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  1. Sunshine I

    Question Need fr help with cloned SSD not showing up in BIOS

    So on my laptop with 2 sata drive bays, I cloned my HDD to the new SSD. Cloning went great. I took the original (source) HDD out of the laptop after shutdown. I then started it up and it booted PERFECTLY on the new SSD. I then took the old HDD and hooked it up via SATA onto my desktop, and...
  2. Z

    Question Why does it happen like this?

    Okay. When i power on my pc, in the beginning it's slow. Okay i get that. When i start playing with it, or just browse for 30 minutes it's fast. Very fast. After that i close everything and leave it on the desktop and go out. After 1 hour after i come back i try to do something on my pc and its...
  3. DarkReader

    Question Why more RAM makes programs load WAY faster?

    I had 4gb ram, now i have 8gb. For example visual studio took 1 minute to fully load and be responding to input. Now it does for 8-10 seconds. The difference is massive. When i had 4gb, my RAM didn't "overflow" at all. So that wasnt the culprit. Maybe it finds free space faster when allocating...
  4. B

    Question CPU and GPU too hot

    My brand new PC is running suspiciously hot. I have RX 5700 XT Pulse, not a refference cooler. When running Unigine Heaven (or almost any other intensive game) the junction tempreature slowly reaches 100c and stays there, and its running at 2500 RPM!!! Too fricking loud and hot at the same time...
  5. BobMcSmith

    Question Mic works in discord but not in any game

    Hi! My microphone used to work, but for some reason, it stopped working in all of my games. My microphone works in discord and i can talk to people and use it, but in all of my games, it does not work in comms. Yes, the correct device is set, yes, it is my default, and yes, I have tried...
  6. C

    [SOLVED] Why does my Pc run but monitor displays "no display"?

    SUMMARY: Could it be because i dont have a graphics card? Despite the motherboard having onboard graphics? Hello, So I just built my first Pc and i run into a non displaying monitor (yay) I ve checked the cables, they seem fine to me ( I am no expert) BUT I have yet to get a graphics card ...
  7. T

    Question Mobo zapped? Lights, fans, no display

    Fuming right now Had half a build set up in one case, move it to a smaller phanteks shift. Mobo and CPU worked fine in 1st case, only parts that changed were the PSU and graphics card. Plug in my finally complete build and no output. Tried swapping ram, clearing cmos, it's a ryzen so no...
  8. A

    low fps on better gpu

    i recently up dated from a geforce 1050 to a radon rx 570 my problem is that my 1050 gpu could hit 60 on high while, my new rx 570 could hit 60 but dips in to mid to low 50s im not sure why this is the case processer is a Athlon 880k 4x and i have 16gb of ddr3 ram
  9. M

    1080ti question, watercooling

    So I currently own a singular strix oc 1080 ti air cooled, and I'm buying another 1080ti do i buy a second strix oc 1080 ti air cooled and buy 2 watercooling plates or buy a 1080 ti poseiden and just watercool that one? thanks in advance.
  10. B

    Issue when installing new processor

    Hey, So I recently went to upgrade the processor in my old laptop. I made sure the new one was compatible. I took all the proper steps when opening it up and installing it but when I went to start my computer I got a black screen, the fan started up, but nothing else. Then the Caps Lock, Num...
  11. D

    First build computer turns off after 1-5 minutes. NEED HELP

    Here are the main components: -AMD FX 8350 -MSI 970 MOBO -EVGA G@ 850W PS -MSI Geforce GTX 970 Graphics -Corsair H60 Liquid Cooler -1 TB WD HDD -120GB Kingston SSD -Corsair 200r computer case So I installed everything yesterday and cut the computer on for the first time but after about what...
  12. L

    Should I worry about my System Failing on me because I didn't Stress-Test it?

    Should I worry about my System Failing on me because I didn't Stress-Test my new build right after I built it? ( Yes I feel like a idiot for not ) I stress test my system but I'm worried because I didn't when I first built it. I've had my system for a year, maybe more. If you wanted to know.
  13. D

    Need Ethernet controller driver

    Does anyone know where I can get Ethernet controller driver. My motherboard is asrock h97m anniversary
  14. Mecharon1

    Asus Xonar U5 or Sound Blaster E1

    Which of these cards/amps is better for notebook gaming for the price, with a Sennheiser G4ME One?
  15. T

    "no speakers or headphones are plugged in" after install driver

    Hi. (sorry for my english). One friend instaled win7 prof and volume icon show "headphones" after my driver installed volume icon show X and "no speakers or headphones are plugged in." I tryed to reinstall the driver and nothink. I installed another driver from realtek.com and nothink. I made...
  16. T

    New 4TB HDD causes indefinite boot loop

    Greetings! I recently acquired a 4TB internal HDD and just now plugged it in to my computer. When plugged in it causes a very short boot loop (doesn't even get to the mobo/bios screen) that doesn't seem to change no matter how many times I restart my computer. This keeps on happening even if...
  17. B

    System won't boot

    I just started having an issue yesterday where my system will not boot. The monitor screen is black with an 'A2' in the bottom right corner. I did get it to boot once and checked every driver individually in the device manager and they are all up to date. I ran scans for viruses and malware -...
  18. H

    Asus M2N SLI / Computer Won't Turn On

    I put a new SSD hardrive in it and when I hit the power button the computer won't do anything. The fan's don't go nothing. However, the board is getting power because the green light is coming on and the USB network card lights up. Did I kill the board? I tried unplugging the new SSD and...
  19. G

    how to reset bios on dell latitude e6510

    hi everybody i have a dell latitude e6510 and want to change my hdd from raid to ahci but my bios is locked with i password which i forgot. is there a way to get it back? ive already tried replacing my cmos battery.
  20. M

    old rig + 750 ti + wow! But whys this happ?

    I have a hp pavilion from 2004, with a stock AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+ on a HP A8M2N-LA. The PSU is from 2004 thermaltake 700 watt. Vista 32 bit. 3gb ram, one slot wont work with so only 3 out of 4 fill w 1 gb sticks. Upgraded card from Geforce gt 200 ] It works great graphically on...