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    Discussion Crazy Idea I want to work

    I live in Sri Lanka where high temperatures and higher humidity make cooling extra hard, I already have a h100i pro with 4 fans (push-pull) and my i5-7600k still sits around 80-85°C under load. (It revs all the fans up to maintain this btw) I want a quieter solution. My idea is to build a custom...
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    Question Spilled water.. on my PC.. first time.

    Yeah. I'm an idiot. I know. I was going to go downstairs from my room to help out my mom with moving a desk upstairs (because we were redoing my room) and I was playing on my computer on this tiny (nightstand?) and I didn't have room for my Club Soda (basically just carbonated water and it was...
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    [SOLVED] Spilled soup on pc tower

    Case: Nzxt h400i Cpu: Ryzen 1600 Ram: 16gb ddr4 (2400mhz) Mb: Gigabyte Ab350m-Ds3h Psu: 500 watt evga bq Harddrives: 1tb, 250gb ssd (boot drive) Gpu: Gtx 1060 6gb Reccently today I had my soup on the edge of my desk like a dumbass, and some of it spilled at the top of my cases front io, and...
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    Can't set custom resolution in amd drivers

    Hello, I am using amd radeon 17.11.4 and I need to create custom resolution at 144hz for playing csgo, I need it to be 1280*960 stretched. I watched some tutorials online but in all of them when they open custom resolution option in their drivers they have everything filled with correct...
  5. Y

    can i run gta 5 on my dell laptop

    can i run gta 5 on dell laptop core i5 7th gen 4 gb ram 2 gb graphic card
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    need some help

    can I plug my phone charger in my USB and to my phone to watch videos
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    A good Processor for gaming

    Hey guys please suggest me a good Processorprice below rs10000.And I am living in India ,So try to give me amazon links. My specs :- Motherboard:-EG31M V1.1 Ram:- 3gb Processor:-Intel Pentium Dual Core E5400 2.7GHz GPU:-I am going to buy gt 730 or gt 1030 I am building this system For...
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    Any software that can take a system snapshot before and after a problem?

    Hi all, Are there any tools that can take a user-friendly snapshot of the system - running processes, programs, etc - and then when something goes wrong, take another snapshot and compare? Say for instance I know that randomly my audio stops working. I could then see what changed after my...
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    Is this a decent system that I just ordered?

    I just ordered all parts needed for my gaming system - Would like some reviews. I do a little web programming, work in blender, and want to game with some friends on battlegrounds. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/rXgg9W I am currently a network admin at FSU and use to be a technical support...
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    Zenbook UX510UW 1TB HDD + 256GB ssd

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to buy Asus Zenbook UX510 which has stock 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD .. but I'm looking to replace the HDD with regular 2.5" SSD which I have. But on the web I cannot find any information is this doable. I'm scared the HDD might be somehow soldered (never seen it, but you...
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    Gtx 1070 questin

    So hello guy's I'm new to gtx 1070 i have it like 2 month's and I think it's working fine. But some times I get some weird fps drops like in league of legends from 144 to 78 (I capped it to 144). Had some problems in gta 5 but it's fine now. So I was looking all over Google and YouTube for what...
  12. D

    Upgrading my old build for a better one, but I don't know what to choose [limited budget].

    Hello, I'm new on this website, and i wonder if you could help me on choosing new parts on a limited budget (500-600$). Here are my specs : i5-4590 3,3GHz Socket 1150 Nvidia GTX970 4 GB 8GB of RAM DDR3 1600MHz MSI GAMING 3 Z97 1TB HDD I think that my CPU needs to be replaced by a better one...
  13. Y

    HDD Used Space Shows Different Than Actual

    In Drive F, I have 9.44 GB of files. When I went to properties, it showed that the drive usage is 9.84 GB. How to fix it?
  14. V

    RX 480 hugely underperforming

    I have recently purchased a VisionTek reference design RX 480 8gb. After installing an EKWB waterblock, I have used it in my first custom loop with an i5 3570K OCd to 4.6Ghz, 16GB Corsair LP DDR3 and of course an SSD + some hard drives. Before I put the loop together, I tested my system...
  15. Vikerules

    2 programs need to use a dll file in the same folder...

    So i have 2 addons for a game, both addon files need to be in the same folder and both programs need a dll file which also need to be in the same folder, thing is i cant have 2 "d3d9.dll" files in the same folder. What can i do to make both addons work and not just one or the other?
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    13" screen...but a different size 13" screen

    I'm replacing a Macbook Air with a Dell XPS 13. Both have 13" screens. As I have them side-by-side I realize the Mac measures 7"x11" while the Dell is 6.5"x11.5". (Yes, they are both 13" diagonal, I know.) The point is, I realize I prefer the taller screen of the Mac. More often I'm scrolling...
  17. S

    Motherboard or PCU broke.

    Computer specs. GTX 780 I7 processor 8GB ram SSD and HDD CX 600 PCU So I have been having issues with this computer since I sent it over seas to where I currenty living. I can get it to work every so often. However sometimes it will shut down and then I won't get any signal from my HDD red...
  18. E

    Will my i5-3470 bottleneck a GTX 1060 6GB?

    Here's my spec: CPU: i5-3470 RAM: 2x 4GB DDR3 Storage: 7.2K RPM Monitor: 1080p 60Hz I plan to buy a GTX 1060 6GB. Here's the bottlenecking chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Q7lIYRK5T0ABLvAkgbM_2jJGvbhlep27mR-eRcCy4FA/edit#gid=0 Based on the chart given, it seems that my i5-3470...
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    Asus Pro Gaming Z170i not recognizing m.2 drive

    I have a Asus Pro Gaming Z170i (the mini ITX one) and a Samsung Evo 960 which I'm using to build a new rig. However, when the BIOS loads it is not detecting the M.2 drive in any way. When the list of drives loads it has "M.2: N/A." Similarly, when I attempt to install windows 10, no available...
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    Looking for second monitor

    Hi, I am currently using Dell S2415H monitor. I planning to get a second monitor. Can somebody guide me on this 1. Should i buy the same model again? 2. Can i get a 27 inch monitor for my 2nd monitor (S2715H preferably ) 3. What other option do i have? Budget around $300. Please kindly...