2 pairs of G.Skill incompatible??


Jan 26, 2007
I posted this somewhere else, but this looks like the better place.

So I just received an identical pair of 2 x 1gb G.Skill DDR2 800 PC6400. So I now have 4 1gb G.Skill mem sticks, all same part number. I
installed it onto my ECS 590 KN3 SLI Mobo and it bluescreens loading up Vista x64. I even tried my bro's exact same pair and still the same thing. Any ideas??



1) Even if they have the same part number, the modules are unlikely to be identical unless they were built at the same time, as manufacturers make minor or even major changes weekly, often without changing part numbers.
2) Test the RAM first using memtest86+ on both the older modules and the newer ones to make sure there are no obvious problems with them.
3) Next, test both the older and the newer modules under Win by running Orthos in "blend" mode.
4) Have you checked to make sure you are running the DIMMs at the DIMM voltage recommended by the manufacturer?
5) Since you have a lower-quality MB, it may not be able to handle 4 DIMMs installed at a time, especially if you are doing any overclocking. Try running the memory bus at a slower speed (e.g. DDR2-667 or DDR2-533). If that helps, this is likely the problem.