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  1. S

    [SOLVED] Can anyone tell me the part number of the lcd panel in an acer 1916w monitor?

    Hi, I'm looking for an lcd controller for an acer 1916w monitor but I can't find the part number of the panel... This panel has 2 ribbon connectors instead of usual 1... I simply can't seem to find the right controller!
  2. T

    GTX 1080 Ti Poseidon

    Hello,can somebody tell me if water cooling goes in chamber with RGB logo GTX 1080 Ti Poseidon ? I have a few spots inside.
  3. KanyeJ19

    Fried graphics card chipset - old card

    G'day all About 2 and a half years ago my old Sapphire HD 7850 chip-set fried itself and died on me. Just stumbled upon it again today and am wondering if there's anything I can do to fix it, do something else with it or bin it. Any ideas are helpful Image: https://imgur.com/a/0ZIJaLt
  4. Edgerunner

    A solid OC that wont create card stress

    GTX 970 on a Ryzen / Asus Prime mobo I keep looking up solid OCs for my 970 and imputing into MSI Afterburner and my system either suffers Screenstutter or outright shuts down during gaming. What are a set of values that I can enter into Afterburner that won't stress my system but gain FPS at...
  5. L

    Issue installing new GPU

    So I just installed my new gpu on my system *Ijust built my pc and I was using it without GPU for a while. Today I received my gpu and installed it, I already installed the drivers and everything, but my pc is not working well, it is so slow and it is crashing. My pc was working totally fine...
  6. L

    No video, or boot

    Asus g74sx downloaded updates from asus webpage. Just bought it. Factory rest it. Instal vga driver. Need to reboot to install new one. Reboot it says installing 120 if 155 files reboot now? Yes. Turns off comes back on stuck in boot loop. Enter bios configure boot from optic drive shuts downs...
  7. W

    Gaming pc for 640 eur.

    Build me a Ryzen gaming pc. 640 eur is my budget i don't need any software, should have ssd for windows only. 1080p gaming pc.
  8. B

    budget b450 motherboard

    i am going to buy a b450 motherboard. pls give me a good suggestion what motherboard i should buy. low budget but willing to add cash if its worth it. Thanks in advance
  9. M

    Can my pc run this game can it run csgo

    this is my pc http://www.zoostorm.com/home-products/zoostorm-quest-gaming-desktop-pc-amd-a10-8gb-1tb-windows-10-home/ can it run csgo
  10. C

    Can my MOBO bottleneck my CPU/GPU?

    So I just got a new GTX 1060 6g and replaced my old HD7770, yet in cs:go everything set as low as possible and 1280x1024 resolution, I get FPS below 200. I think it should be more like 500+. CPU and GPU usage are quite low (CPU ~ 40% / GPU ~ 30%). I fiddled arround in NVIDIA control panel but...
  11. G

    ASRock's Optane 905P M.2 RAID Defies Limits

    ASRock didn't waste any time breaking out Intel's new Optane SSD 905P M.2 in an X299 VROC array that reaches 10,000 MB/s. ASRock's Optane 905P M.2 RAID Defies Limits : Read more
  12. V

    Looking for a solution

    My gpu fan spins for few seconds and stops.sometimes it works perfectly when i replug the gpu.please give me solution for this issue. H170 d3h Gpu-amd sapphire radeon dual-x r9 280 Ram-hyper x fury 8gb 2400mhz Psu-great wall 500pw Processor- i3-7100
  13. E

    PSU for MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC

    Hello. I am from Turkey. I ordered MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC. I got a unexpected discount. Some X470 motherboards don't supports normal PSU. I will buy Thermaltake Smart 700W 80+. But now. I think Thermaltake 700W 80+ doesn't support X470 Gaming M7 AC. Please help me. What can I do? (Like 8 pin to...
  14. H

    Is this a good gaming PC?

    I am looking to build my first PC. I have chosen these parts but I want to know if there are any improvements. The prize can't go much higher. CPU: Intel Core I5 8400 MoBo: Gigabyte b360 m D3H RAM: Ballistix Sport LT 8GB DDR4 2666 mhz Storage: 1TB HDD 120GB SSD...
  15. S

    How to: Recover data from a Hard drive which has health less than 10%

    I have Gigabyte 78LMT-S2PT Motherboard. I had attached 2 500GB Seagate HDD(1st is 6-7 years old and the 2nd one is 2 years old HDD) to it, but as my PC used to lag a lot, I removed the 2nd HDD and was running my PC on the 1st HDD. While I installed an OS to it, I used to get a warning message on...
  16. F

    ¿What GPU brands have International Warranty?

    Well, not very sure if this is the right place where to post this but anyway, what GPU brands actually have international warranty? I'm living outside USA, and I don't mind if I have to ship it out to USA with the payment of shipping being on me, would be better if not tho. GPUs I would like to...
  17. Z

    GPU not performing like it should be?

    I bought a EVGA GTX 1070 a few months ago and I feel like it isn't perofrming like it should be. I took a look at the box and it says my system should a have a minimum of a 500w PSU and I only have 400w PSU. Would that be part of the problem? CPU: AMD FX-8320 Eight-Core Processor MB...
  18. C

    Does Gt 730 work On lenovo Thinkcentre m57e

    Does Gt 730 work On lenovo Thinkcentre m57e Low profile I already check that it fits but i Dont If its supported Heres my specs Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66Ghz 4Gb Ddr2 Ram 320Gb hardrive Windows 7 64 Bit Pci Express 2.0 x16 Psu 280 watts
  19. J

    Capacitor Asrock g31m-s 16v 470mf

    Hi I'm fixing my old g31m-s and I did remove all the blown capacitors, but I made a mistake and I don't know where the 16v 420mf capacitor go?...please someone help me with a pic (is the only capacitor with these characteristics in this mobo), my bad with such rookie mistake :( Thanks for any...
  20. B

    Win10 logging without password does not work.

    I'm the only pc user with Win10_64. I don't need any password every time, I want to cancel it completely. When you turn on a computer, restart, or log on. I also did this during the installation, according to the instructions availeble on the net. However, a few days ago, it has not only...
  21. V

    Boots up but nothing on monitor

    My stepson bought a pc build and had problems so i took it over and found out with the paper clip test that the motherboard was dead so i got a new one and i plugged everything in and it powers on but nothing comes on my monitor. When i first installed the mobo i didnt use the standoffs and...
  22. K

    RAM-NB Issues. Can't my NB handle my ram?

    Hey folks! I'm currently oc-ing my old desktop-pc and I ran into an issue I can't explain. I hope you can help me understand. So I'm trying to get my ddr3 ram to 2400MHz, which it is qualified for. I'm doing this by setting the ram frequency in BIOS to 1866MHz, since it is the highest...
  23. G

    Intel Patches All Recent Processors, Promises Hardware Fixes For Upcoming 8th Gen CPUs

    Intel announced today in a blog post that it has made Spectre and Meltdown patches available for all processors it has launched in the last five years. Intel Patches All Recent Processors, Promises Hardware Fixes For Upcoming 8th Gen CPUs : Read more
  24. A

    Restart Taking days???

    My Windows 10 dosent seem to be moving from the 64% after I tried to reset it. It keeps 'turning black', going to the start up screen, and then going to a blue screen that lists the restart percentage, and "instructions". It's been doing this for MANY hours and even when I went out for a few...
  25. A

    Motherboard and RAM compatibility in general

    So i heard in "Tech Deals" in "What RAM Should You Buy for Intel & AMD Ryzen CPUs?" that as far are intel is concerned any RAM at 2400MHz is compatible... because it is not overcloked. Is that true? i.e for the MSI Z370-A Pro Z370 the Corsair Vengeance LPX 4GB DDR4-2400MHz (CMK4GX4M1A2400C14)...
  26. N

    Wireless Connection Keeps dropping

    The problem is my wireless connection keeps dropping for several minutes, only to come back and drop again. This will happen on and off continuously throughout the day/ I'm using a Dell Inspiron 5558 laptop with an Intel wireless adapter, and a dual band Plusnet router. When connected to the...
  27. I

    Custom Computer Crash. No idea what the problem is.

    So I'm pretty new when It comes to computers but I have a decent knowledge but my custom computer crashed a few days ago. I made a previous post but didn't get much help. So I'm trying again because I have no idea what to do. The computer has been working fine for a year and a half with only one...
  28. G

    Can i run witcher 3 at 60 fps?

    my specs are i5 4460,Gtx 1050ti,16gb ram 1080p so can i run witcher 3 at 60 fps at high settings.
  29. suraweera.shenal

    Can I use 6 pin cable for 8 pin Graphics Card?

    So here's the problem. I have a Silverstone Strider 1000W PSU (SST-ST1000-G) and I ordered extension cables for it. I completely overlooked the fact that I ordered 2x 6 pin extensions, not 2x 6+2. I have an ASUS Strix 1060 which has an 8 pin. So I was wondering would I be able to power it off...
  30. D

    Workstation comparison..Help !!!!!

    Help me out to select the better of two : 1. Intel Server SYSTEM board CPU-S5000SL (A) Dual Xeon CPU LGA771 E11025-302 and 2. Dell Precision T5400 workstation LGA771 System Motherboard RW203 0RW203. My workstation will be more concentrated on graphic related jobs, video editing.../ mostly...
  31. J

    My pc won't turn on after installing a new motherboard, CPU and cooler

    So I got a new CPU: I7 8700k, motherboard: Asus rog strix z370f, cooler: nzxt Kraken x62. I finished installing everything and I try to press the power button and nothing happens, I'm getting really mad can someone please help? the only thing that happens is that my motherboard leds are on
  32. D

    Asus H110M-c mobo

    Can I use core i3 7th generation processor on asus H110M-C motherboard.
  33. I

    ATH M50x VS Bose QC 25? Help deciding.

    I listen to a lot of hip hop music as well as music mixing. I currently have the Sennheiser 598s. Which of these new headphones would make listening to music more enjoyable/ give a nicer bass response?
  34. S

    Will this Gpu fit in my case?

    i have an Asus ROG STRIX-GTX1080-A8G-GAMING - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (https://www.yoytec.com/pci-express-asus-rog-strix-gtx1080-a8g-gaming-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-8gb-gddr5x-256bit-dvi-hdmi-displayport-pci-express-d5x-p-14321.html), will it fit on my case? it is a thermaltake commander MS-I...
  35. chibamarco

    Need help with finding a Acer Aspire 3 Motherboard

    Hello,I just got a Acer Aspire 3 laptop,the model is A315-31-C6D4,for the first time I used it for word proccesing,social media,YouTube playback,you know,stuff like that. Then I tried some light games,but because the Intel HD Graphics 500,with 128 MB of vRAM,I can't play them unless I use...
  36. Y

    Will my new GPU work?

    Hello, I just purchased a new GeForce GTX 1050 mini from zotac and I was wondering if the card would work in my build. My specs are Ipibl-lb Motherboard from asus (came from an hp media centre) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 mini from zotac 4gb ddr 2 ram Intel core 2 quad q6600 Windows 8.1 pro...
  37. T

    Cant change folder icon

    I can change all other folders but not the one that named Programs (I made this folder myselft and its not system folder). I click "change icon">choise icon>apply and it still stays the same.
  38. A

    Hard drive dying, whats the best possible option to recover data?

    I have a 250 gb seagate SATA hdd installed in my pc which i surely believe is dying and idk how much time it will 'run' before failing compeletely. Even though the drive is being showed up in the bios i cant boot it as when i do i get a disk read error and the system just wont...
  39. A

    Computer randomly resetting

    Ok so the computer I am trying to fix keeps randomly restarting. The power doesn't cycle like the fans and led and CPU fan are all still running and on. But the monitor goes black the then the mother board reboots. And I hear the mother board beeping and turning on. The computer runs 100%...
  40. T

    Inhouse speeds down by 10 times

    I have 100 MBps broadband. It is being delivered from ONT modem to ZyXel Keenetic Start AP and distributed from there by Wi-Fi and 100 MBps LAN. Smartfones and notebooks usually have up to 40 mbps. Xbox One can have up to 95 MBps via LAN. The problem is PC. It gets 2MBps by Wi-Fi (USB adapter)...