Question 20-30 minutes boot up times


Sep 29, 2013
So I upgraded my PC about a year ago and a couple of months after upgrading my pc, i decided to turn on BIOS fast boot (not that I had issues with slow loading times, but figured why not). After turning this on, my load times (not bios, and not windows, but in between those two) spiked to 20-30 minutes, which is just ridiculous. This problem still persists even after I turned off BIOS fast boot. Because of this reason i tend not to turn my pc off for months on end and just put it to sleep instead. After the 20-30 minutes load time, task manager says bios boot time was only 5-10 seconds.

its really annoying because i don't see any performance issues with my pc, except for the ridiculously long boot times.
Here are the user benchmarks i did after the issue started:

My specs:
gtx 1070
windows ssd: 970 evo
other drives: 850 evo, 2x 1tb wd blue
motherboard: Asus Prime Z370-A
16gb ram @ 3000

any help would be really appreciated. let me know if there is any other info I can provide. I tried googling this to try and find what may cause this and how to fix it, but was unable to find anything that helped...
Did you reinstall Windows completely when you did the upgrade or just swap harddrives? If its the first one, well that is why it is recommended to do full reinstall regardless of what Microsoft says is possible because weird issues like this occur.
Drop down to only the 970 EVO installed, use a USB installer, delete partition(s), blow away the current install, nuke and pave....

My money is some confusion on /pertaining to/accessing to the other drives being installed...

Test speed with only 970 EVO installed, and if no change, then test speed with only 850 EVO installed, again, full fresh install....only the 850 EVO installed/connected



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