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  1. H

    Unstable Internet After Moving

    Details: Modem: Surfboard SB141 Router: Medialink MWN-WAPR300N Right before we moved, we were facing a very unstable internet connection which was fixed by replacing our old SB5120 modem with the new SB6141. Then we moved to a new apartment. After we settled in and a technician from Cox set up...
  2. M

    Where to put my LED's in my new H440?

    Hello, I have a red H440 arriving tomorrow and I also have 2m red NZXT LED's, now im not sure whether to put them around the side window, meaning the cable will be attached to the pc, or have them around the inside of the case? What do you think? Thanks, Matt
  3. G

    SSD Compatibility Issue

    I have an older Compaq notebook which works well with a SATA Hard Drive running Windows 7 Pro 32 Bit operating system. I tried installing a Sandisk Ultra II SSD but found that it is not recognized by the BIOS. I receive "Initializing and establishing link" followed by PXE-E61 Media Test...
  4. Computers Taste Like Metal

    96% Disk usage?!

    I was playing rust and I crashed, I checked my disk usage and one program was using it and it was "service host local system"
  5. M

    Just bought a gtx 960 and minimum power supply is 400w

    My pc max is 350ish and that lasts 30 seconds according to label. Average is 315. When I installed it, my pc turned on fine. What will happen if I use the gtx 960 when it says 400w on my pc?
  6. A

    SSD ocz Arc 100 on sata2

    Hello, In my pc I had an OCZ vertex II. Now the above disk destroyed and I would like your opinions about OCZ Arc 100 120 GB.
  7. R


    is the Microsoft WINDOWS 10 HOME 32 BIT/64 BIT (ESD) ELECTRONIC LICENSE, the same as the windows 10 home retail box/licence. so is it like the OEM where once you have put it on a pc, that is it (licenced to that computer, and can't be transfered to another machine). or is it like the retail...
  8. P

    Will the r9 380 work with my parts?

    PSU:Seasonic S12II-620 Bronze 620W GPU:Gigabyte Radeon R9 380 G1 990MHZ Case:Cooler Master N200 mATX Motherboard:GIGABYTE GA-H81M-S2PV mATX Will it fit and is it compatible with my motherboard? Thanks
  9. S

    Graphics card for HP IPISB-CH2 (Chicago) MoBo

    Hi, I'm looking for a new graphics card for my HP Pavilion h9-1000cs, but I've been having trouble with finding a compatible one that would be powerful enough to run games like GTA V. I've been trying to upgrade my graphics for MSI GTX 960, but found out the MB's BIOS (v. 7.12) is incompatible...
  10. D

    Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 (rev. 4.0) Bios/Ram/Cpu FX 8350 voltage problem !

    hi i bought 4x4Gb =16GB Corsair Vengeance (cmz8gx3m2a1600c9) and got Bluescreens. always after first start-up i got BSOD and then auto reset and no BSOD more ( even with Aida64 stress over hour) till i shut down the pc again for over an hour . then if i turn it on i get BSOD in Win withing first...
  11. O

    M5A99FX Pro fan placement ?

    Right now I have 3 fans in my case. One in the front, top, and back. Is there anyway I could connect a 4th fan to this motherboard?
  12. L

    Would my PSU and motherboard handle a 750ti?

    I have as a PSU XFX 450W pro, can it handle a MSI 750ti? Also would it fit in my Gigabyte Z77P-D3 motherboard?
  13. lll_Natsu_lll

    Gaming Pc Build, Opinions?

    So i want to be able to play the newer gen games on high/max settings, will this do? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/HTjHJx (Sorry about not adding it when i first posted.) also should i stick with the GTX 980 or should i get the GTX 970 instead?
  14. B

    atikmdag.sys error BSOD at Startup GPU BIOS Update

    Hi, I need your help. I updated my gpu bios and rebooted computer to get a BSOD at Windows logo. I tried and tried again only to get same result. I switched my gpus(xfx r9 270x crossfired) and was able to load windows but with no gpu drivers or support. i then updated drivers and rebooted to...
  15. I

    Kindly help me please

    Im going to buy asus h97 board. . I also want to buy hyper 212x will that cooler fit?
  16. A

    WNDR3700 -How to set up this router as Access Point (AP)

    I have WNDR3700 wireless router, I would like to set this as AP I was not able to find any instructions in set up. Any suggestions?
  17. J

    CPU not performing to average

    I build my PC and ran passmark benchmark (http://www.cpubenchmark.net/) when i received my result i notice my single core performance is up to average 2100 for i5-4590 single thread performance. however my multicore score is way below average, it was at 6784 (average for i5-4590 is 7200) My...
  18. A

    help boosting fps!

    I play counterstrike GO and guild wars 2, but in both games, i feel like im getting an unsatisfactory amount of fps (i'd like to hit at least 100 for counterstrike and 60+ for guild wars, but at most im only getting 80 and 40 respectively). I really want to boost my fps, however i barely know...
  19. A

    what motherboard to get for these components

    I'm building a pc from parts that I had with my alienware x51 because the motherboard failed. So I need to get a new motherboard and case and am trying to figure out which one to get (first time building a pc). The three things I want to make sure work with the motherboard are the cpu, gpu...
  20. S

    Will this motherboard fit my case?

    I currently have a micro atx GA-H55M-S2 in my case, and looking to upgrade to a new 1150 socket motherboard GA-H81M-S1.. Both of the mobos are Micro atx but they have different form factors will this be a problem when mounting the board into the case?