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    Question Serious fps drops on my new laptop

    Hello guys, first of all i'm new on the forum and my English is not very well. Recieved a MSI GP 63 Leopard 8RE as a gift from Sweden in December. Everything was fine untill I started to play big games such as PUBG, GTA 5, BF1 etc. While playing old games such as CS GO or LOL there is not...
  2. J

    Question Which case should I chose?

    Which case should I use? The H500i or the CoolerMater MasterBox PRO 5 RGB The H500i is much prettier, but it only has 2 120mm built in fans, but the Masterbox has 4 120mm RGB built in fans
  3. V

    [SOLVED] PC gets stuck on Starting Windows screen

    Hi. Few days ago my PC stuck at the Starting Windows screen even after many restarts. I tried to boot into safe mode but it got stuck as well (screenshot). I ran Memtest86 for 24 hours or so and it passed without any errors. (Test result) Before this happened, I got few errors.(screenshot 1...
  4. G

    Question How do I safely under voltage the CPU?

    Right I bought some DDR4 2x8gb G Skills Trident Z 4600mhz ram second hand and it works perfectly until I ran into a few blue screens while gaming so decided to underclock it to 3200mhz and it’s been fine ever since, occasionally a game will crash but no BSOD. I then realised that I’ve bought ram...
  5. K

    Question Sound is failing to start on boot?

    Hello again everyone!! I seem to have an issue on my girlfriend's pc. She runs windows 10 64bit Gigabyte 970a-ds3p motherboard Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX570 series What we seem to have here is an issue with the sound. We connected an HDMI tv, since we didn't have a VGA adaptor or the proper...
  6. B

    Question My Gaming Laptop Doesn't Work as it Used to

    Hi. I have a Asus ROG GL552VW gaming laptop. it has a Nvidia GeForce 960m - 16GB Ram. When i bought it i installed Doom with High setting in 1080p and i played it with 40 fps and it was fine. Now 3 years passed and i upgraded all of my drivers and my windows to build 1809. when i play my game...
  7. Z

    Question Motherboard for ryzen 7 1700?

    Hi everyone I am looking to get a new motherboard cpu and ram, specifically the ryzen 1700. I am looking for a motherboard around $130. The main thing I am looking for is a motherboard that has good build quality and stability. Any overclocking abilities are a bonus but not my primary concern...
  8. [SOLVED] How do I remove a folder in the navigation pane of windows explorer?

    This error box appears whenever I try to click on it, and there's no delete option so it's an empty folder stuck in my navigation pane which is really bugging me since I do not use the application anymore.
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Power supply with an 8 pin and a 4 pin eps cable

    The motherboard that i am planning on getting for my next PC has an 8 pin and 4 pin eps connector so what power supply do you know of that has those two cables with it. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA6ZP7DS0934&Description=asus rog crosshair vii...
  10. K

    Question New graphic card, but low scores

    Hello! First of all I'm sorry if I make any mistake, but English is not my main language :x So few days ago I decided to buy used graphic card - GeForce GTX 1080Ti. Everything would be fine, but I have lower fps than people with worse components. Like guy with same graphic card and worse CPU has...
  11. E

    Question VGA on BIOS (ASUS)

    I have a cracked (like as in cannot see anything except a small portion of the corner) asus laptop that is booting into bios instead of windows, and while I do not know the issue for that, first I need to fix the screen. The monitor works on other laptops fine, and so i know thats not the...
  12. N

    [SOLVED] Need some help about windows 10 key for re install

    so lately my hard drive seemed to be dying and i planned to swap it with new hard drive soon and add an ssd as the boot up is quite slow sometimes, but i'm a bit confused about the activation key, i bought the laptop with windows 10 pre installed. if i want to re install the windows to the ssd...
  13. M

    Question Need HotSpot Solution Inside Movie Theatre

    Hello, Our church has services inside of a movie theater and we stream our service via FB on Sundays. Because we are inside of a theatre, we have low phone connection most of the time so the broadcast goes in an out (strong and clear vs.blurry and weak). We got a WiFi Hotspot but the connection...
  14. T

    Question Looking for a Turn base RPG game, involving swords and spells

    Hey all, I need help remembering the title of the game. Some details. #Camera View from above, controlling a character. # The game goes on from 1 character and meet new friends/character who joins the party and the party gets bigger. #The gameplay is in turn base mode, where one can view the...
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    Question Can I surface format Zip 750 disk in Windows 7?

    I'm moving some old data files stored on Zip disks and have run into one that cannot be read either with a Mac or Windows 7. Message appears in 7 asking to format the drive but I assume that will wipe the Zip disk clean. Is there a way to "surface format" the disk while leaving the data untouched?
  16. T

    [SOLVED] What GPU should i get for my rig and should i change some parts?

    I've been looking forward to buying parts for a new gaming rig and i need your help deciding if i should buy these. And most importantly what GPU should i get? Im planning to play on atleast 1080p 75fps+ on high to ultra settings. These are the parts i'm planning to buy: Case: Fractal Design...
  17. T

    Question Zotac GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4 GB OC Graphics Card

    Would a Zotac GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4 GB OC Graphics Card fit in a Dell optiplex 790 ssf (Dimensions = 5.5 x 21.5 x 28 cm)
  18. D

    Question Need help buying a new monitor

    Hey, I’m currently looking to buy a new 1440p Ultrawide monitor with G sync. My budget is about 1000$ So far the two that have caught my eye are the Dell Alienware 1900R And the Asus ROG Swift Im literally only going to be gaming on my monitor but I really don’t know what all to look for...
  19. jacobcornell

    Question Ryzen 7 2700 EDC maxed out?

    Straight to the point. My ryzen master is saying my EDC is max when I open obs and stream. It also does it with streamlabs OBS, thus cause stream issues. I am streaming via an elgato and my ps4 so only things open on the computer are obs and google chrome, as well as sometimes spotify. My power...
  20. xlmkVal

    Question Asus Rampage 2 Extreme - can you connect Rx 580

    Hi guys, Has anyone ever tried to add Rx 580 to older Asus Rampage 2 extreme? I would like to run such card on this mobo until I get a new one in a couple of weeks, but I would get VGA bios error. The complete specs are: Intel Xeon W3565 Asus Rampage 2 Extreme 24GB G.Skill RAM PowerSupply...
  21. K

    [SOLVED] My laptop turns off when it heats up

    So the first time it happened I wasn't doing anything that would make my laptop hot I was afk with chrome and Spotify open and right when I came back it turned off Tried booting it up again but it wouldn't, I left it to cool down removed the battery and placed it again and it turned on The...
  22. R

    Question HD Audio doesn't fit

    Hello, I'm using the Corsair 400c case and Asus Prime B450 Plus motherboard. I'm trying to plug the HD Audio to my motherboard but it doesn't fit, it just goes half way. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/TeSN7zl"><a href="//imgur.com/TeSN7zl"></a></blockquote><script async...
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    Question Can I use my m.2 ssd and hdd in my new pc

    Hi Guys, So I'm building a new pc today everything is being replace except the gpu and storage devices. I have a samsung 970 pro m.2 250gb ssd and 2tb HDD. My OS is on the m.2 and I'm wondering whether I have to do a fresh install of windows and then all my games onto that drive again or can I...
  24. F

    [SOLVED] Would like to upgrade or build new pc

    What I currently have I7 4790k 16 gig ram GTX 980 144hz monitor I eventually will get a 240 hz or a 144 1440p monitor. My main goal is to be able to play Apex Legends at consistent 144 fps while streaming. Obviously the more fps the better. Should I upgrade or just build a new pc what are your...
  25. T

    [SOLVED] AMD Ryzen 5 2600??

    Right guys I'm getting a new motherboard and CPU and it seems AMD is the way forward. I mainly play CS:GO so also looking for best performance. I'm looking at AMD Ryzen 5 2600x six core 4.25ghz with Asus B450-Plus motherboard. I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050ti 4Gb to go with it. Is there...
  26. D

    Actual resale value of my Desktop? Help!

    I've done research and looked at many web sites and have found conflicting information as to the actual resale value of this system I'm trying to price and sell. Now, I know it's not worth what I've got into it but I really need a reasonable asking price so I can list this system. Here are the...
  27. A

    Question Rx 570 8 gb nitro+ saphire

    Is RX 570 8 GB nitro good for rust in ultra setting in 1080p/ this is my spec i5 6500 and 16gb ram
  28. 1

    Discussion Is this a decent OC for evga 2080 ti ftw3 ultra (using px1)?

    First time OC-er. I messed around with PrecisionX1 on my Evga 2080 Ti Ftw3 Ultra. I used Heaven Benchmark while I adjusted things and came up with these results. MEMORY: -Clock set to 750 GPU: -Clock set to 130 (any higher and I crash) -Voltage set to 100 TARGET: -Power 123 (slider all the...
  29. I

    Question My PC is resetting at random

    PC is resetting at random, i have noticed it happens more when attempting to play a game. The PSU, GPU, and HD are all brand new in an attempt to solve the issue. I have plugged the PC directly into the wall outlet. I have flashed the bios, and stress tested the PC. It does surprisingly well...
  30. G

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 washed out color

    Good evening all, So I have a windows 10 computer that I am running dual monitors with. One monitor is an HP the other is a Samsung HDTV. Up until I reformatted my computer yesterday the screens were both full color and not washed out. Since reformatting the computer the TV is super washed out...
  31. César L20

    [SOLVED] DH61H0 Problems

    I have two CPUs, an HP Compaq 6200 pro sff with Intel core I5-2400, and another that has a DH61H0 motherboard, with Intel pentium g630, I wanted to change the processors between the cpus since I saw that they are compatible, in the hp it works perfectly , however in the DH61H0 does not work the...
  32. S

    [SOLVED] Amd ryzen 3 2200g with radeon vega graphics

    So if i get the ryzen 3 2200g and a rx 570 graphics card, will the radeon vega graphics help my fps in game? Or will it do nothing. Should i just get a cheaper cpu or what? Im also very new to this whole pc thing. This is my build that im getting https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Z6Vr8Y
  33. B

    [SOLVED] ASRock X470 Taichi Post Code 15, B7 With Viper Memory

    I am currently putting together a new computer with an X470 Taichi with Patriot Viper RAM (PV416G340C6K) and upon booting the system I keep getting post codes 15, b7, and 36. The Dr. Debug guide says that these are memory related problems and moreover this memory (PV416G340C6K) is supported by...
  34. C

    Question Antivirus for a NAS?

    I have a NetGear readynas. Comes with an antivirus with it. It keeps giving me false positives. So I disabled it. I was wondering if there are other antivirus for a NAS? I cant seem to find a direct answer on the internet. Its just a home NAS not for business. Thank you for any information you...
  35. A

    Question 2nd monitor isn't being detected HDMI to DP

    I recently bought a 2nd monitor for my pc, a BenQ RL2455 which is the same as my primary one. I'm trying to connect both to my GPU, which is an RTX 2060, but the problem is that the 2060 has 3 DP ports and 1 HDMI port. I connected one monitor to the HDMI, and the other one with an HDMI to DP...
  36. C

    Question New PC build windows transfer

    Hey guys, hope you're all well. I'm in the process of building a new PC and essentially starting from scratch rather than replacing certain components of my existing PC. I currently have Windows 10 running which I got through the free upgrade they offered back when it first released. I've...
  37. P

    Question IDE/PATA hard drive Samsung 80GB SP0822N

    Dear Tom's Hardware community! This is my first post here. I recently found my old computer from about 2004. I was very excited to turn it on and see all the files that are on the computer. I am an musician and I was hoping to find my very first songs on this PC, but unfortunately the Windows...
  38. G

    Why was my thread closed?

    https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/sony-handycam-playback-problems.3432578/ i don't know how and why but now my thread won't get further answers and i still don't know what seems to be the problem.
  39. D

    [SOLVED] Will a passively cooled gt 1030 not over-heat in a Dell Optiplex 790 DT?

    I want to buy a new gpu, and im looking at the gt 1030 since its the only one in my price range, and i cant afford the fan cooled one because of what country im in. Will it be cooled well enough?