Question 1080ti crashes mid-game, black screen and gpu lights flashes red


Aug 16, 2018
i upgraded to a gigabyte 1080ti fairly recently but after a certain amount of time playing titles like destiny 2 or gta v (ultra settings 1440p/scaled 4k), my screen goes black, my pc crashes (noted from a spare controller plugged in that doesn't stop rumbling after crash), and my gpu blinks a red light. as you can imagine, this gets particularly annoying mid-mission and need to find a fix.

the card's running stock settings and i've got a 1200w psu (which is a few years old now). i've got all my drivers updated and games optimized as per nvidia's specs, but the crashes keep happening (some quicker than others). it does get a bit hot in my room, but i should have ample cooling from my case (nzxt phantom 820). what's my issue?

ryzen 2700 cpu
aorus b450 pro mobo
32gb 3200mhz ripjaw ram
antec truepower quattro 1200w