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  1. G

    Fan error message

    Hi. I have recently removed and reinstalled my heat sink on my CPU. It worked fine before I did this but now at startup the CPU fan runs extremely fast and a red error message appears on my screen saying this: CPU fan has failed Computer will automatically power off in a few seconds Service...
  2. J

    APU/CPU for HTPC

    I am looking to build an HTPC that will be used for viewing/pausing/recording OTA tv, watching adn ripping blu-rays, pulling in content from the net (netflix, vudu, hulu+,etc). Their may be some light gaming, but nothing hardcore. I do not anticipate a discreet graphics card and am trying to...
  3. E

    Which gpu should I get

    I need a graphics card but all I'm concerned with is that I want 60+ fps in Skyrim, NOTHING LESS. BUT I don't care about anti-alias, I'd like to be running at atleast 1440x900, I was thinking Radeon 7850 but if there's something cheaper. I REALLY prefer AMD but nvidia will be just fine.
  4. R

    HP Z3100 belt problem

    Hi, Thank you for showing your HP Z3100 belt replacement video tutorial. I have just completed the task, however, when I start the printer up, it keeps showing a error code of 86:01 Possible paper jam. This occurs when there is no paper loaded... directly after starting or in some cases...
  5. T

    upgrade Asus or MSI

    Hello all I'm looking to upgrade my motherboard to either a : MSI MPOWER https://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Motherboards/Intel+Socket/Socket+1150+-+Intel+Z87/MSI+MPOWER+Intel+Z87+%28Socket+1150%29+ATX+Motherboard+%2B+FREE%21+CALL+OF+DUTY%3A+GHOSTS+Game+?productId=55796 Or Asus...
  6. C

    HP ZR2740w vs HP ZR30w vs Dell U2711

    Ok here we go. I am inches away from pulling the trigger on buying my first of 3 IPS monitors. I need to make a solid choice. First off the lineup: HP ZR2740w: http://bit.ly/ruLoEc 27" IPS, 2560x1440, LED back lit* (not side lit, google the difference) - $679 new HP ZR30w...
  7. johnyct9760

    Printed with out paper now the printer is not work?!?

    Hi everyone I working with a Lexmark x2500 printer and I went to print something with out any paper in the shoot, now pretty much this printers is BEYOND no working. Apparently the folks at Lexmark have to do a bit more quality testing on there products cause I have to assume this is fairly...
  8. E

    Flatbed scanner recommendation

    I want to replace my old scanner and can't seem to find exactly what I want. Any suggestions? It will be getting light use at home. This is not for an office. Must-haves Flatbed Sheet-feeder attachment (sometimes I can a page from a book, mostly I scan photos) Network scanner (not just USB)...
  9. H

    Acer LED says "no signal" If turned off/on

    Hello! I bought an Acer 21.5" LCD LED backlight monitor for a new pc I'm building. I haven't gotten all the parts for it in though, so while I'm waiting for them to ship, I thought I would test the monitor out on a pretty old rig I built ages ago. Here is where the first weird thing happens. If...
  10. P

    Cant install printer, should I try another hard drive and OS?

    Trying to make my issue less complicated.. I can't install any printers on this PC. Previous owner deleted "some files" and since then, no one has been able to install a printer on it. I have another hard drive, should I try installing that with the different OS?
  11. G

    Can i change drive g to c using paragon partition manager?

    i just want my lemark printer 2 work but the set up wont open on drive g,which is my primary hardrive? it should be a C..how do i change this?
  12. C

    Generic Driver for USB Webcam?

    i bought a HOD webcam model HWC -100 and i cant get it to work on windows 7 . cpu just wont pick it up
  13. makaveli2007

    Samsung LCD analog digital chosing

    hi guys i bought the samasung E1920x syncmaster it got VGA and DVI connectors , my obnoard HD radeon 4200 got VGA, DVI, HD connectors i connected the VGA and the DVI cable to the monitor , but connected the monitor to the video card through DVI anyway whenever i turn on the monitor it show A...
  14. H

    Umax astra 5800 scanner driver free download

  15. F

    Can my old monitor work on new computer

    I am building a new computer and the new monitor I wish for right now cost over 600$, the Asus 27 inch 3d monitor so I was thinking of wateing off on buying it now and buy it around Christmas time or the first of the 2012 because I imagine prices are going to drop. My question is this in my new...
  16. O

    What to check when purchasing a New Monitor?

    I am thinking of purchasing a new monitor, I am unsure how to judge quality, I assume any monitor would do fine for general browsing of the internet and daily things such as e-mail... however how do you tell if the monitor is good for gaming as such. Screen size 24" widescreen Aspect Ratio...
  17. S

    The fight between gaming mice

    I have a dilemma i need a new gaming mouse but dont know which one to choose. i narrowed it down\ to 3 mice, the sidewinder x8, the deathadder 3500 and the logitech g500. Which one is the best for the performance/price ratio.
  18. B

    Comparison screen shots?

    Hey I was wondering if any one knows where I can find resolution comparison screen shots of native resolutions. I would like to see a comparison of 1680x1050 native vs 1920x1080 native AND 1680x1050 native vs 1920x1200 native (Obvisually the 1680x1050 has to be on a 22" and the other on a...
  19. F

    20 inch or 22 inch LCD for gaming?

    Simple question for you guys, would you prefer the added quality of a 20 inch LCD or the increased size of a 22 inch LCD while gaming?
  20. G

    Looking for a new photo printer

    Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?) I am looking for a new photo printer. This is for photo use only because I have a Canon MP 780 all in one for everyday printing. I will mostly be using it for 5x7 4x6 and 8x10 photos. I am looking at the Epson because they print on...