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    Access FTP over LAN

    Hi All, The set up : Router : Netgear D200-100UKS FTP : Mybook Live 2TB OS : Win 7 Problem: FTP is able to be accessed over WAN using no-ip forward to port 21 vai router. On the LAN the only way to access the FTP is ftp://192.168.2.xxxxx but not using the host name. i.e xxhotnamexx.no-ip.biz...
  2. G

    Which Audio setting for headset?

    For this headset: http://www.trittonaudio.com/prod/kunai_pc.asp on my audio controller (Realtek Audio manager), what setting should i use? These are the settings: Stereo, Quadrophonic, 5.1, and 7.1 speaker. Which one should I use to get the best experience?
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    Help on choosing a monitor?

    Hey guys, I upgraded my system from a 965 to a 4670k, and my 6870 to a gtx 760. I was really happy about all this until I realized I forgot to upgrade my 1366x768 monitor :lol:. I am on a budget of $150, and am looking for about 23 inches minimum. I have a 20 dollar promotional code on amazon so...
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    Looking for HDD cage

    Hi. I own an Inwin Dragon Slayer case. My HDD cage for the said casing is not working. Is there any 3rd party model that can be used to replace the HDD cage for this model? Please assist. Thanks.
  5. J

    Best card to run bf4 on ultra?

    Again im back with another question, so what im wondering this time is what would be the better card to run bf4 on ultra, doesn't have to max AA or anything of course if i could i would like to. So the cards i am looking at are Evga GTX 770 Superclocked 2gb GPU Asus R9 280x 3gb Sapphire...
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    acer laptop won't turn on

    I disassembled my laptop to clean my laptop.since there was no dust in the laptop i reassembled it without doing anything.Now it won't turn on.when i plug it into a/c it shows that the battery is being charged(led is on).apart from that it is completely dead.
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    blue screen of death.

    I just got "Reference by pointer" BSOD. I was wondering what could be causing this as i'm unsure what could be. so any help towards this problem would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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    Need help with a self-build computer I want to make !

    Hello Tom's Hardware users. I'm currently saving up for a gaming computer I want to build. These are the current specs that I want to buy; CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 760K Black Edition Boxed Motherboard: ASRock FM2A75M-DGS Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GTX 770 Twin Frozr Gaming 2GB OC Hard Drive...
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    Is there a program that can move windows 7 to an SSD?

    I'm thinking of investing in an SSD for Windows 7. I've been recommended to do so many times because it increases performance. But I don't feel like doing a fresh install. Is there a program that is reliable that can move windows over to an SSD without me having to back anything up? I don't...
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    Upgrading GPU from Gtx 650

    Hi, I currently have a i5 3340 CPU along with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 1GB. I'm looking to upgrade my GPU a little but I'm not sure on what to upgrade to inorder to be the best impovement for the cost. I was thinking about a GTX 680 or going much further and getting a GTX 770. Any Advice? Also...
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    Start menu

    how do i get admin rights to unpin certain stuff from my start menu. this has been bugging me since rc1 days. now running home premium. i dont understand how to get around the whole administer rights thing. some one please explane!. thank you. mardo63. :??:
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    hello i bought a new graphics card ATI 5750 HD and it support DX11,i have DX10 and i want to download DX11 but i can't find it anywere i have windows 7 64 bit so please help me. thanks
  13. edifice

    Shutdown Problems

    HELP PLEASE!!! I just need to know whats wrong with a new system build I have completed. I have just put together a new system comprising of a Gigabyte Motherboard a GA EX58 UD3R complete with 6gb of OCZ XTC Platinum 1333mhz Triple Channel memory and an Intel Core i7 930 CPU all running at...
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    Inspiron 530 stops in middle of POST

    i have an Inspiron 530 that stops in the middle of the POST. I havent turned the pc on in about a month but last time it was on it worked perfect. Any ideas on what to do? Thanks Eric
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    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info?) friend has gambling problem, so I changed his account to "limited"(no more casino downloads), and assigned myself"administrator".NOW I CAN NOT REMEMBER MY PASSWORD, can not log on as administator to windows. HELP...
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    How to improve my machine...

    Hello, I'm having difficulties figuring out what the best approach is for improving my gaming. Basically, I'm getting horrible FPS when attempting to Fraps and I'm trying to fix the issue by locating things that need to be upgraded. Here's my system's specs: Windows 7 Home Prem. / 64 Bit AMD...
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    Would a vacuum cleaner damage computer components??

    I'm about to clean out my computer from all the dust. My Dad has an industrial vacuum cleaner which blows out as well as sucks in. I was wondering whether I could use it to blast the dust from the computer. Although I know that when sucking up dust with it, at his work place, it sticks to the...
  18. AKJ

    Audio suddenly sounding scratchy

    Its never done this before, but I've found that whenever there is a HDD read/write, my audio on my my work pc goes scratchy. I use a headset. I tried both the front and rear jack, aswell as a different headset, but the problem is still there. What could it be?
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    Hp desktop 945gct-hm mother board all driver

    HOW I GET Hp desktop 945gct-hm mother board all driver. pL. HELP. FROM: MAHESH, VASHI
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    I can seem to load a fresh install of xp pro 32bit and I don't know how to either bypass the Raid Controller or configure a Raid 1 would some please advise me on what to do next?