10(?) quick beeps while computer is on, not POST error


Feb 2, 2011

I leave my computer on just about 24/7. Today, I was just about to go to sleep, thinking about tomorrow, then all of a sudden my computer out of no where beeps, what I think counted 10 times. They were very fast pasted beeps, and almost exactly like the ones you get when you hold in to many keys at the same time on your keyboard. But my keyboard does not have that function, I tested it, I was also not even on my computer, I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep. It wasn't short/long beeps, it was just very quick beeps with the same sound you get with the keyboard errors. It isn't a overheating issue because I run speedfan all the time as well, and it was displaying about 40 C for CPU, and everything else was low 30's. This is very strange to me. I never heard a computer do this before. They were quick, all 10 beeps happened before I could get up and tap on my keyboard, because that was what I originally though it was, just a stuck key or something. I do run a few processes while sleeping, but out of the 3 years I've used these processes in this same manner, I never heard a beeping like this. Again to clarify exactly what this sounds like, it sounds exactly like the errors you get when holding to many keys on your keyboard. The beeps were very fast, I think all 10 beeps happened in about 2-4 seconds, all the same type of beep, so no long or short beeps. This couldn't of been an overheating issue because 1st, all my temps were 40 and below, and 2nd, my error beep for overheating hardware is a buzzing noise rather then a beeping noise.

So what could this of been? Is it something serious? It's the first time it happened. Could it of just been some odd computing error? All my programs seem to be running fine, the computer was not running slow at all when I investigated the issue. Do the 10 quick beeps mean anything in particular? Could it of been a ghost? :p I can't put my finger on it, so what could it be?

My system specs are:
3.0 gh Quad core AMD Black Edition
2gig (x2) corair XMS2 ddr2
SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1T
MSI GTS Geforce 250 1gig
Vista SP1 Ultimate
Do you have a Cat/Dog that walks around? No programs running in the background? Tooth Fairy get lost and smacked your keyboard?

You can look at beep codes for your motherboard (should be online), but if it only happened once, and no issues since, I would not worry much about it.