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  1. M

    First build: graphics card cable

    Hi Just about finished putting together my first ever build. Before I turn it on, I'd like to ask: my graphics card (gtx 970) has two 6 pin ports next to each other. My psu is modular, and I have one pcie cable but with two plugs on it. Can they both go in the graphics card, ie powered by...
  2. R

    is this good specs?

    8GB DDR3 RAM 4.0Ghz Dual Core AMD Processor Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit 1000GB (1TB) Hard Drive DVD-R/W Burner! Radeon R5 Series Graphics! Comes with FREE Wi-Fi N Adapter! Antivirus Software Installed! 6X USB 2.0 Ports! 2X USB 3.0 Ports! HDMI + VGA Port OnBoard! SD / MicroSD / TF / Memory...
  3. R

    Budget CPU Cooler Battle

    Which is better for price-performance ratio. Be quiet! Pure Rock vs Cooler Master Hypo 212 EVO vs CRYORIG H7
  4. T

    What is most important in dedicated physx card?

    I have an amd r9-270x right now and was thinking of getting a second nvidia card to run primarily for physx. What is the most important thing to look for in the card if this will be the primary use of it? I would think you would just want the fastest processor and maybe more cuda cores? Really...
  5. Bobmahjingle

    I would like to build a gaming PC for 800euros

    I'm new to PC gaming and I'd like to build a PC. I live in spain I would like it to run planet side 2 and csgo at high settings @ 30 or more fps, include windows, a keyboard, be quiet and be around 800 euros My current idea is this Pentium anniversary edition Cm geminii m4 Msi H97 gaming 3...
  6. X

    Internet Speed Issues

    Hey! I have a problem with my internet that i'm hoping one of you smart people can solve. When no one is using internet and I am on the computer playing online games, I get a very good ping. But as soon as someone in the house decides to watch a YouTube video in quality higher then 240p or...
  7. G

    Can I transfer Word from a old computer to a new one?

    Hello all, I recently built a new gaming computer and it doesn't have word on it. I was wondering if I could take the hard drive from my old computer (which has Word on it) and put it in my new computer as a second drive and have word on my new computer. Is there a way to do that?
  8. C

    Changed firewall setting now can't change them back

    Went to my routers settings and changed firewall settings now I can't change it back because everytime I try to go to the Default Gateway it just doesn't allow me to anymore nothing comes up. Do I really have to call customer support to fix this, because they are always the worst to deal with lol.
  9. Aditcgeek

    [IMPORTANT] R9 270x problem cause

    so i assembled a pc with core i5 4440 Sapphire r9 270x 2gb oc edition attached via dvi to my monitor gigabyte h81ms1 corsair vs550 kingston hyper x blue 1X8gb THEN--- first installed windows 8.1 32bit and used it without drivers for 1/2 an hour then installed drivers that came in bundled...
  10. W

    GPU Visual Anomalies

    Recently I've been noticing 'flashing pixels' and screen tears that have been occuring not just in my game, but also on my desktop as well. When I try to run a low-end game, it'll happen every so often; sometimes they will go away and reappear at times. However, when I play a high-end game...
  11. R

    Is my system performing as it should?

    Hello guys, A month ago I put together a completely new system and i'm not sure if it's performing as well as it should. Could anyone give me confirmation? Specs: i5 4670k @4.0 GHz Asus GTX 780 DirectCU II OC 8 gb DDR3 RAM overclocked to 1600 MHz MSI Z87-G45 Gaming motherboard Corsair CS650M...
  12. B

    lost passwords with pc refreesh

    i stupidly refreshed my laptop n now all my passwords have gone i went into forgotten passwords n they have no history of them i cant access any e-mails as i have no password