Question 2080 ti hydro copper water on pcb from shipping

Nov 6, 2020
Hey everyone! I have an issue that I am hoping I can get some insight/advice on.

I recently purchased a 2080 ti hydro copper second hand. The card landed today and upon opening the package I saw there was water in the box. Closer inspection revealed water had leaked from the outlet ports not being tightened down properly and the water has worked it way onto, and throughout the pcb. I don’t want to ask for a return/refund if there is nothing wrong and I can do my part in drying it thoroughly although, I’m at hesitant to take the block off, and clean the pcb with alcohol, as I believe the responsibility would fall on me at that point. I do believe it was an honest mistake and the seller has been very responsive and apologetic. While I believe it is not my problem per say, I do consider refunds a last resort as they aren’t fun for anybody. I can’t say why the seller sent the card without blowing the water out and allowing it to dry, that was careless imo.

Would a thorough drying remedy the situation? Is it safer to not risk it? Can I reliably dry the card without taking the block off?

I am posting here in the hopes that some of you may be able to provide some insight/advice on how to handle this. I want to do the right thing but I’m not exactly sure what that would be. Thank you in advance for any help. Any response is welcome constructive or otherwise. If I’m making a big deal out of nothing let me know. I won’t be upset for being corrected!