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  1. F

    Does Windows 10 come with Realtek Audio and LAN drivers?

    I've got driver downloads for Windows 7, but I doubt those will work with Windows 10, so I'm wondering if Windows 10 already comes with these drivers, specifically for the GA-H81M-DS2V motherboard? Any confirmation or links would be appreciated?
  2. D

    Can't Install Windows 8.1 On New Hardrive

    My old desktop hardrive failed so I took one from an old laptop and I have been trying to reinstall windows through a usb drive onto the new hardrive. Whenever I run the instaler it gives me the message "Compatibility report: The computer started using the windows installation media. Remove the...
  3. Boot Room

    Buying new card with GTX 960 budget

    Thinking about buying new card after 2 years with gtx 960. amd or nvidia, don't care Whats the best bang for the buck card right now? should be 230$ budget at most. heard gtx 1060 ones are good. is there any amd equivalent for this?
  4. M

    Unidentified Network on Ethernet Connection

    I have brand new computer that I built myself, just got it all hooked up. The components are: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 Motherboard: AsRock B350 Pro4 RAM: G.Skill Tridentz 16Gb 2400 Storage: Samsung 850 Evo 500Gb SSD Western Digital Caviar Blue 1Tb HDD Video Card: Gigabyte Aorus RX...
  5. K

    Pc won't boot, no Post, no fans, no beep

    hey guys, quite a predicament I have been put in. Today when I turned my computer on like any other day, my computer failed to boot even to bios. LED's would turn on but not any fans besides the PSU, even my water pump didn't run besides the LED's. There were also no beeping sounds and the...
  6. D

    PC Random Shut Downs (During Games/ Other intensive programs)

    I have a gaming PC, probably 6 years old now. Just today when I was watching a video on YouTube it froze requiring me to hard restart. This has happened a few times over the years doing various things so I thought nothing of it. I restarted but then it kept freezing within at least 5 minutes. I...
  7. M

    Ryzen 5 compatible GPU

    I plan to get an AMD Ryzen 5 CPU. With that what graphics card should I choose? Is gtx 1050 (ti or non-ti) good card in September 2017, I am not a hard core gamer, just light games (but I plan to plan ASSASSIN'S CREED ORIGINS)? I can't get gtx 1060 model as it is over my budget. Please suggest...
  8. V

    How do I connect a cra subwoofer to an aiwa receiver?

    I am trying to reconnect my rca subwoofer to my 6 channel aiwa received. The subwoofer uses wires. The spring clips that holds the wires in place are both broken. Is there another way to connect the subwoofer to the receiver? Please help me. Thank you
  9. I

    black screen with cursor in lenevo l430

    when i boot the system then it completely boot with black screen error. cursor is working, it is opening fine in safe mode. but it is showing black screen error in normal mode
  10. D

    Deciding what to do in the next 2 years to pursuit a job

    Hello.. thank you for taking your time to read my problem I am a 19 years old student that needs 2 years to finish high school and doesnt have money to pursue university despite the high grades in school, the degree by finishing this institute will grant me an IT diploma, and with this I am...
  11. noxinum

    A good router

    I would like to know if there's a good and cheap router out there but if not, I would like some suggestions
  12. R

    Connect Bluetooth headphones with an adapter from other headphones

    I recently purchased a set of Bluetooth headphones for my iPhone and they work great. But just being regular earbuds they didn't come with a Bluetooth adapter. I have a few Bluetooth adapters from various other devices headphones, mice & keyboards. Is there anyway I can use one of these adapters...
  13. KHendrickson93

    m.2 and SSDs for desktop

    Hello I'm building a new rig and currently am planning on installing a 512GB Samsung 960 PRO NVME M.2 SSD. This will be intended for the Operating System. For the rest of my storage space, which includes: games, video/audio projects, etc., I will be installing 3 Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SSDs (3TB...
  14. D

    What could cause low GPU usage

    Recently I got a new Graphics card, "Gigabyte GTX 960 4GB OC" But most of the times it only runs at around 60% What could cause this? MY CPU: intel core i3-2100 and 4Gb RAM
  15. O

    grahics card crashes computer

    Bought a used computer, in shipping it was banged up. Hard drive and ssd knocked loose and graphics card fans knocked off. Comp works fine integrated graphics. When card plugged in computer freezes during Win 10 start up. Freezes on little windows picture, screen covered with broken white lines...
  16. M

    Leibert Emerson UPS bringing out of shut down mode

    I have taken delivery of a Leibert Emerson UPS , GXT3-2000RT230 ( second hand ). It was made safe for transport by putting it into " any mode shutdown" by apparently bridging terminals 1 and 2 on the rear of the unit which isolates the batteries from the DC bus inside. How do i bring it back...
  17. whiteknights

    cannot open TP-Link router case.. please help

    Hello guys.. i wanted to open my router case because the power button is getting stuck so i wanted to fix it from inside.. but its really almost impossible to disassemble the router case.. i removed the 2 screws and the router case is getting opened little bit from the back using a visa card...
  18. Q

    GPU Temperature Spiked

    Hi , I have Gtx 980ti Hybrid ( Evga ) which i bough about a month ago . It was working fine till this morning but all of sudden temperature spiked and fps dropped to 10-12 on everything . Usually at idle temperature is around 29-35°C and now it is at 65-70 . And when i run anything like after...
  19. Y

    New PC troubles with Internet connectivity

    I just recently built a new pc and it boots up fine into windows 8.1. The problem is that I am unable to connect to the internet via ethernet and I don't have a wireless card installed. It says I am connected to the network and that I have internet access but anytime that I try and access...
  20. T

    Computer boots sometimes (randomly), and most often doesn't.

    My custom pc at first booted everytime (to the bios as no OS), it began with 'cpu fan error', I reapplied thermal paste and mounted the heatsink on, again. It then booted fine for a bit before going dead, power but no output, CPU wasn't doing anything either (no heat). This was to me because of...
  21. L

    My gpu isn't recognized anymore by my computer after an update.

    My specs : GPU : GTX 970 phantom gainward Motherboard : Gigabyte ga-797-d3h PSU : Be quiet 500W So I've been using my homemade computer for 2 years now and everything was fine until yesterday. When I started my computer yesterday (Booting on my gpu as usual) it started to do an update. When it...
  22. N

    Computer crashes after install of drivers

    Recently, my computer started to crash after trying to install drivers. I can not even install the drivers because while it is installing my computer will crash. Also while playing video games my computer will crash when leaving or joining a game. Also I tried reinstalling and install my...
  23. Spexels

    Xbox one x Stronger than my pc?

    I'm thinking about buying a 1600$ pc build with a gtx 1070, monitor and os included, i'm planning to build it myself. Should i save about 1k$ and buy a xbox one x? The gtx 1070 is made for 1440p and can't run 4k that well, while the xbox one x can run 4k 60fps, should i just wait till the x...
  24. R

    Monitor GPU combo

    My question; What would be the best fit for monitor GPU combo. current system specs: R9 270x i5 6400 MSI B150M BAZOOKA 8GB Ram @2,400Mhz 34" Tv 1360x768 @60Hz Cooler Master N300 (Closed) What I want: 100Hz+ gaming Big screen :D Good monitor for couple of years. What I use it for Gaming...
  25. T

    sync razer chroma with asus aura

    hello evreyone i was wondering if i could sync my chroma mouse and pad with my asus mobo ram and graphic card from asus with razer chroma apps and if yes how?
  26. L

    HDMI/dvi-d for BIOS

    Can I use HDMI/DVI-D for booting BIOS up on my new PC that I just built?
  27. David_166

    What voltage should I use to overclock my I7 7700K?

    I'm wondering what voltage I should use to overclock my I7 7700K to around 4.7Ghz? Rig: - Intel - Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core Processor - be quiet! - Silent Loop 120mm Liquid cooler - MSI - Z270 TOMAHAWK ATX LGA1151 Motherboard - Corsair - Vengeance RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Memory -...
  28. R

    add vram for my acer aspire E1-510 4gb ram n 64mb shared vram

    4gb of ram and 64mb vram need it to be more than that and using windows 10
  29. J

    Marks on cpu

    Pic: https://imgur.com/gallery/24kJS So I'm building my first pc and am a complete noob. I have so far installed the motherboard, cpu, and cpu stock cooler because waiting on some other parts. Anyways, a friend of mine actually gave me a better cpu cooler. When I removed the old cpu cooler and...
  30. Droid8Apple

    GPU frame drops every 5 minutes.

    I don't know what to do anymore. As the title states, its systematically every 5 minutes the GPU acts like I'm no longer gaming; resulting in a multiple-second complete freeze as it drops to 2 FPS then shoots back up like it just needed to catch it's breath (which I know... immediately sounds...
  31. okcnaline

    Should I get this PSU?

    I'm trying to upgrade my Lenovo ThinkStation P300 from the stock 280W Lite-On PSU to something that would accomodate an 84W Xeon E3, GTX 970 (not purchased yet, thankfully), and Quadro K620. So I've been hunting for deals on /r/hardwareswap without much success of finding some decent PSUs...
  32. D

    MSI RX 480 Gaming 8GB on ASROCK 870 Extreme3

    Dear Readers, I'm at my wits' end. I purchased an MSI RX 480 Gaming 8GB two days ago and got the sting of it. first of all, here are my specs: 1. Motherboard: ASROCK 870 Extreme3 2. CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 970 BE 3: RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333 4: PSU: Corair CX600M 5: HDD: WD 320 Green 6: SSD: Crucial...
  33. W

    New pc build

    Hello guys, I build a system and want some help decide parts My budget is 1500 euro and maybe, if needed something more So I have: case: Phanteks enthoo luxe psu: evga 750 G2 ssd: samsung 850 pro 256gb hdd: wd black 1tb And now i'm thniking about order m/b: Asus strix z270e cpu: intel core...
  34. C

    Unique Computer Case Question For First Desktop Build (geared towards budget Deep Learning/Applied Math)

    Hiya! True to the title, I am attempting to build my first desktop computer for deep learning and applied math applications. Here's the list of parts I've chosen: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/chaztikov/saved/#view=Xvh8dC I've already bought the GPU, and I'm itching to get the rest, but have...
  35. T

    Using Windows XP Pro with modem as fax machine

    My fax machine is broken. I could buy one, but I have an old Windows XP Pro computer, and I thought I might be able to use it as a fax machine. I have a printer hooked up to it. If I buy an internal modem card, can I use that to send fax? Thank you.
  36. R

    Motherboard compatibility with GTX 1060

    Alright, so I'm not sure where I can find this information so maybe someone can help me out here. My Motherboard is a Gigabyte Technology B75M-D3H (Intel Core i5-3570 CPU @ 3.40GHz) And the card that I'm looking to upgrade to is a EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING, ACX 2.0 (Single Fan)...
  37. D

    1080p or 1440p?

    Hello there. I recently got a new computer, and I want a new monitor to pair up with it. I'm using my computer for coding, gaming and general internet browsing. Also some audio stuff. I think I'd be good with a nice 1080p 60-75Hz (never tried a 144Hz before), but I use a 27" 1440p iMac at...
  38. I

    GTX 1080TI @ 1080p 144hz (please reply asap)

    Hello, i've recently purchased a System, cpu(7700K), 16 gb ddr4 ram,H270F motherboard and the gpu is 1080ti (arriving on 25th of march) And i bought a somewhat amazing 1080p gaming display ONLY cuz of the 144hz refresh rate (benQ 2411 144hz 1ms)...
  39. H

    Hard to open

    I have a gigabyte mother boar. . it is hard to open the CPU . . but there are time it is easy to open . . what are the posssible problem , what is the solution for it
  40. F

    New Build Help Please

    Got help on Processor and Mob looked and seen these Had a look about £300 Intel® Core™ i7-7700 Processor 8M Cache, up to 4.20 GHz MSI Z270 Xpower Gaming Titanium Intel Socket 1151 ATX Motherboard About £300 or Gigabyte Intel Z270P D3 Kaby Lake ATX Motherboard £110 So Case + HardDr + Memory +...