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    [SOLVED] adding ram to my system

    Hey everyone. My system currently has 16gb of corsair vengeance ram, CL15 3000Mhz. I want to add another 16gb of corsair vengeance RGB ram, CL15 3000Mhz. I just wanted to make sure it's possible and that I won't run into any trouble, since my current ram is already 2 years old, and is not RGB...
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    [SOLVED] Best CPU air cooler for LianLi PC011 Dynamic?

    any suggestion? according to case space limit, I got some choice for my own here - Dark rock TF - Cryorig H7 Quad Lumi - Noctua NHU9S Not plan on OC but the weather in my country especially in summer could hurt my CPU a lot , so I would like the best for it.
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    Best silent case?

    Hello! I'm looking for new PC Case to my old/new build (currently on i7 3930k, gtx 980 etc. - will replace it in this/next year). The one I'm using is Zalman Z9 Plus (yeah, I know it could not be worse) so every case should be better. I found 4 cases and I cannot decide which one to get: - Be...
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    [SOLVED] Help me get a tutorial on the configuration of my dell precision t3500

    how do i get a tutorial on the configuration of my dell precision t3500 before upgrading the ram and memory.
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    [SOLVED] Micro-stutter with all processes

    So I recently upgraded to a RTX 2070, with that I am not sure if that is causing my issue. Here is the deal, everything I do and I mean everything I am getting consistent micro-stuttering, if that is a word. Even simply watching Netflix, micro-stutter when the camera pans or something of the...
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    upgrade from ddr3 to 4

    HI, im looking to up my tower from ddr3 asus s6610g mother board to ddr MB. i run i7 2nd gen ,psu at 500w. will i need more conecters/cables as this has bare bones cable wise. thanks
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    PC won't boot past mobo splash screen

    Out of the blue my brothers pc won't boot past the mobo's splash screen. After countless times turning it on and off we managed to get it to boot up one time. However, the problem is happening again today and we can't seem to fix it. I've tried booting with different ram, unplugged hdd...
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    asrock x399 taichi 0d error on boot from bios

    asrock x399 taichi 0d error on boot from bios whenever i started to bbot from bios i have now this error ad i see manual say reinstall memory vga i do all that exist on that motherboard i have ae a5 and 0d every time present when i started any booting and cant install no windows 7 or win 10 i...
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    Virtual 7.1 only working from front not rear I/O port z270e

    MOBO: z270e Drivers: Latest Realtek Drivers from Mobo page Changed to the rear audio port because I noticed a slight hiss from the front port with new headphones. (Unshielded cables connecting the front jack probably creating the hiss) Virtual 7.1 which worked from the front audio jack...
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    Red led Asus B360-I

    It was running very well but one day I can't be able to start PC anymore. Motherboard B360-I has red/orange led, seem like sensor has failed somehow idk. I rarely moved and case didn't take any damage. In the pictures, orange led seems indicate that mortherboad has received power from power...
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    [SOLVED] Do AMD Motherboards support nvidia cards

    so, I'm kinda new to building pc's so i was wondering if a Asus PRIME b450-PLUS motherboard support a RTX 2060 OC graphics card? (Sorry for the bad english)
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    [SOLVED] Which CPU is better?

    So I’m wondering whether I should get a ryzen 5 2600 or ryzen 5 2600x the cost difference is about $50 but is the 2600x worth the extra 50? Here’s my build CPU: GPU: GTX1050Ti 128 bit PCI-E 4gb DDR5 RAM:Team T-Force Delta II RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) Motherboard: Gigabyte B450M DS3H Power...
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    [SOLVED] Looking to Upgrade intel Processor to get more out of my build very clueless on the matter any help would be appreciated

    My build is as follows: MSI B250M Bazooka motherboard Intel I5 7400 processor Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 8GB 4x DDR 4GB memory sticks 600w power supply 1024 GB hardrive space Link to pre built:https://www.amazon.com/CYBERPOWERPC-GXiVR8020A2-Desktop-i5-7400-802-11AC/dp/B01NBL8BER ive added...
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    [SOLVED] i7-4790k high temperatures

    My i7-4790k has recently been showing pretty high idle temperatures and even higher when gaming or under full load(Around 65-75c when idle and 90-100c when gaming/under full load) I have done a lot of diagnosing and research about other people having these issues but none of these seemed to...