2.4 c cpu pin break help!


May 13, 2003
well it's been one of those weeks
everything was just going wrong
assignment wouldnt work
60 giog lost cause of sata drive
100 fine for sumfin i didint do
xp woudlnt install for no reason wat so ever
car thatw as gonna buy turned to be [-peep-]
had a big fight wif the girl
again wif parents
big money problems
and last but not least
with all the [-peep-] stress i had i put the cpu in the wrong f*ckin way
i was so stressed that i didint bother to look at the arrow and put it in and cause it felt as if it went in i close her up.. put the heatsink on.. tried booting.. didint work
took off heatsink
took cpu out
and noticed oh sh!t
i put it in the wrong way
2 of the pins had been crushed
the 2 corner ones
i tried bending them back but cause they had been so squashed they snapped

i still have warranty on it
but i dont think intel covers warranty on that do they?
help on wat i can do
i as thinking maybe i could solder it
but i dunno im pretty scared
and i cant afford another cpu
call me a dickhead
call me a idiot for doing such a stupid thing... dont worry im caling myself all this.. but it was just one of those times where everything is just out to get you

please help with advice to this situation
its just a 2.4 c (800 mhz)

Thankzx for the help guys


Jan 11, 2002
Soldering won't work. It'll stick to the pin but not the processor itself. Straighten the pin out. Check to see if it's fairly straight by dry fitting it to the processor. Try to put the pin in the socket and rest the processor on top. Push the lever down and pray. It still might make good enough contact to work.

You've tried and failed. The lesson here is, never try again. -- Homer Simpson.


May 13, 2003
thanx for the replys guys
but wats rma?

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