SOLVED] Low fps on new gpu

    i bought rx 5500xt with i310th gen and gigabyte h410m motherboard. I'm only getting 20-25fps on even old games like hitman absolution Is this caused by gpu defect or any other reason. it was build by a local retailer and im currently using a old monitor with vga port and is plugged into the...
  14. hilmy556

    [SOLVED] my geforce gt 1030 and amd rx 550 won't boot.

    today, i try to install new graphic card (geforce colorful gt 1030 and amd rx 550) on my pc, but both of them wont turn on, only stuck in black screen. previously i used amd hd 7670 and it run well on my pc. pls help me fix this problem... my specs: motherboard : acer aspire x1935 psu ...
  15. V

    [SOLVED] Sync issue with HDMI to VGA adapter?

    Well, it's been a lively day trying to fix the following issue: When I plug an HDMI to VGA adapter into the HDMI port of my Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-42) to connect to a VGA only Samsung S19B150 monitor, the display works fine for a minute, after which it develops a weird pattern that I can only...
  16. M

    Question B450 tomahawk showing red vga "EZ" light, won't boot. Screen shows only "_".

    Hello community. I decided to upgrade my PC and installed: Ryzen 3600 32 GB DDr4 ram MSI B450 tomahawk Sabrent M2 SSD 1tb I decided to keep my good old rx 480 that was running Titanfall 2 flawlessly just last night. After I build my PC, I boot it up and lots of lights and fans go off...
  17. Cardinal RPH

    [SOLVED] I will fix my old AIO PC but I need help with choosing GPU

    hi bro i'm new here I want to ask. i have old AIO PC (Acer Aspire Z5761) but it is broken. the problem is in the VGA GPU (Nvidia GT 520) can the VGA GPU be replaced with Nvidia GT 710? The slot on motherboard is PCIe with power supply capacity of 220 watts Image on link: Picture on my AIO Pc...
  18. Ash_GameKiller?

    [SOLVED] Signal Loss? - HDMI to VGA Converter

    I've a VGA monitor. I'm thinking of buying new graphic card. That graphic card has HDMI port. So, if I use HDMI to VGA converter, will there be any signal loss? As you guys know that, VGA work on analog signal and HDMI only uses 0 or 1. [One more question] My motherboard can provide 4K thru...
  19. L

    [SOLVED] GPU fans are spinning, but sometimes get VGA light/no POST?

    So sometimes when I turn my PC on, my GPU fans will spin for a couple seconds and will either have the "Gefore RTX" light come on and system posts normally or it won't come on and it'll get stuck on white VGA light/no Post. A simple restart or two usually takes care of the trick and when it does...
  20. E

    Question HDMI to VGA adapter. Will I have sound?

    I am considering buying a new PC. The GPU is GTX 1650 Super which has HDMI port. On the other hand my monitor only has VGA port. My question is: If I buy a HDMI to VGA adapter (without an audio cable) will I have sound because some adapters comes with audio cable. I don't know what is that...
  21. A

    [SOLVED] Transplanted my system to a new case, now I have no display

    Relevant Specs: Ryzen 5 3600X ASUS TUF X570 MSI RTX 2080 Super Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic EVGA CLC 360 AIO EVGA G+ 850 PSU I transplanted most of my system into an O-11. My old case was ancient, and never had support for an AIO, so I decided to pick one of those up, as well as a new PSU as my old...
  22. Agxind

    [SOLVED] Is Seasonic Eco 430 enough For RX 570 / 470

    My Spec Is Ryzen 3 2200g 8GB Dual channel 2666mhz 2 Fan Case + 1 Wraith Stealth And My PSU is Seasonic Eco 430w And i want use RX 570 or 470... and maybe rx 5500xt
  23. P

    Question Gigabyte B450 Aorus M not posting, red VGA light on

    Upgraded my computer today from my ancient i7 4770k to a Ryzen 3700x. Obviously this meant a new mobo and ram as well. I got a Gigabyte B450 Aorus M to go with it, and the instal went fine. But now I am not getting any post, nothing to the screen at all. The little red LED labelled VGA is lit...
  24. F

    [SOLVED] No video output from Core i3 4150 integrated graphics on HDMI/DVI-D

    I have an unusual situation concerning an old Intel Core i3 4150, which I am trying to recover files from after over a year. Before I switched to my current PC, I was using a discrete graphics card on the 4150 and I think I may have uninstalled the drivers for the onboard graphics, so they no...
  25. R

    [SOLVED] GPU thermal pad still usable ?

    Hi , the pink thermal pad is still usable ? it did was accidentally removed while opening the gpu but I putted back again since don´t have another one like that . Image
  26. Vancouverfreeride

    Question Will vga cable work for rgb port??

    I have an older monitor I would like to add to my set up. In my pc I have an rtx 2070. The main HDMI port is being used for my main monitor. However I have an empty slot for DisplayPort. I would like to order a vga to DisplayPort cable, as it would work with my guy. The question is will this...
  27. Question 1080 ti vga 2x8pins looks like this, what to do

    Hello, I am currently having a problem with my gtx 1080 ti gpu. Over the last week i have had black screens and my gpu fans would spin at 100%. After i'd restart my pc I get constantly this message: "please power down and connect the pcie cables for this graphics card" I tried plugging it out...
  28. D

    Question Why is my secondary monitor detected as a TV rather than an analogue display?

    Hi guys, So I'm a bit stumped here. I have a windows XP machine (I know it's outdated but it's a special machine that runs hardware that doesn't run on anything but XP) that was running a passive GT9400. Has two displays connected one to the VGA port and one to the DVI port (although its a...
  29. popicaionica

    [SOLVED] Standard VGA? GeForce 9400 GT better than nothing?

    I've this Standard VGA Graphics Adapter [ View: ]running in my pc right now. And I also have Galaxy Geforce 9400 GT, 512mb, 128bit, DDR2 ( My question is: is it worthed to...
  30. A

    [SOLVED] Old Toshiba TV with VGA - can I use as monitor?

    I'm certain I've asked this before but searching through my content I can't see it anywhere so I'll try again! I've got an old Toshiba 20WLT56B TV which I occasionally use for playing PS3. The inputs are 2x Scart, Component, S-video and a PC-RGB (VGA) input. I want to use it as a monitor...
  31. C

    [SOLVED] B450f windows 10 crashing, then nvme failed, now vga light on.

    Hi all, I've been having an insane amount of issues with my most recent build. After getting everythingworking for the first time yesterday, every reboot, windows would fail to start like 5x in a row saying it was missing a different driver every time. Once I got windows up everything was fine I...
  32. L

    Question Weird Cold Boot and random VGA/No Display?

    Hello, it seems like a 50/50 chance ill turn on my PC and have my GPU not turn on and VGA light on mobo on. One simple reset seems to fix the problem...but I don't want to have to do that everytime i turn on PC. I cant take GPU out of PCIe slot for some reason either, since clamp is stuck and...
  33. A

    Question monitor Power light Blinking but no dispaly - LG Flatron W1943SS

    So the last few days when i turn on my LG display well if it had been in long rest it would boot up the first time but if i let my pc on and went to do some stuff windows will shut the display for power saving when i move the mouse so the display will boot up it won't it stays on Red Blinking...
  34. Thulamir

    [SOLVED] VGA Red LED & Display is black with Solid White line

    I am building two systems at the same time and they have both run into the same problem. They both have the vga led solid red and the display shows a black screen with a solid white line in the upper left corner. The specs are: Ryzen 5 1600 AF Gigabyte RX 570 Gigabyte B450m aorus m Raidmax...
  35. Membrane1234

    [SOLVED] Graphics problem

    Hi to all on this forum I have a serious problem with my PC, and I'm turning to you because I'm starting to get desperate My problem comes out mainly when I play games, the textures can look weird, like having small rainbow colored rectangles on them. There are also issues like missing...
  36. G

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to duplicate a screen without it registering on the pc?

    Hello, I am looking to verify whether it is indeed possible to make a setup where the screen of one pc is duplicated onto another pc, without the first pc registering it as a second screen (or registering at all). I am thinking this should be possible using a split VGA cable or something like...
  37. noobaf

    Question Sapphire RX580 8gb not detected

    So this morning, after I restart my pc the vga debug lights up and followed by gpu led (gpu indicator), gpu fans in high speed, producing high pitch sound, no output in monitor. I tried resseting cmos, use one stick ram, switch pci slot, not solving problem. Never had any problem before. But...
  38. C

    Question Why am I crashing?

    My computer is constantly crashing when I am in the middle of playing games and I know no clue why. The VGA led on my motherboard lights up white every time i crash. I took out and plugged the display cables, gpu cables, and gpu back into the motherboard and it still keeps crashing. Any ideas?
  39. L

    [SOLVED] Problems with dual monitor

    Hi everyone. Thank you for reading this. So today I wanted to try dual monitor setup with Zotac GTX 1050TI as my GPU. The GPU has 3 port, HDMI, DVI-D, and DisplayPort. My main monitor used DVI-D port and it works fine. The problem is, my second monitor is an old model that it ONLY have VGA...
  40. C

    Question VGA Sync Issues

    A friend of mine got an old PC (Windows 8) from an acquaintance, who did not need/use it any more. When he plugged it in using VGA, the screen showed a weird pattern. If I had to guess, with limited knowledge on the format, I'd say that somehow the hsync and vsync signals are mucked up. What...