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  1. Question Scratched/dented motherboard Vrm capacitor by cooler ?

    Hello, when I took my cooler off I noticed that the Vrm capacitors had slight movement. And upon closer inspection there seems to be a scratch on the paint of one capacitor and seems like a dent (haven't seen it upclose yet). The rest seems fine aside from the slight movement it had when the...
  2. siam siddique

    Question can I overclock or change mosfet?

    I have gigabyte b450 gaming x containing the worst mosfet of human history for low side 4c06n & for higher side 4c10n....... can I overclock 5800x extremely with direct airflow over the vrm?? & is it possible to replace the mosfet with 4co24n & 4c029n??
  3. L

    Question Upgrading CPU with processor, Motherboard and RAM

    HI Im building CPU for professional work of MAYA at home, The system might have to be on and running Maya for 14 Hours or more. i have partially built my PC with following parts SMPS - Gigabyte B650 GPU - Sapphire RX480 nitro+ OC 8GB HHD- WB red 4 TB these can't be changed which is already...
  4. B

    Question Asus Prime x570-Pro good enough for Ryzen 5950x?

    Will the Asus Prime x570-Pro motherboard be good enough to handle the Ryzen 5950x? I am planning to use up to the max boost clock of 4.9 Ghz most of the time and this motherboard has 12+2 VRM. Not sure what the VRMs mean exactly, but I heard the higher the number the better it can handle...
  5. geckovic02

    [SOLVED] Will it throttle? MSI X570 A PRO /w Ryzen 9 3900x/Ryzen 7 5800x

    Hi! So yeah... My old B450 motherboard gave up and I really needed the PC so I quickly bought a x570 board that fitted my connectivity requirement... And that's how I got the Msi X570 A Pro. Anyways, since I have a x570 board now, why not upgrading to a better CPU: Currently I'm running a...
  6. D

    Question i9 9900k + TUF Z370

    Hello, Currently, I own an Intel 8700. I want to upgrade my system to an 8 core CPU for high refresh rate gaming. So, I was thinking to go for an i9 9900k or an i7 10700k. I am more inclined towards the 9900k as I don't have to buy a new motherboard. But, I am not sure if my current...
  7. Soap2G

    [SOLVED] Possible fried VRM on RTX 2070 armor?

    Hi! Long story short: my 2070 is stuck at 300MHz clock, and in GPU-Z the Board Power Draw field is at 580W idle! Also the GPU chip is strangely high (619W). Got this card from a friend. What further tests can I do? Is the issue solvable? Any ideas? EDIT: no RMA possible Idle state of the card:
  8. K

    [SOLVED] Question about B550 ASUS ROG STRIX F-Gaming's VRM.

    I have a doubt about this motherboard's VRM. I've read in several reviews that the VRM is designed with a 4+2 layout or whatever that means, I know only basic stuff regarding motherboard VRMs. My main concern is a comment I read in one of those reviews, and I proceed to quote it right now: Is...
  9. jason0735

    [SOLVED] Motherboard VRM Fried?

    I was doing some overclocking on my CPU and when I booted into Windows the computer just shut off. In the BIOS I reset to the Defaults, and it still couldn't go into Windows. I at first thought it was my Windows being corrupted and so I tried to restore my boot drive to get into windows but...
  10. fahoosa9

    [SOLVED] Motherboards VRM for no OCing setup ?

    So i want so start building my first PC next year, im currently gathering the parts one by one. Im planning to build my system in b450 motherboard, if im not going to overclock my CPU should i choose the MSI B450 A-Pro MAX or MSI B450m Pro-VDH will be enough??. I know that the A-Pro MAX has...
  11. E

    [SOLVED] VRM/MOS FAN 12,000 RPM Help

    VRM/MOS FAN 12,000 RPM. I tried changing it in the MSI BIOS (latest version) and no matter what I clicked on, it stayed running at 12,000 RPM (MAX speeds). None of the setting options increased or decreased the the fan in MOS, Smart Fan mode changed nothing, All Full Speed changed nothing...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] Does qvl in PSU Imoptant????

    Hello - Is it important to use psu in Motherboard QVL list ? another questions : does this PSU from EVGA Good with MSI Unify Z490? is this PSU has 2x8pin cpu power connecter beacuse the mother board has 2x8 pin cpu power connector ? does this PSU good in general? PSU LINK ...
  13. SaintAxiom

    [SOLVED] B450 vs X570 mobo

    I'm upgrading to a Ryzen 5 3600 which I plan to overclock (maybe to 3.8 or 4) and need a new board to go with it. I ordered a B450 mortar max for $120 because it has pretty good vrm and it was cheap but now I'm second guessing. My question is should I refund the B450 and just eat the extra cost...
  14. A

    Question Electrical, High Pitched Noise coming from somewhere the motherboard, it gets better with disabling idle processor state. What can cause this?

    Dear All! So I purchased a new pair of cans recently (HD600) with headphone amp. As I turned it on a noise became audible while adjusting the volume. It was so familiar. Then it hit me. It was the exact noise that I was constantly hearing from my PC. It has never really bothered me until this...
  15. [SOLVED] Gpu VRM's causing pc freeze

    Hey guys, I've had some issues with my gpu (Evga gtx 970 ftw acx 2.0 v1) for the past 2 months. My pc would completely freeze within 5 minutes when i tried to play a game. When i used my pc for light task like Google chrome, Word, Powerpoint and Excel, The pc wasn't running into any issues but...
  16. R

    [SOLVED] Need Help Please- Best Motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700X for achieving great overclocking!

    Hello Guys, I'm planning to build my first custom pc with Ryzen 7 2700X processor. I have selected almost every pc parts except the motherboard. I'm searching for a budget motherboard that makes overclocking of Ryzen 7 2700X easy, safe and long lasting. Please share your opinions. Thanks!
  17. T

    [SOLVED] PC Restarts while gaming without any reason.

    Hello, I have been having this issue for a week or two where my PC restarts mid gaming, Sometimes it restarts as soon as I start a game, sometimes after 2-3 hours. I already tried various things such as swapping my PSU, GPU I also tried Updating my GPU Drivers, Chipset Drivers and resetting my...
  18. thomas123321

    [SOLVED] z490 motherboard for 10600k overclock

    There are 3 options, MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WIFI MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus Gigabyte Z490 VISION G I saw the gamer nexus video on the z490 motherboard about the vrms and all, i want to know is there a difference between the gaming plus and gaming edge wifi in its power delivery, vrms etc and...
  19. V

    [SOLVED] Vrm and stability of gigabyte b365 Vs Asus b365

    Hi I wanted to ask which of following GIGABYTE B365M GAMING HD ASUS PRIME B365M-A Will have better VRM and general stability with i7 9700. And which one will be better to have for long term.
  20. Pijmzhchus

    [SOLVED] Is my B350 VRMs enough for 3900X?

    I have a MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon. Right now I have R5 1600 installed, but I wanna upgrade to R7 3900X. Is this board and it's VRMs good enough for 3900X? Possibly 3900XT? Thank you for feedback!
  21. Saphity

    [SOLVED] Fried VRM's fried my cpu, i sent mobo to fix and they replaced VRM's successfully. Is it safe now to get another CPU without frying it?

    Mobo is B250m pro-vdh, cpu fried was i5 7400, my new proc is i5 7600. If the VRM's were safely replaced (which they 100% are) it should be just fine, right? Will post results later tomorrow
  22. Elpasadobl

    [SOLVED] AMD FX6300 and Asus970 bottleneck

    Hello dear friends! I come to you in dire need of help, hence my electronic calculating machine is unable to give me joy in playing games no more. I have a rusty bucket with junk old machine and lately was sometimes even unable to watch videos in youtube - constant stutters, same in games...
  23. [SOLVED] Can i put FX-8300 in ASrock 970de3 u3/s3

    Hello i have a question i wanna upgrade my ,, budget "rig My Pc: ASrock 970de3 u3 / s3 Phenom II x4 965 BE 4x2GB ddr3 ram Asus strix 470 4GB Fsp hexa series he-500 My question is: can i buy and put Fx-8300 in this mobo? in other forums say, yes asrock website say yes. i can put am3 +...
  24. B

    Question Vrm overheating?

    I play GTA with friends mostly these days and ever since i got the game in 2015 i get frame drops every 5-10 minutes. Ive checked the clock speeds during those moments and they go from 4.2GHz to 1.4GHz for a few seconds. Graphics do not make a difference. Could extra fans or more airflow in...
  25. AverageGamer24

    Question Should I care about GPU's VRM/MOSFETs temperatures?

    Hello everyone, One of my friends told me today that the temperature of the GPU's VRM and/or MOSFETs can affect performance and can make the GPU throttle in performance... So I have an XFX RX 570 that comes with a thermal pad that's placed on the MOSFETs, But my question is, Can Thermal Pads...
  26. TigerF15

    [SOLVED] Graphics card VRMs

    hi guys i have a question , i have this graphics card PCB it's have small size inductor size comparing to other inductors they are large so, will this affect performance, temperatures, overclocking ? Thanks
  27. M

    Question Can the x570 Crosshair VIII Formula be used with AIO or Fan

    Can the is motherboard be used with a AIO or Fan cooler, or does it have to be used with a water loop?
  28. CrestHD

    [SOLVED] Did overclocking damaged the motherboard?

    Hello, I have a failing graphics card so I started digging in my computer and found something else too. I overclocked my Ryzen 7 1700 on MSI's B350M Mortar motherboard and noticed marks around the VRMs. As if the board started melting or something, it's just a little sticky to the touch compared...
  29. J

    [SOLVED] Overclocked with the Gigabyte Z390 UD and i7 9700k

    Hi everyone. So I am new to building pc s and a total noob in overclocking. Recently I found a good deal on the i7 9700k paired with the Gigabyte Z390 UD. I also got a Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240L RGB for cooling. I have seen some tutorials online on how to overclock the 9700k but I am not...
  30. Makowh

    [SOLVED] Asus Prime X-470 Pro enough for 3800X?

    Hi everyone, I have been running a Ryzen 2700X on my motherboard Asus Prime X-470 Pro for some time, and am considering upgrading to a new 3800X, but I am wondering if that board would be enough to support this CPU during extended workloads, especially about its VRMs and their cooling... I...
  31. Lobster_Clawz

    Question ASRock Z390M Pro4 garbage vrm heatsink

    Well guys I messed up and jumped on a quick deal with Newegg for a 9700k ASRock Z390M pro 4 motherboard combo without doing any research. I knew the board was low end and is only meant to hold me over a few months until I buy a high end board but I had no idea the VRM heatsink was so terrible...
  32. JaSoN_cRuZe

    [SOLVED] Asus ROG Strix B450 - E vs MSI B450 Pro Carbon AC!

    Which of these motherboards is better in terms of features and has better overclocking support for both CPU and RAM. I heard that MSI has better VRM heat sink but nasty BIOS and ASUS has bad VRM heat sink but better BIOS. Help me choose a motherboard between the two for the Ryzen 3600X...
  33. Z

    [SOLVED] geforce 1070 gtx doesn't fit in my optiplex 790.. but works

    I got an optiplex 790 to house my geforce 1070, but it doesn't quiet fit in. It's bout a mm or 2 unseated from the pci e slot because of what appears to be the vrm on the mobo is hitting the end of the card where the fan is. I have till today to return it. The thing is it runs games fast, but...
  34. M

    Question Evaluate my Specs

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x MBU: Asus Rog Strix B450-F Gaming Boot: Crucial P1 3D NAND 500GB M.2 NVMe Storage: 2TBx1, 1TBx1 Seagate Baracuda HDD [Existing] & Crucial MX500 1000GB Later RAM: Corsair Vengence LPX 3200C16 16GBx2 32GB GPU: Option One: Asus Tuf GTX 1660 6GB, Option Two: AMD RX 580 8GB...
  35. C

    Question Will there be any glaring issues pairing a 3600 with an ASUS B450-f?

    I chose the B450-F because I liked the onboard audio compared to the other B450 boards. In hindsight, that was a terrible factor to base a motherboard purchase on, and I learned too late that it didn't have BIOS flashback, but live and learn. After researching its compatibility with a 3600, a...
  36. S

    [SOLVED] When VRM temperature is 62C CPU drops?

    i was having cpu drops then i checked temperatures cpu is 50 degree so no problem.I checked VRM temperature via HWmonitor i watched them a little bit when temperature goes 62 degree cpu clock drop VRM temperature goes 58 degree then it keeps going like that.I think i know VRM temperature could...
  37. Question VRM Temp spike to 124c

    Hey guys! I have an overclocked i7 9700k at 5ghz. I was running an AIDA64 stability test and my VRM temp spiked way up to 124c, along with some power and current spikes. I realize that this is probably my high LLC setting (level 6), but it seems like that is a pretty high spike. Is this normal...
  38. L

    [SOLVED] Difference between Asus ROG Strix B360-F and B360-H

    Hi, i'm planning to build a new pc with a i3-9100F and where i live the only mobo of the two on the title is the B360-H which i barely find any reviews on, but i see a lot about the B360-F, can someone explain the difference between those for me? Also, looking at it i can see only 7 chokes...
  39. ganymede-

    Question Need HELP to Better Understand the VRM and Overclocking my MB

    TLDR - I was planning on buying the Asus PRIME Z390-A motherboard. But now, with additional information that I discovered, I’m confused about what type of board to purchase. This morning I learned about the voltage regulator module (VRM) component and its importance when overclocking your CPU...
  40. G

    Question Trying to make new PC

    So my 2008 year PC is dead. (What a surprise), time to get something new. Ive got bugdet - 775$ max. Mainly for playing games like pubg, probably witcher, dark souls, i dont think i need maximum ultra setting max perfomance so...(high settings with comfortable FPS will be enough) Also really...